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International Day of Femslash 2009 Challenges

Video & Graphics Challenge

Create a trailer or advertisement for your pairing or fandom... You can base it on canon events or a storyline you'd like to see, the choice is entirely yours, so long as it's femslash (subtext or maintext) based.

A few years ago we had a Xena movie poster challenge/competition which was a good example of this type of thing, but there is more than one way to design an advert. The goal should be to create something that would make other femslash fans rush out to see your couple/fandom in action... erm, you know what I mean.

Story Challenge

A Day in the Life:

A story that spans one day in the life of your pairing or fandom. That's twenty-four hours, if it's set on Earth, in which to play out your tale of love, lust, treachery, murder or baking, whatever you see fit. Simple, really.
Idea by darandkerry

Crossover - Chance Meeting:

Now's the time to pair any two characters together. The ultimate crossover, if you will. Conferences, vacations/holidays, cross-jurisdictions, whatever – just as long as two unlikely characters cross paths and, of course, hook up. The sky's the limit on word count. Go wild!
Idea by darandkerry

Banner by grumpybear1031
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