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Fic: I Know

Title: I Know
Author: laughsunshine 
Rating: PG-13 ish
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia - Guiding Light
Spoilers: None. Takes place after May 28, 2009 episode.
Summary: During a frustrating conversation, Olivia lets Natalia in on a little secret.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
[Author Note: I was bored and this is the offspring of boredom and hot weather. Uhm, I've been looking for an Otalia music video that I think exists, I'm not sure haha. Was there ever on created with the Cold Case theme song? idk]

Olivia stepped out of her car and closed the door behind her. She looked up at the door to the farmhouse. It was joyful and painful to visit sometimes, always reminded of what once was and isn't anymore. But she was happy that Natalia had Rafe back. Olivia knew what it was like to not have her child there, even if it was short-lived. Olivia sighed and proceeded to walk to the door. To her surprise, Natalia burst out the door and nearly tackled her with a giant hug.

"It's felt like days since I've seen you," exclaimed Natalia, still holding on to Olivia.

"That's because it has," Olivia replied, pushing back and walking towards the bench to sit. Natalia quickly followed and joined her on the bench. "I know you're supposed to come back to work tomorrow, but I just wanted to see you."

"I wanted to see you too," said Natalia as she scooted closer and gave Olivia a 1000 watt smile.

Olivia slid away and created their normal "we must have 5 feet separating us just in case a child or a close friend walks by and gets the wrong idea--even if they'd be right" space. Natalia looked confused but she continued to speak anyway.

"Rafe is really getting settled in. He loves the farmhouse, almost as much as Emma. The other day he even fed the ducks. Remember when Emma first fed the ducks and she nearly fell into that huge puddle? Well Rafe did the same thing. He came inside with his clothes all soaked and his face was just glowing. I'm--" said Natalia before she noticed that Olivia wasn't even looking at her. "What's wrong Olivia?"

"It's just my selfish thinking again, nothing new," replied Olivia.

Natalia took Olivia's hand and scooted closer. Olivia tried to protest, but she failed to even move. "Look, I want to tell people too. I want people to know how happy I really am. I want people to look at us and know we truly love each other. I want people to know that I tamed the big bad Olivia Spencer." This earned a chuckle from the older woman. "Even when I hold your hand, it's overwhelming, the amount of love I feel just holding your hand is overwhelming. My heart grows weak and I feel like it's floating around inside my chest. Sometimes it aches and hurts. I've never felt anything like it. And I want everyone to know I have it. I want to be like any other normal couple Olivia. It's just, I don't want Rafe to hate me."

"Hate you? Rafe could never hate you. No one could ever hate you. And I feel the same way. It's overpowering and it's taking over me--us. And I just want you to know that if hand-holding is all we ever do, I'll be more than okay with that because it's just that powerful," said Olivia as she touched Natalia's face lovingly. Natalia arched into the touch. After a few long moments, Olivia continued to speak. "But I know you almost kissed me."

Natalia sat straight up and gave her a confused look. After a few thoughts, she remembered exactly what she was talking about; that March day in the hospital when Olivia had a health scare. "Oh, haha, yeah, that. I didn't know you knew. I knew I loved you in a way I didn't quite understand, but that was the moment I realized I even physically wanted you," Natalia said with a slight blush,"A-And, I still want you physically. I love holding hands with you, but Olivia, we're in love and one day, we're gonna want to go further than that. And you should know, I want to. I just really need to tell Rafe before any of it. So there won't be any reason to stop."

Olivia inched closer to Natalia's face and paused, looking over Natalia's beautiful features. "You're so beautiful. I know I say that all the time now, but I mean it every time. Can I just say, I really want to kiss you soon." Natalia smiled. "I've never made a kiss such a big deal before, well, except the two mommies ordeal. I always thought kissing was just kissing. An action leading to more actions. But this is just, crazy."

Then, Natalia lunged forward and kissed Olivia. Olivia's eyes grew wide in shock, but as the euphoric feeling of Natalia's lips crashed down the rest of her body, her eyes fluttered closed. Natalia cupped Olivia's face and just kept kissing her, she had enough. Months of torture and teasing wore down on the brunette and staring at Olivia's eyes and lips sparked the tiny explosion inside of her. The two women threw themselves onto each other, hands in hair and lips constantly in motion. Natalia somehow pinned Olivia against the arm of the bench and pressed her body onto the older woman's. Natalia finally felt everything coming together. The last piece of the puzzle. The closing of the electrical circuit. And after finding the missing link, she refused to stop kissing Olivia.

That is, until she heard someone cough. Natalia, who was now fully on top of Olivia sat up and looked. Olivia, too stunned by the actions that had just taken place, just glanced over. There was the sight of two men. One a tall, dark haired man with tired eyes. And a youthful, darkhaired boy with scruffy features.

"I'm here to drop off Rafe," said Frank.

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