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Telling [PG]

Title - Telling
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers, but this is back in ye olde angst times. Like around...early April 2009
Summary - Olivia cannot say it all. One-shot
Rating - PG

Telling you everything is like pulling a knife out my heart. I just might die. I just might bleed all over you and leave you dirty.
I might stain your hardwood floors with all my love and my failings.
I might ruin you with my life.

Olivia holds back the tide of her longing. She is Neptune and Natalia is the silent waves.
She could just move away. She should just walk away.
But Olivia takes these bitter pills willingly. It is her penance for all the bad she has done, for all the wounds she has caused. It is a dose of karma.

Telling you everything is my elation and my downfall. I rise and I fall. I glimpse heaven before I find myself in hell.
Mention me to your god. Mention me to your saints.
Don't forget the one who loves you here on the burning ground...

Olivia holds back.
She would run away, if only her feet would listen.
But Olivia stays put, in this house on the outskirts of town. And she watches Natalia laugh, cry, speak, frown, sigh and close those brown eyes.

Telling you everything, if I could tell you everything and survive, if I could tell you everything... We could do anything. We could be all things. We would be everything I am afraid to say and all that I've ever wanted.
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