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Aftermath Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Author: Witch0000
Title: Aftermath 
Fandom: Otalia
Rating:  NC-17

Author’s note:  The characters of Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Rafe Rivera, Emma Spencer, Frank Cooper, Buzz Cooper et al from Guiding Light belong to CBS and Telenet.  I’m just loving them and borrowing them. No profit will be gained from this fiction (at least not monetarily!)
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Tears fell gently from Olivia’s eyes, running down her cheeks.  “Que lo pasa, mi amor? Did I say something to upset you?” Natalia asked, her voice full of concern.   It’s too much for her. I’ve said too much and now I’ve frightened her off.  Me and my damn pronouncements!  I don’t say anything to her for months while she’s dying inside, thinking I don’t love her like she loves me, and now that I’m finally opening my mouth, I can’t shut it the hell up and I’m saying too much and scaring her! Natalia thought, mentally slapping herself for being carried away by the moment.

“Olivia, I’m so sorry…I’m saying too much too fast.  I blame the champagne.  It makes me talk too much.  Please, forgive me.  Why don’t we just eat some more food and relax a little, huh?  How about that movie we were going to watch? “ Natalia rattled on rapidly, afraid that her pronouncement of love and her assertion that she was ready to take that last and final step—the step that would irrevocably change them—had shocked Olivia and frightened her.  Olivia’s tears continued on their downward journey, while Natalia rattled on.  “We have a few to pick from—I see you got all our favorites—Casablanca, West Side Story, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?  What’s your pleasure, sweetheart? Seriously, we don’t have to talk any more or do anything else—we can just be. No pressure! We can take as long as we need…”

“Natalia, sweetheart.  Please shut the hell up. You couldn’t be further from the truth.”  Olivia lifted her gaze to Natalia, and her eyes, still wet with tears shone with a love so tender, so deep, that it made Natalia’s stomach do a somersault.

“Everything you said to me just now—those are words I never dreamt I would hear cross your lips.  Natalia I’ve been so tormented these past few months.  And to hear you say all those things—all those beautiful things just now—to me! Never in a million years did I think that you could ever—that you would ever—“

“Choose you, Olivia?  Did you really think that I would not choose you?” Natalia asked softly. Olivia just nodded her head and allowed Natalia to sweep her into her warm embrace, allowing the young woman’s touch to heal the wounds that were still so raw.  The tears fell again, and Natalia cradled her lover in her embrace, stroking her hair, stroking her back, murmuring endearments to calm Olivia, to bring her back here from that dark place that she unfortunately just couldn’t seem to stop herself from going to—especially when things get too heavy and real to handle.  

As Olivia’s tears slowed and finally stopped, Natalia scooted herself off of Olivia’s lap and went to get her a glass of water and a cool cloth to wipe her face, now red and swollen from crying.  As Natalia gently stroked her face with the soft cloth, Olivia quipped “I must look really hot right now, huh? I don’t know how you can possibly resist my red, puffy, crying eyes, especially when coupled with mascara running down my face—and the sniveling! Now that’s attractive,” Olivia said, trying to salvage the situation by making fun of herself.

“You couldn’t look more beautiful to me, my love,” Natalia said truthfully, finding Olivia’s lips again, pressing them softly to her own.  Olivia reached out to hold Natalia in her arms, wanting to lose herself in her lover’s embrace.  She’d had enough of being overwhelmed by emotional revelations…now she wanted the sweet peaceful surrender that could only come from a night of passionate lovemaking.  She deepened the kiss and began stroking Natalia’s back, first over her blouse, then finding the hem of the fabric, she toyed with it momentarily before diving her hands underneath Natalia’s shirt, and running her fingers lightly, teasingly, all over her lover’s back.  Shivers ran across Natalia’s skin, making every hair on her body stand on end.  Her nipples hardened instantly, and Olivia felt them caress her own breasts as she held Natalia closer to her body.  The feeling was so erotic, so charged—she began running her fingernails tantalizingly against Natalia’s back, and was rewarded with a deep shudder from the young woman.  Things were beginning to move very fast…clothes would need to come off very soon. And Emma was upstairs and prone to getting up in the night—particularly when it was highly inconvenient.

The two women continued their kissing and stroking, becoming more and more aroused. Natalia’s movements were becoming brazen…running her hands along the front of Olivia’s shirt, she stroked her stomach, enjoying the contrast of the tight muscles and the softness.  Her eyes were fastened to Olivia’s breasts.  She had imagined touching them, licking them, sucking them, so many nights in her lonely bed. The beckoned to her in a way that she was unable to deny any longer, and she moved her hands upwards, running her palms over Olivia’s breasts, starting with the lower curve, grazing lightly over the nipples and then cupping them with her hands, massaging them, paying careful attention to Olivia’s expressions.  Olivia arched into Natalia’s hands, trying to get more of her breasts into Natalia’s touch.  Natalia’s eyes had rolled shut, her need to truly feel and experience what this amazing woman felt like overriding everything else.

“Natalia? Natalia honey?  We need to take this party upstairs, ok? I don’t want Emma to wake up and find us like this.”  Olivia’s voice pulled Natalia out of her dazed aroused state into immediate attention.  “Oh my gosh!  Of course!   What was I thinking!  I guess I just got carried away by your lusciousness,” Natalia said.

“Is it my lusciousness, or your lustiness?” Olivia teased, getting up off the couch and gathering the remnants of their late night snack and bringing the tray into the kitchen. As she placed it on the counter, vowing to deal with the mess in the morning, she felt Natalia’s arms slide around her from behind, cupping her breasts again, holding her impossibly close while she pressed herself firmly into Olivia’s fine, fine ass. Olivia reached back and grabbed Natalia’s hips, increasing the contact, increasing the pressure, causing Natalia to start grinding herself into Olivia.  Olivia felt Natalia’s hot breath on her neck as the passionate young woman began kissing and nibbling at the exposed skin.  Olivia felt like she was on fire, Natalia’s movements so sexy, so erotic, that she felt herself rising even though they both were still completely clothed.  Natalia began moving herself faster up against Olivia, getting lost in a haze of arousal—her good intentions of going upstairs behind closed doors to spare Emma a potentially scarring revelation gone momentarily out the window.  Olivia was also getting lost in the sensations and spun herself around so that Natalia’s grinding sex could find her own and begin to relieve some of the tremendous pressure and arousal that had been building up for months and had now reached a dangerously high level.  Grabbing hold of Natalia’s ass, Olivia was almost completely undone.  Oh my god I’m going to fucking pass out this ass feels so good! The women began clutching at each other, holding on to whatever body part gave them the best leverage, both focused on the intense sensations taking place between their legs.  The past few months of longing for each other while living together, working together, and sleeping across the hall from each other had taken a toll on both of them, and their bodies were desperately trying to take the edge off and find a moment of peace.

Olivia pushed her thigh right up against Natalia’s molten hot center, feeling as though the heat would burn a hole right through her pants.  Natalia took a page out of Olivia’s play book and did the same, and the women had something more substantial to grind against, as they intensified their efforts to find release.  “Olivia, oh my God—por favor! Please!” Natalia begged.  Olivia moaned in response, redoubling her efforts to grind harder against her lover, knowing that she was close, that they were both close… The moment crashed upon them almost at the same time, Natalia slipping first into oblivion, her body stiffening and then a long, low moan of appreciation fell from her lips as she continued pressing her thigh right up against Olivia, encouraging her with words of urgency.  “Let go Olivia. I want to see you come. Let go for me.” That was all Olivia needed to take her over the top. Her orgasm was intense—she felt vaguely embarrassed and majorly aroused by the amount of wetness that had collected between her legs.  It’s all for her…never before…I haven’t…  Olivia couldn’t even form a cohesive thought as she allowed the waves of bliss to wash over her, cleansing away some of the hurt and the pain that had marred so much of her life, and let Natalia’s love bring her a joy that she’d never known before.

The held onto each other, through the aftershocks, both of them needing the support of the other to stay on their feet.  After a few moments, Natalia sighed contentedly, causing Olivia to ask her what she was feeling.

“I’m feeling like that wasn’t quite in tonight’s plan, but I’m getting to be a big fan of improvising.  You know? Just see what life brings you—you never know what kind of surprises you might be in store for.”

“But plans are good Natalia—improvising is great but plans are still very good. You still have a plan for tonight don’t you?” Olivia said hopefully, secretly dying to find out what else Natalia had up her sleeve.

“Oh yes, my love. You’ve already been experiencing part of the plan.  And it seems to me as though you’re really enjoying it, which is the whole purpose of the plan. To show Olivia Spencer how much I love her, and to what lengths I’m willing to go to bring her all the pleasure she deserves,” Natalia said, her eyes lighting again with that dark passionate gaze that turned Olivia inside out in seconds.

“But I think you were right a while ago when you said we should take this upstairs—to my room.  Then we don’t have to worry about being disturbed. That and Emma’s room is furthest away from my room on the other side of the hallway, so perhaps she won’t overhear us if we don’t scream too loudly.”

All Olivia heard Natalia say was “upstairs—to my room” when she started to hear that terrible whooshing noise between her ears signaling great danger and emotional overload. “Oh no!  The rose petals!  I forgot about the rose petals on her bed!”


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