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New Otalia fic: Actions Speak Louder (2/?)

Title: Actions Speak Louder. (2/?)

Author: kissmychakram

Fandom: Otalia

Show: Guiding Light

Spoilers: None. Unless the writers of GL go this way, then you can congratulate me on my amazing prescience.

Disclaimers: nothing, other than my words, are owned by me. Everything else belongs to GL, Telenext and P&G (I love their shampoos). 

Other: This fic has been re-titled, ‘twas originally ‘Its Only Words’, but I’m going in a slightly different direction than I first intended, and that title no longer makes sense.  I now think this will be a four-parter, not because I want to stretch it out, but because my muse seems to bugger off at around 600 words, and then I get all antsy. Stupid muse.


Rating: G for this bit.


Rafe Rivera was cold, and he didn’t mind it one bit. He had left his bedroom window open the night before, just because he could. The luxury of fresh air whenever he wanted was still rather new to him, and he devoured it greedily. His comfortable bed felt strange, though. A proper mattress instead of a thin pallet. Two, count them, two pillows, such decadence.

Last night he had found himself a bit overwhelmed. A house full of people he barely thought he knew any more. Food that he had almost forgotten existed; fresh shrimp, properly cooked rice, not that disgusting gooey mass that passed for it in prison.

Then there was the whole Olivia situation. He felt sick as he remembered the less than subtle glances that she had exchanged with his mother, the way they seemed to use any excuse to rest a hand on the others arm or back. The particularly sickening moment when Olivia swiped a nonexistent bit of food from his mother’s lips with her thumb and then licked that thumb clean.

Only utter shock had kept him rooted to his seat.

However, today was a new day, and Rafe had a plan. He got out of bed, stretched and rubbed the stubble on his chin. He could hear his Ma, singing to herself downstairs, and he could smell the heavenly odour of bacon, frying. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs.


Seeing his mother, cooking at the stove, Rafe walked up and gave her a massive hug from behind. Tears sprung to his eyes as he whispered ‘I Love you, Ma’ in her ear. She spun in his arms, and was it his imagination, but was she looking up at him? Had he gotten that tall? His remembrance of her was of looking down at him, not up.


Rafe needed distance, so he pecked his mother on the cheek and whispered “Everything smells great” and sat down at the table.

“Well, I hope you enjoy.”

“I will”


A little while later, replete from eggs, bacon and pancakes, and oh yes, proper maple syrup, Rafe pushed away from the table.

“Hey ma, I feel the need to burn some of this breakfast off, is my old bicycle around here anywhere?”

“Yup, in the barn. I was hoping that we would spend the day together, I’ve missed you so much” Natalia confessed.

“I’ll only be gone for a while mom” Rafe started “I’m just getting used to this ‘I can do whatever I want, whenever I like’ thing. I won’t be long, is that OK?”

“Sure, just come home. Safe.”

“I will”

Rafe set off for the barn, to collect his bike, and to consider exactly what he was going to say to Olivia.



Olivia Spencer was alone in her office and already missing Natalia. Olivia had immediately granted Natalia’s request for a couple of weeks off, when they both had learned that there was a good chance that Rafe would be coming home. It didn’t make their enforced separation any easier on Olivia, but she was so very happy at the moment, because Natalia was happy.

Olivia glanced down at her jotter and noted that she had been absently drawing hearts and flowers.

“Jeez, Spencer. You’ve got it bad. Get over yourself.”

A knock at the door jolted her from her reverie.

“Come in, if you’re good looking!”

The door opened, and indeed her guest was good looking. Familiar dark eyes and dark hair.


Dark stubble.


Olivia leapt to her feet.

“Rafe! It’s good to see you.” Olivia walked over and gave him a quick hug. “How was your first night home? I’m surprised your mother let you out of her sights this quickly. What can I do for you?” She held him at arm’s length.


Rafe gritted his teeth and spat out

“I want you to stay away from my mother.”

“What? Why?” Confusion coloured Olivia’s expression.

“I want you to leave her alone, stay out of our lives. She doesn’t need you, and I don’t want you.” Rafe looked Olivia straight in the face. “What you’re doing to her is wrong, it’s a sin.”


Olivia took a step backwards and regrouped.

“I’m not doing anything to Natalia, what we’re doing, we’re doing together, and not that it’s any of your business, but we haven’t even kissed yet, let alone make love.”

Olivia was annoyed by the sudden expression of relief that crossed Rafe’s face, before it hardened again.

“You want to, and I know you, you’ll find some way to convince her, make her think that it was all her idea.”

Olivia turned away from Rafe and spoke softly.

“You don’t know your mother very well, or give her very much credit. Yes, I want her, but I would never pressure her into making love with me. I’m no rapist”

“Oh, right. Olivia Spencer gives up sex for the rest of her life in the name of a pure and chaste love? You got a bridge you want to sell me? Or maybe you’d cat around on her?” Rafe sang.

Olivia fixed Rafe with a withering stare. She looked him up and down.

“Well, you’re a big boy now; fresh out of prison, perhaps now’s the time to tell you. You see, there’s this thing called masturbation. Ask your mother about it. After all the years she’s been alone, without anyone else to love her, I’m sure she’s familiar with the concept.”

Rafe clenched his fist and took a step towards Olivia, before being shocked by the expression of fear that he saw in her eyes. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Have me locked up on an assault charge; get me out of the picture, so that you can continue poisoning her mind. Well, it’s not going to work.” He took another deep breath.

“I’m leaving now, but I meant what I said. Stay away from my mother.”

Rafe turned and walked away, not looking back.


If he had, he would have seen a devastated Olivia, crying into her hands.




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