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Reminder [PG]

Title - Reminder
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. Fluff!
Summary - Olivia wakes up. One-shot
Rating - PG

Olivia wakes up and reminds herself that this is love.

Through the blinds, closed but still open enough for sunlight to beat down upon her face and drag her from sleep. And the silence of the house, before Emma is awake and jumping on the bed, before feet hit the floor and talking begins. The smooth rush of air against her neck, the pressure of an arm and the heat of a person's skin.

This is love.

Olivia used to fight so hard. She made her heart into a battering ram and pummeled that fortress of ever-after, nary a prince in sight to save her from the pain of trying so damn hard.
She could have kept it up. She could have played that game forever.

But criminals get that last minute reprieve sometimes, right before the poison gets too far in the vein... they are set free.

This is love.

The clock chimes and Olivia turns onto her side.
She watches the play of light over Natalia's face, creating hollows and illuminating curves. She waits for the moment when those brown eyes open and stay sleepy warm in their own little world.

Before the day begins. Before they are moving and working and busy. Before they roll away and get dressed. Before phones ring and texts are sent. Before meals and laughter...

Olivia reminds herself that this is love.
The kind she has been searching for. The kind that she thought was a dream.
Where one person accepts another person, for better or for worse... in sickness and in health... richer or poorer...

The happy ending, elusive and precious, right by her side.
A friend. A lover. A partner.

This is love.

And Natalia slowly comes to life, uncurling and stretching, already smiling. Olivia moves closer and presses her lips to the woman's forehead.

"Good morning." Olivia whispers.
"Mornin'." Natalia whispers.

And Olivia reminds herself that this is love.
Tags: guiding light

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