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No Special Treatment [PG]

Title - No Special Treatment
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Natalia/Olivia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - Spoilers for 5/24/09 (I think!). Silly stupid stuff.
Summary - Natalia learns that wishes come true and it isn't always a good thing. One-shot
Rating - PG

Work is still good. It runs like a well-oiled machine.
Meetings and then more meetings, followed by lunches and bookings and the end of the day is everyone filing out of The Beacon - and not daring to look back for fear of more work.

No one suspects a thing, Natalia notices.

Olivia took that 'no special treatment' thing to heart.

So much so that they rarely see each other. So much so that they seem to talk through memos and papers needing to be signed. So much so... that Natalia kind of... wants to take that sentiment and cram it back in her mouth.

I mean, this is silly. We can talk, can't we? Talking is not making out in the lobby. She is taking this too seriously!

By Friday, Natalia is so wound-up and tense that she actually snaps at someone. That is when Natalia decides that there is crow to be eaten. And her plate is woefully empty.

"I was wrong." Natalia blurts as she comes into Olivia's room. The woman looks up, slightly startled.
"I was wrong... to say that thing I said the other day. About you not make exceptions for me."

Olivia's lips slowly turn upward, creating an almost feral grin.

"Oh really?"

Natalia finds her fingers twisting themselves, a nervous habit that only started when she moved to Springfield. What has this damn town done to me? ...Sorry God, for cursing.

"Yes." Natalia answers.
"So you'd like for me to cut you some slack, so to speak?"
"Let you come in late, leave early, swipe some bottles of lotion... stuff like that?"
"Well, not really..."
"Oh, c'mon! If you are going to get the favor of the boss, why not go all the way?"

And Olivia's eyes are dancing.

She is too beautiful. And too devious.

"God, I am so sorry..." Natalia says out loud and that brings Olivia to a halt.

As she walks closer, she can see the pulse underneath Olivia's skin jumping. As she leans in and allows her body to align with Olivia's, she can hear the woman's breath catch.

As she brushes her lips over Olivia's cheek... Natalia smiles to herself.

"...but I am in love with an ass."

It could have been a regular day at work. But Olivia laughs out loud and can't seem to contain herself, pulling Natalia into a bone-crushing hug.

"I've missed you." Olivia whispers.
"And I've missed you." Natalia replies in return.

Tags: guiding light

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