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Crazier - Sofia/Daniela [Cuestion de Sexo]

This video would not be made in the first place if it wasn't for [info]lysachan, who introduced me to these girls. She told me about them and I knew instantly that I had to vid to them, because they were just too darn cute not to :)
Sofia and Daniela's storyline on the show is kind of like the Spanish version of South of Nowhere, as [info]slavefaith mentioned. Which makes it awesome. (Or at least first season SoN awesome :D)
Conclusion? We should all move to Spain immediately :)

I really wanted to use the whole song, not just part, and there were limits to the number of clips I could use, so it's not particularly fancy, but it's sweet and simple, so I hope you like it!

Pairing: Sofia/Daniela
Fandom: Cuestion de Sexo
Song: Crazier
Artist: Taylor Swift

I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

Lyrics and video also at my LiveJournal and my YouTube as usual. Comments are <3, and seriously, give them a shot, because they are just too adorable not to :)



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