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The Picnic [PG]

Title - The Picnic
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Natalia/Olivia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - Spoilers for what occurred on 6/2 and for a future spoiler. Humorous fluff.
Summary - Natalia takes her power back. One-shot
Rating - PG

There are sandwiches and cheese and fruit and wine. There is the sun, bright and beautiful in the cloudless blue sky. Birds are singing. No one else is around, just the two of them.

And Natalia is incredibly frustrated.

Every move she makes is deflected with a smirk. Olivia even lightly slapped her hand... as if I am five or something!
That smile, the one Natalia has used on occasion to weaken the strongest of opponents, isn't working today. Olivia is not budging an inch.

Right, you want to play hardball, Spencer? You are on.

"What else you got in that basket of yours?" Natalia makes a show of leaning over and peering into the wicker basket.
"Some more grapes and some strawberries, maybe some--" But Olivia is not allowed to finish the sentence.
"Oh, I love strawberries." Natalia interrupts and grins, holding out her hand.
"Is that your version of 'please'?" Olivia questions, mock seriousness all over her face.

Olivia dramatically sighs and produces the strawberries, rich red and ripe and the perfect weapon for Natalia to use.


She grabs several, closing her eyes and bringing them up to her nose, inhaling deeply.
And she giggles, a soft and low sound bubbling out of her throat.

"I just love these. I bet they are so sweet." Natalia murmurs, slowly opening her eyes and fixing Olivia with a warm gaze.
In Olivia's defense, the woman is trying really hard. But Natalia sees the flitting of green eyes, from fruit to lips and back again.

"Well, try one and find out." Olivia says just a tad breathlessly.

"I can't wait..." Natalia whispers with a wink and then slips one strawberry into her mouth.
She bites down and releases a moan, pulling the berry out with a 'smack' and letting the barest drop of juice to slide from her bottom lip.

And she feels pretty proud already at the transfixed look Olivia is giving her.


"You want one?" Natalia asks innocently. Olivia clears her throat.
"Uhh... maybe later."
"Oh c'mon, try one." Natalia waves a strawberry in front of Olivia's face.
"Okay. Fine." And Olivia reaches out, but Natalia pulls it away.
"Let me."

Olivia's eyes go wide.
"Ummm...I don't think that is such a good idea."
"Looks like it might rain soon."
Natalia glances upward.
"Not really. It is a gorgeous day."
"I, um, want you to have all the strawberries."
"Awww, you are so kind! But I can share..."

Natalia recognizes the helpless look Olivia is trying to disguise, the fidgeting hands and the rest of her body frozen to the spot.

"Here. Just... part your lips and let me give it to you." Natalia says, shifting closer on her knees. Olivia doesn't bolt, but she does resemble a deer in the headlights.

...and match. I win.

Olivia opens her mouth just a little and Natalia places half of the strawberry into the woman's mouth. She grins just a bit as Olivia bites down.
She pulls the strawberry away quickly.

"Good isn't it?"
Olivia nods quietly, never taking her eyes off of Natalia's.
"Oh my, you've got some... right there..."

And Natalia proceeds to lightly kiss away traces of strawberry juice upon the corner of Olivia's mouth.

"Jesus Christ..." Olivia groans out and Natalia leans back, looking around quizzically.

At that point, Natalia cannot stand it any longer and breaks down laughing. She can feel Olivia's heated stare the whole time.
Once her mirth has cooled down, though, Natalia takes both of Olivia's hands in her own.

"You were playing with me." Olivia realizes, keeping her gaze hot and cold at the same time.

How does she do that? I'll have to ask her someday.

"I am so grateful that you want to give Rafe and I time to adjust to one another. And you aren't wrong... I need to start seeing him as a man and he needs to understand that I am not the enemy here and that will take time. But, Olivia, if you keep denying us the smallest of gestures... I'm gonna make you regret it."

That's when Natalia stands up and stretches.

"Now, I don't know about you, but I've got some pent up energy now. Want to go for a hike?"

Olivia scrambles up and crosses her arms, but is smiling just the same.

"You don't like to hike."
"You showed me the merits of outdoor activities."

And with a knowing look between the two of them, Natalia and Olivia walk hand-in-hand through the woods... leaving the picnic behind.
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