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Like This Time [PG]

Title - Like This Time
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - Specific June 8th spoilers alluded to. MAJOR ANGST. MAJOR.
Summary - Olivia cannot stop her this time. One-shot.
Rating - PG

Notes - Sad songs are dangerous. XD

I think the saddest thing I've ever witnessed is the back of you as you walk away. And I've seen my share of horrible things, some of them outside of me and many of them because of me.

Like this time. Like this damn time.

Months of doing the 'right thing' and of thinking of someone else for a change must have caught up to her. The allotment was reached and Olivia plummeted back to an old habit.

Hurt yourself before they can. Do it. Don't think about them. They don't care. It'll be better this way. You'll be better off this way.

And she is always wrong. She was wrong in chasing a married man and in messing up families. She was wrong in thinking the extreme is the way to solve a problem.

Like this time. Like this stupid fucking time.

She was wrong in thinking nothing could change, that the world would never give her a break and let her have something good.

And you just keep walking away. And I can't run after you, beg you to stay and promise to love you. Because you've heard it all before - in that boy who loved you and left you pregnant, in that man who claimed to know you and didn't know a thing about you.
And in me, oh god, in me...

Months of denying and faking and lying must have caught up to her and Olivia just set herself adrift, floating off with familiar waves of insecurity and pain.
The kiss was sweet and reminiscent of another life, another world... the kind of world where Olivia Spencer needed love and took it from anywhere.

And you don't look back. You just keep walking. I want to scream out and plead and fall to my knees. But I can't do that. I knew I would hurt you. I knew I would ruin you.

Like I have with others. Like I have with you.

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