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Otalia Fic: Gobsmacked

Title – Gobsmacked
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Natalia/Olivia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. Tho loosely based on spoilers from CC regarding an upcoming conversation about sex.
Summary – Olivia finds herself tongue tied in a conversation about sex with Natalia
Rating – M/R – sex toy references
Disclaimer - Sadly not mine, they belong to a bunch of media enterprises who's names I can never remember
Archiving - Sure, just lemme know
Notes – This may not be completely in character for Natalia, but the idea was so cute I had to run with it.

“I love my vibrator,” Natalia said suddenly with a grin and a slightly far away look in her eyes that said she meant it.

The words Olivia had been about to say died on her lips and she opened her mouth uselessly, then closed it again with a click of her teeth. She had not expected that.

“It’s all soft and vibratey,” Natalia continued like she was talking about a favourite blanket, or movie, or soup “You have one don’t you?”

Olivia Spencer found herself unexpectedly in a conversation about sex, and for the first time in her life she couldn’t keep up.

“But…” she managed, attempting to find her mental footing.

Natalia looked at her then, and she could swear something wicked danced in those deep brown

“You’re religious..” Olivia finished lamely.

Natalia grinned, her dimples coming out in force with her mirth.

“Oh when I’m using that, oh yes very religious.” Her cheeks coloured slightly in a blush then “I thank God a lot.”

Olivia suspected her brain had exploded, since all she could hear was the ocean suddenly as her mind supplied her with the mental picture Natalia had just inferred. She tuned back into the sound of Natalia’s raucous laughter and to see the tears streaming down her face.

Olivia ‘freakin’ Spencer acknowledged her partner’s win in her foggy brain, but then allowed her most wicked grin to surface outwardly as she gathered her mental powers back together.

Natalia had the grace to laugh a little softer in the face of it, but the wicked gleam remained in her dark and mysterious eyes.

Round two was going to be fun.


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