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FIC - Just Like That - NC-17

Title: Just Like That
Fandom: Guilding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Nope.
A/N: PWP set quite a way in the future.  That is all.

Natalia Rivera walked into Olivia Spencer’s office, closed the door behind her, and locked it.  

Olivia, who was on the phone and looking out the window, heard the sound of the lock and turned around. Natalia offered her no quiet greeting; she simply walked with purpose across the room toward the large mahogany desk that was centered in the back of the office.  Olivia was talking to a somewhat important client, but the look in Natalia’s eyes as she stalked across the room drove out all her desire to speak to the man on the other end of the phone.

“I’ll get back to you about this later, Grep,” she said into the phone, and pressed the end call button without listening for a reply.

“Grep?” Natalia asked with a mildly amused look on her face.

“Yeah.”  Olivia shook her head and laughed a little.  “I don’t know.  Some sort of nickname.  He explained, but I didn’t care enough to remember.”

“Some of these people we work with are idiots,” Natalia muttered and sat heavily on the edge of Olivia’s desk.

Olivia raised her eyebrows.  “What?  Did something happen?  Usually you’re very rainbows and puppies about everyone.”

Natalia laughed and rolled her eyes.  “No, nothing really happened.  But… do you remember Jim Andrews?”

“How could I forget?  He’s an idiot and a jackass.”

“He was just here to set up another banquet for his company.”

“Did he act like a jackass again?” Olivia moved toward the desk and took Natalia’s hand.  “You should have let me or Greg handle it.  We’ll stop dealing with him if he’s a problem.” 

“I can handle him,” Natalia said and possessively put her hands on Olivia’s hips.  “I don’t want that man anywhere near you.”

Olivia allowed herself to be pulled in front of Natalia’s legs.  “Why?” she asked with a head tilt and a smile. “You don’t like how he propositions me every time he sees me?”

“It took me five minutes to convince him you were too busy to see him.”

“But I wasn’t busy,” Olivia said innocently and reached out to finger the scarf Natalia was wearing.

Natalia spread her legs and pulled Olivia firmly between them.  “He didn’t need to know that.”

“I see.” Olivia said and moved her hands gently across the front of Natalia’s suit jacket.  “So, how did the meeting go?”

“Fine, I suppose.  Things were okay once we got past him wanting to talk to you and only you.  Luckily, he has no interest in me.” 

“Thank God for small favors.”  Olivia trailed her fingers across the skin of Natalia’s upper chest which was bare due to several buttons of her shirt being undone.   “Although, I can’t understand why.  What have I told you about buttoning your shirt?”  Olivia fingered the first button that was closed, and toyed with the idea of popping it open.

Natalia ran her hands firmly up Olivia’s hips and stopped at her belt.   She slid the tips of her fingers inside Olivia’s waistband and rubbed at the warm area that lay beneath it.  “I see no reason to hide my assets,” she said with a small grin.

“I enjoy your assets,” Olivia said and allowed her fingers to explore the bare skin that lay between Natalia’s breasts.

Natalia arched her back ever so slightly to press more firmly into Olivia’s touch.  “I kept thinking about you.”

“Oh?” Olivia smiled and tilted her head again.  “What were you thinking?”

“I imagined you walking in and interrupting the meeting.”

“Hmm.  I thought you didn’t want me to be there.”

Natalia’s hands left Olivia’s waist and began moving up and down her sides.

“I wanted you to walk in so I could show him exactly why he needs to forget about you.”

 “Why should he forget about me?” Olivia said and dipped her head down to gently place a kiss on Natalia’s lower jaw.

“You’re mine.”

 “Oh?” Olivia pulled back and smiled at her with a raised eyebrow.  “That’s mighty presumptuous of you, Ms. Rivera.”

Natalia ran both her hands up Olivia’s stomach and cupped her breasts firmly.  “You know you’re mine,” she said and ran her thumbs roughly over Olivia’s nipples to punctuate the fact.

Olivia closed her eyes and leaned into the touch.  She did know it was true.  They belonged to the other - heart, soul, body, and mind.  And they loved every minute of it. 

“How did you plan on showing him this?”  Olivia asked.

Natalia locked eyes with Olivia who now had her hands spread against the side and back of Natalia’s neck with the pads of her thumbs pressing gently into the skin just beneath her ears.

“I’d kiss you.  Right there… right in my office.  I’d show him how my kisses affect you.”

Olivia leaned down, her lips hovering close to Natalia’s.

“How would you kiss me?” Olivia asked.  Before waiting for an answer, she pulled Natalia’s face toward hers and gave her a soft, short kiss.  “Like that?”

Natalia opened her eyes slowly.  Even the smallest brush of Olivia’s lips sent her body reeling.  She knew that even if Olivia kissed her a million times with those amazing lips, she’d get lost in the feeling every single time.

“No,” she managed to say quietly.

“Then how?” Olivia asked in a whisper, her lips still close to Natalia’s.

Natalia reached up, pulled Olivia’s head down, and press their lips together.  Almost instantly, her tongue invaded Olivia’s mouth with enthusiastic, strong strokes.  Her hands buried into golden brown hair, her fingernails scraped against Olivia’s scalp, and both women moaned blissfully at the feel of the sudden, forceful contact.

After several minutes of pouring their rising lust into the kiss, Olivia pulled back suddenly and tried to regain her composure.

“That might give him the hint,” she said after her breathing calmed a bit.  She gently trailed the tip of her thumb across Natalia’s bottom lip, wondering at the power Natalia held over her when those lips touched her.

“Ya think?” Natalia said with a small, devilish laugh and reached out her tongue to play with Olivia’s thumb.

“Hey, that’s my line.”

Natalia ran her hands back down to the area right above Olivia’s belt.  She grabbed onto the sides of her shirt, and sharply tugged it out.  Once the shirt was fully out, she began unbuttoning it from the bottom.  Once the skin of Olivia’s stomach was uncovered, she leaned her head down toward it.  “Mine,” she said and pressed her lips and tongue firmly against the skin she found there.

Olivia curled her fingers into Natalia’s hair and moaned as she felt the other woman’s teeth nip gently at her skin.  “Yes,” she said, leaning her head down, her hair falling over her face.  “I’m so very yours, Natalia.”

Natalia broke her lips away and worked fingers against buttons until she fully parted Olivia’s shirt and moved it off her shoulders.

“Do you want to hear what I wanted to do after the kiss?” Natalia said, her eyes focused on the nipples she could see pressing sharply against the underside of Olivia’s silky bra.  Her hands moved down to rest on the buckle of Olivia’s belt.

“I’d hope Mr. Andrews would get a one way ticket out the door.”

Natalia tugged on Olivia’s belt buckle roughly, effectively pulling her closer and getting her full attention.  “Do you want to hear what I’d do after the kiss, Olivia?”


“I’d tell him to get the fuck out.”

Natalia unbuckled Olivia’s belt and pulled it roughly from her waist.

“So I could fuck you,” she finished.  She leaned up and forward to trail her tongue slowly between Olivia’s breasts.

Olivia moaned at the sound of Natalia’s words and the feel of her tongue.  Natalia didn’t say fuck often, and hadn’t said it at all at first, but slowly she had learned the power the word held over her lover.  After watching and feeling the way Olivia reacted to her when she said it, she began to love the way it felt on her tongue.  She loved telling Olivia how hard she was going to fuck her.  

Natalia loved fucking Olivia. 

Olivia pushed back on Natalia’s shoulders so she could look at her face.  Natalia offered little resistance, but licked her lips and continued to look longingly at the area between Olivia’s breasts until Olivia cupped her chin and made her look up.

“How would we fuck, Natalia?”

“On my desk.”

“Like we are now?” Olivia asked and reached down, pulling Natalia’s hips into firm contact with her own.

“I’d be the one standing, but yes,” Natalia said and reached behind Olivia, cupping her backside with her hands.

Olivia pushed herself firmly between Natalia’s legs and reached up to pop open the rest of the buttons on her shirt.  She dipped her head down and left a trailed of firm kisses along the skin of Natalia’s neck.  Natalia rolled her head back and moaned as she felt her tongue trail a path from her earlobe down to the center of her neck.

“How do you want to fuck me, Natalia?”

Natalia didn’t respond, she only spread her legs wider and pulled Olivia’s hips against her, thrusting their hips together in a firm rocking motion.

“Would you take my shirt off?” Olivia asked and pushed Natalia’s shirt off her shoulders.  She leaned down and kissed Natalia’s shoulder gently.  Natalia still didn’t respond; she only ran her hands up Olivia’s back and into her hair, pulling her mouth down more firmly against her skin.  Urged on by the pressure, Olivia sank her teeth gently into the soft skin of Natalia’s neck.  The action was met by a deep groan.

After gently kissing the ravished area of Natalia’s neck, Olivia lifted her head up a little.  She resisted the pull of Natalia’s hands which were urging her to continue the assault on her neck.  “Answer me, Natalia,” she said and moved her lips to the other side of Natalia’s neck where she resumed gentle nipping and sucking.

Natalia moaned and moved her head to the side.  “Yes,” she said between small gasps.  “God, yes, Olivia.  I’d take your shirt off.  I’d take off everything until there was nothing left but your skin... our skin together.”  She grasped Olivia’s hair and brought her face up until their lips were crashing together.

Without breaking the kiss, Olivia unhooked Natalia’s bra and removed it from her shoulders.  She pressed the palms of her hands against bare breasts and grasped them firmly, pushing them together.  Natalia leaned into her hands and reached around to remove Olivia’s bra as well.  Olivia moved back to help remove the bra, and when it had been discarded onto the floor she pulled Natalia into her arms and pressed their bare breasts together.  She was practically lifting Natalia off the desk as their rough kissing resumed.  Natalia wrapped her legs around Olivia and allowed her herself to be taken into Olivia’s strong arms.  They kissed for long moments, rocking against each other, lost in the pressure of skin against skin.

Their lips broke from each other as Olivia leaned forward, pushing Natalia back.

“Lean back,” she said into Natalia’s ear.  Natalia put her arms back to brace against the top of the desk.  Her head rolled back as Olivia once again placed kisses along her neck.  “That’s it,” Olivia said and moved her hands to unbutton Natalia’s pants.  Once they were open she slid a hand inside and pressed her palm firmly against Natalia’s panties.  “You’re soaking wet, Natalia,” she said in a dark, rasping voice.  She pressed more firmly against the wet heat and lifted Natalia’s hips up with the force of it.

Natalia’s arms buckled and she fell back onto the desk.  “Yes,” she said, the word coming out as nothing more than a hiss of pleasure.

Olivia pushed against her again and watched as her breasts swayed with the force of it.  She reached up and pinched a nipple as she thrust again.

Olivia moved her hand out of Natalia’s pants to firmly tug down on the sides of them.  Instantly, Natalia lifted her hips to allow the garments to be removed, and within seconds Olivia was faced with image of her naked lover laying back on the very same desk she spent hours reviewing paperwork each day.  She felt her body tremble with the anticipation of touching that naked, beautiful body. 

She leaned forward and pulled Natalia back into a sitting position, but she kept a small distance between them.  Natalia leaned forward, attempting to capture her mouth in kisses, but Olivia leaned back out of reach.

“How would you fuck me on your desk, Natalia?”

Natalia grunted in frustration and wrapped her arms around Olivia’s back, trying to draw their bodies together.

“I need you so much,” Natalia said as she thrust her hips forward, pressing against the front of Olivia’s pants.

Olivia allowed the pressure and reached down to pull Natalia more firmly against her.

“Is this how you’d fuck me?” Olivia asked.

“No,” came the quick reply.

Olivia stopped her movement and bent down to capture one of Natalia’s nipples in her mouth.  She sucked on it, pulling it deeply into her mouth before dipping farther down to run her tongue along the underside of Natalia’s breast. 

Slowly, she moved down, trailing kisses toward Natalia’s stomach.  She almost dropped to one knee before asking, “Would you want to taste me… lick me?”

No response was immediately forthcoming, so Olivia dropped down on her knee and ran her tongue gently along Natalia’s inner thigh.   She willed herself to stay away from the warm, wet area that beckoned her with an almost irresistible force.  She inhaled Natalia’s scent deeply and felt her mouth water from the desire to slide her tongue into the wetness that she could see glistening just inches from her face.

“Natalia?” she asked again.  The pause continued and Olivia felt her willpower faltering.  She leaned a tiny bit forward and her nose brushed ever so gently against Natalia’s wet curls. 

She was just about to give in to her desires and slip her tongue into the warmth which called to her so strongly, when she heard Natalia whisper, “No.”

Olivia closed her eyes and clenched her jaw.  She slowly pulled her head back, feeling like she was fighting against the gravitational force of the sun.  She slowly willed her body, with every ounce of self-control she possessed, to stand up again.  She stood tall and looked down at Natalia who had immediately leaned forward and pressed her lips against a nipple.  Olivia pushed forward, into Natalia’s mouth, and watched with desire and fascination as lips encircled her nipple, repeatedly sucking it in hard and releasing it with a small sucking pop.

“Then how, Natalia?” she asked, attempting to speak steadily through the breaths that were almost coming in pants.  “I need to know right now.”

“In an ideal world?” Natalia questioned as she moved from one breast to the other.

Olivia’s eyes rolled back in her head and she repressed a moan as Natalia began assaulting her other breast.  “Yes.  Ideal,” Olivia muttered and ran her fingernails across Natalia’s scalp.

“I would be wearing our strap-on,” Natalia said and looked up to see Olivia’s reaction.

Olivia’s eyes shut as a mental picture of Natalia wearing her favorite toy caused a sudden surge of lust to assault her body.  She quickly forced herself to recover and recaptured eye contact with the woman beneath her.

“You love fucking me that way, don’t you, Natalia?” Olivia asked.  She knew the answer and a small smirk played upon her features as she reached down to pull Natalia’s legs up until they were wrapped around her.

“Yes,” Natalia said simply and reached her hands up to pull Olivia down for another kiss.  The kiss was deep but remained slow.  Olivia moved her hands until they were firmly holding Natalia’s hips and pulled their bodies together with a firm thrust of her hips.  Olivia repeated the motion several times before pulling back from their kiss.

“You like to move against me like I’m doing right now.”  It wasn’t a question this time.

“Yes, I do,” Natalia agreed.  She moved her hips upward once, demonstrating just how she liked to do it.  Olivia involuntarily moved her hips as well, remembering the feeling of Natalia pushing into her with those hard thrusts.

Olivia moved her hand until it rested between them.  “I love when you fuck me like that, Natalia,” she said as she slowly dipped her fingers into Natalia’s wet center.

“I love being inside you,” Natalia said, her voice almost a whisper as she felt her body go still with the expectation of Olivia’s finger’s soon sliding inside her.

“I love when you fill me,” Olivia said and finally thrust three fingers deeply into Natalia.  She began thrusting her fingers slowly, using her hips as leverage to enter her as far as possible.

“Just like that,” Natalia said, her voice coming in slow gasps.

Olivia moved in and out of her for long minutes, slowly twisting and thrusting her fingers deep inside.  She watched as Natalia’s head rolled back.  She watched as her eyes lazily opened and closed.  The eyes saw nothing.  Natalia had completely given over all her senses to feeling Olivia as she moved against her and inside of her.

She took the time to not only feel the glorious pleasure Olivia was giving her, but also where their bodies touched and how Olivia held her wonderfully strong arms.  She individually felt the movement of each one of Olivia’s fingers as they pressed inside her, sliding against all the right places with a rough, experienced precision.

“Natalia,” Olivia said.  Natalia looked up and locked their eyes together once more.  “Just like this.  This is how you fuck me.  This is how I feel when you’re inside me.”

Natalia leaned up and captured Olivia’s lips.  Their lips and tongues moved slowly in time with the deep, rhythmic thrusts of their hips.  “Faster,” she murmured into Olivia’s mouth after several minutes.  “Fast and hard.”  Olivia was already moving in and out of her faster, and her voice began jolting with each hard thrust.  “Yes.  Just how you like it, Olivia.”

 “I like it when you do it like this.”  Olivia thrust into her hard again and again.  “I like to feel you inside me.  I like to feel you come inside me, Natalia.”

“Oh, God.  I love you, Olivia,” Natalia said, her words punctuated with small cries as each thrust hit her.

“I love you too, baby.  Now, come for me.”

Natalia rolled her head back as a moan escaped her lips.  Olivia pressed her free hand into Natalia’s lower back to help her thrust harder into the quick movements.  Soon Natalia could do nothing but helplessly hold onto Olivia’s shoulders as she felt a strong orgasm begin to grip her body.

Olivia watched her face as the pleasure built and leaned forward to capture her lips at the last moment before the convulsions began to overtake her body.  She kissed Natalia’s mouth even has a loud moan escaped her lips.  She breathed the sound in, accepting it as she accepted the feel of Natalia’s orgasm grip her fingers again and again.

Natalia leaned heavily into Olivia’s arms as the orgasm slowly faded away.  Once she was sure Natalia’s pleasure had ended, Olivia slowly removed her hand and pulled Natalia into a tight embrace.

“Oh, Olivia,” Natalia sighed quietly.  She wrapped her arms around Olivia’s shoulders and leaned in for a slow, deep kiss.

When their lips parted, Olivia smiled at the look of contentment on her lover’s face.   “I think I might have to interrupt your next meeting with Jim Andrews.”

Natalia laughed softly.  “I think I’d like that,” she said and leaned in for another kiss.

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  • Fic: Diary

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