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Otalia: "Forever Young" 1/1

Title: "Forever Young"
By: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: G
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia from Guiding Light
Disclaimer: All characters, etc. used belong to their respective owners. I just own my imagination.
Summary: Olivia wants to stay there forever.
A/N: Just a cute little fluffy piece that came to me. Could happen anytime.

Today, she sat on the swing, as their daughter played on the monkey bars. She chuckled as she watched the blond girl fly across the cold metal, her little arms swinging her from bar to bar.

She glanced over to the swing next to her and saw the look of pure joy radiating from behind a dimpled smile and shining from chocolate eyes. Those same eyes met her own jade ones as she reached down, grabbing the younger woman's soft hand, interlacing their fingers together.


"Hey yourself," the older woman responded.

"I love you so much," the olive skinned beauty whispered looking deep beyond her orbs and into her very soul.

With tears of bliss shimmering in her eyes, she simply nodded, "I love you, too."

They stayed like that for a long moment, falling more hopelessly in love with each other with each second that passed. Yet, for as much as time was going by, it seemed as the world stood still just for them. Olivia, Natalia, and the life they had built together were all that mattered in that precious instant. They were forever intertwined. Forever a family. Forever best friends. Forever in love. Forever young. Forever...

"Mommy! Natalia!"

The women shook out of their haze and looked back towards the little girl. "Huh? What Jellybean?"

Their daughter just rolled her eyes and asked, "I know you have butterflies in your tummy for each other, but could you stop the googly eyes and watch me?"

She blushed and the other woman giggled. "Uh sure Emma."

"I guess we got caught, huh?" laughed Natalia.

"I guess we did," Olivia answered with a grin. She watched Emma's pony tail bounce back and forth as she played at the same time she felt the warm, loving hand tightly clasp her own.

They were caught alright. Caught in forever.
Tags: guiding light

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