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Please remember the following when posting to this community:

1. Put all stories, barring single G-PG rated drabbles, beneath an lj cut.

2. Put all large graphics beneath an lj cut - one preview graphic above the cut is fine

3. Put icon collections beneath an lj cut - a small sampling, not more than five icons, before the cut is fine.

4. If you are posting more than one embedded video please put them beneath an lj cut - one above the cut is fine.

5. Include header information with each post - fandom, pairing (proper names, not nicknames, please), warnings and spoilers (if any - non-descriptive spoiler warnings, obviously) are the most important things to include. They make it easier for people to find your work.

6. Tags. Please include a fandom tag to make it easier for others to find your work.

7. No RPS - real people slash.

8. No pairings involving minors - this includes Dawn (BtVS) pairings (sorry, there was no reply function available on the recent post in which to explain the rule before the post was deleted).

Most everybody is doing this already, but a quick reminder helps to keep things orderly.

I'd also ask that people not colour code their backgrounds and text as this makes it very difficult to read on many people's friends pages and that means potential readers are simply skipping over your work.
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