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2009 Golden Crown Literary Conference

The Golden Crown Literary Society 5th Annual Literary Conference and Literary Awards will take place July 23-26 in Orlando, FL. During this time, we will be hosting a variety of events for publishers, authors, supporters and fans of lesbian literature with panels, seminars, and workshops focused on encouraging and advancing the art of publishing as well as hosting the Fifth Annual Golden Crown Literary Awards Program.

The keynote speaker is JM Redmann, author of the popular detective series featuring, Mickie Knight. Her newest title, “Death of a Dying Man,” was just released this year by Bold Strokes Books.

Special guest speaker is Melissa Good, author of the bestselling Dar and Kerry series.

The GCLS Literary Conference welcomes everyone. Membership in the GCLS is not required to attend. We hope you will make plans to join us for a fun-packed weekend with your favorite lesbian authors.

Please visit our new, easier to navigate conference website:

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