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Ficlet: That Was Silly

Title: That Was Silly
Pairing: Emily/Naomi
Prompt: #23- Heaven, written for skins50
Rating: PG for a little language
Spoilers: Post-ep 6, veers off into AU after that.
Summary: Emily's gay; really gay. And she's tired of hiding it! So of course, she's got to announce it to the world, starting with a random club in Bristol. Pure Fluff shocking I know).
Disclaimer: I so don't own this show, but I would give up my first born to own it! Though I'm pretty sure I'm not ever having kids so the point is moot.
A/N: This is literally one of the happiest things I've ever written, and I wrote it mostly to prove I was actually capable of writing something fluffy. I'm trying to get at least a half of my two multi-chapter fics before I start posting them, and they're pretty thoroughly angsty, so this was a nice reprieve. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and it's un-beta'd.

(Click For Fic!)
Tags: skins

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