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Can't Go Back Now 14/??

Title: Can't Go Back Now
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: Err... PG-14ish for the language
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em.. don't sue.. don't do nothing!
Archiving: Be my guest
Author's note: I have no experience writing about crime and all that. Gonna have to warn you that this one is far from plausible. *grins*
Dedication: D, you want a 'case', I give you a 'case'.. ROFL. I love you. ;D

Read at your own risk. Here goes....


Chapter 14

“Trust your hunches.... Hunches are usually base on facts file away just below the conscious level.”

-Dr. Joyce Brothers-

“Okay,” Hotch began when everyone had settled themselves on their seats. “Let’s review everything we know. I want us to be able to give the profile to the locals today.”

“We know too little about everything, Hotch. That’s the problem. We can’t make a profile out of what we know. Or worse, we might end up giving them the wrong profile, leading them into the wrong direction,” Morgan protested.

Hotch sighed gloomily. “I know that, but we have to try anyway,” he stated. The unit chief opened his file folder. “So what do we know so far?” He asked again.

“The victims are all children between eight and twelve years old; one boy and three girls. The boy is the first victim,” Reid answered, not looking at his own files. “They came from different backgrounds. Their parents don’t know one another, the families are of different social circle, they don’t share the same beliefs, and from the parents’ jobs, I don’t think there is any possibility they crossed paths somewhere in any ways. The children went to different schools; they did different sports and activities. And from what I read in Garcia’s last report – the one Emily requested last night – it seems that they even went to different Summer Camps.”

The dark-haired man frowned at Reid’s last sentence. “You asked Garcia to dig again?” He addressed Emily, who was busy reading the files in front of her.

Emily looked up. “Yeah,” she replied. “I got a hunch last night. Today, I don’t think it’s good enough, though,” the woman muttered. She threw a glance at Morgan, who was also glancing at her.

“You know that we can use any hunches you can offer us now, Emily,” Rossi cut in.

Hotch nodded. “Dave’s right. Why don’t you share it with us, Prentiss?”

Emily shrugged. She told him about her theory that the victims most probably knew the Unsub and about everything she told Morgan the previous night. “But I read the files Garcia sent us. There is nothing in here that proves my theory,” she ended.

“Actually,” Reid said before anybody could say anything. “I think you got a point there, Emily. These children are taken in ‘public’ in broad daylight. With all the amber alerts and their parents’ warnings, children would make a fuss if they were taken by force. Besides, there was no trace of drugs in the victims’ bloodstreams from the autopsy report. You may be right, Emily. The Unsub must have known the children from somewhere,” The genius continued. He rummaged at his files. “The problem is, how do we prove that?”

JJ looked at Emily from the side of her eye and saw that the older woman’s face lightened a bit by Reid’s support. She smiled inside. She never realized before how she loved it whenever she saw Emily looked happy.

Emily was surprised that the young genius actually thought that her theory might be right. She smiled at Reid, who – of course – didn’t realize that he was being smiled at.

“I wonder why the Unsub switched his victims,” JJ voiced, making everyone turn to face her. The blonde didn’t usually say much during their briefings unless she had something important to add. “I mean, the first victim had been a boy – a twelve-year-old. And after that, it’s all girls. There must be something about it.”

“Maybe girls are easier target for him?” Morgan said.

“No, I don’t think so,” Emily replied. “She’s right, Morgan. Sexual predators don’t just change their preference just because little girls are easier to kidnap. There’s something that made him changed. I think I saw something rather odd in the autopsy report,” Emily trailed off a bit as she was looking for the right files. “Here,” she pointed, “Look at the severity of each victim’s beatings. The first victim had been more than brutal. The second was the same. But the beating was lessened on the third victim, and lessened on the last. It’s like... he wanted them to last longer.” Emily shuddered as she spoke out what’s in her mind.

They exchanged uncomfortable look with one another. “Emily is right. Hotch, I think we’re dealing with a sexual sadist,” Rossi concluded.

Emily sighed. She looked at Hotch helplessly. The older man’s frown deepened. He cleared his throat. “Any idea about the significance of the victim’s moth of birth? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. This guy is meticulous – a planner. He knows exactly in what month the victims were born,” he stated, trying to sum up everything his team had said.

“And we’re back to our square one question: how do we prove it? It would make more sense if the kids went to the same school or clubs or anything,” Morgan pointed.

“Don’t think about the ‘how’ now. Don’t even think about the ‘why’,” replied Hotch. “Now let’s see... the Unsub is male; he knows the children personally, he’s a planner, he doesn’t stand out in public, people don’t really pay attention to him. I must add here that he probably has a SUV for transporting his victims. Anything else?”

“Motive. This Unsub is rage motivated. One of the worst Unsubs,” Rossi inserted.

Emily groaned. Rage motivated killers are the ones who devolved the fastest. They had to find him fast before he got another victim.

“Okay, then. We’re ready.” Hotch stood up. They walked out the briefing room. Hotch told Detective Landon that they were ready to give them a profile. He presented the profile smoothly, with some additions from Rossi and Morgan, and he answered every question carefully. After he finished, he turned back to his team. “Reid, I want you to continue on your map. There might be something that can help us,” he said to the young agent. Reid left at once. Hotch continued, “And I need us all to split up and go to the victims’ houses again. This time, present the profile; tell them that they need to tell us anything, anyone that might fit the descriptions.”

“I’ll go to the first victim’s,” Morgan said.

“I’ll take the second,” Emily followed. She didn’t want to be paired with Morgan.

“I’ll go with Emily,” JJ said, trying to ignore the surprised look on Emily’s face. “Tara’s parents are the most difficult ones and they already know me.”

Hotch nodded. “Alright. Then I’ll go to the Stuarts’ and Dave will go to the Lamberts’. Keep your cell phones on. Let’s move.”


Emily started the ignition as soon as JJ entered the rented car. She didn’t say anything. The woman kept her focus on the street, completely ignoring the person next to her. She still couldn’t think of the reasons why JJ asked to go with her. Maybe she just wants to prove that you have no effect on her, the cruel voice inside her mocked. Or maybe she just wanted to show that she is able to be civilized with gay people. Emily gritted her teeth, trying to deafen herself from the cruel mockery.

JJ leaned sideway so she had better view of Emily. She knew it wasn’t the wisest thing to do, nor it was the right moment, but she needed to be with Emily. She wanted to make sure about her feelings. She could see that Emily was not pleased that she decided to go with her, and she sensed how tense the body next to her was as she drove.

“Em,” JJ called. She tried to open a small conversation.

“Not now, Jareau,” Emily cut her off harshly. She didn’t want to start off another silly argument. Not now. She needed her head to be clear to be able to focus on the case.

JJ was taken aback by the retort. Emily called her ‘Jareau’ again. She felt so sad, not because Emily had been so harsh to her, but because she didn’t know how to reach out to the older woman and make everything right again. She was rather surprised as she realized that Emily’s friendship meant so much to her. Just ‘friendship’? A small voice asked softly. No, more than that, JJ answered back, more confidently now. She glanced sideway at Emily; her face was of no expression, but her brown eyes screamed fear and pain that JJ felt a large stone crushed her own heart.


Tara Blake’s parents were pissed to see the two agents. They let them in, but not asking them to sit. Mr. Blake stood near the door, as if ready to throw them out.

“Mr. Blake, I’m Agent Emily Prentiss,” Emily introduced herself. “I...”

“What do you want from us? Asking questions?” Mr. Blake snapped at her. “Your friend asked more than enough questions yesterday.”

Emily tried to calm him, “Yes, Sir. But it’s different. I’d like to ask you if...”

“Have you caught the son of a bitch who killed my daughter yet?” Again, the angry father cut her off. “What are you doing here, asking us questions, while what you should be doing is looking for the bastard that hurt my baby?!”

“Mr. Blake, we are trying to do that. But we need your help,” JJ interrupted.

The broad man turned to look at her, fire blazing in his green eyes. He took a step towards JJ. “I answered you questions yesterday. All of those ridiculous ones! What else do you want us to do? We’ve done our parts, now it’s your turn! You are the FBI; you’re the one who supposed to help us, not the other way around!” He yelled out his frustration.

Emily stepped in, unconsciously positioning herself between JJ and the angry man, trying to block his way towards her. “Mr. Blake, we understand that you want a closure,” she reasoned. “We want to help you, too. And the only way we can help you is if you help us by answering our questions. Please, I promise it won’t take long.” When the man didn’t budge, Emily turned her attention to his wife. “Mrs. Blake, please. I only need you to answer a few questions and we’ll be gone.”

Mrs. Blake was a small woman. The death of her only child had taken every spirit in her and she looked so worn. She couldn’t stop crying ever since her lovely Tara was taken. She wanted to be left alone. She was too tired to answer any more questions, even if that meant helping to catch her little angel’s killer. She shook her head. “I’m so sorry Agent Prentiss. No more questions. I can’t take it anymore.”

“But Mrs. Blake...” Emily insisted. She stepped forward, towards the red haired woman, and felt a sharp pain on her arm.

“You heard my wife,” Mr. Blake was towering over her, his hand around her arm like a steel clamp. “Now go away!” He pushed the brunette.

Emily’s back hit the wall with a loud thud. She winced. JJ rushed to her side, looking at her with wide eyes. “Emily, you okay?” When the brunette nodded, she turned to face the man. “Sir, do you realize that you just assaulted a Federal agent? We’re leaving now, if that’s what you want. All you have to do is ask.” JJ’s eyes filled with fury. She helped Emily walked out of the house, completely worried about the brunette.

The older woman didn’t say anything as JJ led her to the passenger seat. Her back and her arm hurt, and she smacked the back of her head to the wall, too.

“You okay?” JJ stood very close to Emily that they both can smell each other’s scents. JJ was worried when Emily didn’t reply. “Emily, talk to me. Do you need to go to the hospital?”

The brunette shook her head and groaned as a wave of dizziness hit her hard. “I’m good. Call Hotch and tell him we got nothing.” She said after a second. JJ was standing too close. She couldn’t think clearly. Emily kept her eyes closed, not because she was dizzy, but because she didn’t want to see the blonde. The scent of the younger woman overwhelmed her, and it was the last thing she needed – to be overwhelmed by JJ.

JJ moved away, giving Emily – and herself – some space. As she reached for her cell phone, the thing rang. She saw who was calling. Morgan. The press liaison quickly answered the phone. She told the dark man that they didn’t get anything out of the Blakes and that Emily was hurt. Morgan said a curse that JJ didn’t want to repeat before he added something that sent a chill to JJ’s body. She hung up and walked back to the car, quickly starting the engine.

“Is Hotch coming?” Emily asked, finally cracked her eyes open.

“Forget about the Blakes. A child had been taken!” JJ said grimly.


“The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough.”

-Bede Jarrett-

a/n: What do you think? *crosses fingers, waiting*
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