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altfic in passion_perfect

Artwork: Otalia Sketches

Hi all. I haven't really posted much since joining (real life suckage), but owing to my gf's efforts, I've joined the Otalia horde, and came up with a couple of sketches, linked below (the links go to my site altfic.com). Sorry they're not very clear. The sketches don't don't shrink well. Please, no reposting. Hope everyone's having a great day!


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These are very nice. Thank you for sharing
Thanks. Glad to hear you enjoyed. :)
they look so incredibly beautiful. thank you so much :)
Many thanks for the kind words and support...as always.
Glad you like. Love your avatar, btw. :)
HOLY CRAP! these are amazing. keep it up!
Many thanks. I'm hoping to get in some drawing time soon, so hopefully more to come.


These drawings are great. You have great talent!!!!

Re: drawings

Glad you like. Thanks for taking the time to write.
I don't even watch/follow Guiding Light and....HOLY COW!

Brilliant sketches. Wish I had a thimble of the buckets of talent you have.
Always good to hear someone's enjoyed...though I'm not sure you'd think the buckets were all that full if you saw all the discarded versions. lol.
Absolutely gorgeous
:) Many thanks.
Oh wow, it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of seeing your stuff. Thanks for posting these they are amazing. ^_^ (wish i could convince you to do an Otalia web-comic; haha, pipe dream ;p)
Hey there. Glad to hear you like. Always nice to hear from someone who's seen my stuff over the years. As for a web comic, I wish I had the skill and thought processes for something like that...unfortunately, every time I've ever tried, I'm too slow and too wordy. Comics require brevity, a sin of which I've never been accused. lol.
Thanks for writing and take care.
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.
Many thanks for writing. It's great to hear from folks and feel appreciated. :)
Alright, I'm gonna tell you - this is so freakin' awesome. I've been daydreaming (seriously!) about someone doing sketches of Otalia and how amazing it would be.

You read my mind! :D

They are so good, so very good. And the title of your first one is the title of my Otalia AU fic. So, you and I = kismet!
Hey there. Many thanks for the kind words. Been trying to get back to doing some sketching, and it's good to know folks are enjoying the efforts.

Meanwhile, I need to find your fic on here. Shay was telling me I'd enjoy...and I've been looking for reading material lately. Haven't kept on the LJ recently (real life...meh).

Anyhoo, thanks again for writing. :)
Wow! Very beautiful sketches, the both of them. Great job!
Thanks for writing. The kind words are much appreciated.


Whoa, these are really something! I love artwork and these drawings take some serious talent! Thanks for posting.

Re: Beautiful!

Glad you like. T'is always good to hear. Thanks for writing.
They're beautiful, thank you :)

And thank you for writing. It's always good to hear from folks. :)
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