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New Otalia Fic - Actions speak louder (3/5)

Title: Actions Speak Louder. (3/5)

Author: kissmychakram

Fandom: Otalia

Show: Guiding Light

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None. Unless the writers of GL go this way, then you can congratulate me on my amazing prescience.

Disclaimers: nothing, other than my words, are owned by me. Everything else belongs to GL, Telenext and P&G (I love their shampoos). 

Other:  This is too short, sorry. My mind is filled with the sexyhappytimes that will make up parts 4 & 5.  I found this very difficult to write, because I had already gone *there* and my mind didn’t want to come back.

Part 1   Part 2

Part 3

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