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Fic: Sensations

Title: Sensations
Author: laughsunshine 
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG
Summary: Natalia's thoughts on a special sensation Olivia gives her, & it's not in a dirty way.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. CBS & Guiding Light own everything.

Natalia Rivera has felt a lot of things in her life, alot of peculiar sensations that painted her life vividly and each left an imprint on her soul. When she was alone one afternoon, in a deep slumber on her couch, she began dreaming of the sensations that either plagued or blessed her life.

She felt the seeds of unconditional love grow as she carried a new life inside of her. She felt the unending joy and glow as she watched her son dance around their dingy apartment, practically giving it a makeover. She felt the severe pain of losing the only man she ever loved. She felt the heartache as she watched her son curl up inside a prison cell and turn away from her. She felt unrelenting relief as she discovered that Frank would always be there to help her. She felt the pride written on her face as she watched Emma present her big project. She felt a tiny, fiery explosion deep in her stomach when Olivia kissed her on that cold January afternoon. She felt a chilling uneasiness as she realized that the relief she felt for Frank would never turn into love.

All these sensations were so overwhelming sometimes. They each held a place in time to her, even the bad ones, and it was hard to choose a favorite.

As Natalia slept somewhat soundly, Olivia slipped through the door and slowly closed it behind her. She smiled as she saw Natalia curled up on the couch and quietly laughed to herself as she noticed the woman was slowly sliding off the couch. She knelt down beside the brunette and pushed her back onto the couch. She pulled the blanket back up to the woman's waist. She heard Natalia make a soft whimper and she felt the compelling need to touch her. Olivia stroked Natalia's cheek, placing a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Olivia grinned as saw a faint smile creep up on Natalia's face. Olivia took her hand and stroked Natalia's arm. Olivia saw Natalia's nose scrunch up in the cutest way.

Unknown to Olivia, Natalia had awoken as soon as Olivia pulled up her blanket, but she didn't want to bother Olivia or distract her from what was sure to be a busy day. However, Natalia couldn't help but smile and scrunch up her nose as she felt Olivia's nails rake across her skin ever so softly.

"I love you," whispered Natalia as her eyelids fluttered open.

Olivia looked surprised but smirked. "I love you too." 

"Lay with me?"

Olivia happily crawled onto the couch with Natalia. They adjusted themselves so that Natalia laid delicately on Olivia, her ear listening to the heartbeat of the woman with emerald eyes. Olivia kissed her forehead and continued stroking the smaller woman's back and arms. Natalia knew picking her favorite sensation would be hard, but she never said it was impossible.

Olivia's fingers on her skin was irresistibly and irrevocably her favorite sensation.
Tags: guiding light

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