Words from Wonko (wonkots42) wrote in passion_perfect,
Words from Wonko

Announcement - new Guiding Light comm

Thanks to ralst for letting me advertise this here.

I've made a new comm dedicated to the incredibly silly and arbitrary pairing of Blake/Doris (Blis) from Guiding Light. Do they even have screen time together? I don't know and I don't care. It's too delivious (that's 'so evil it's delicious') to pass up.


Let's face it guys, we need a break from the Otalia angst. Blis? Total silliness. They're not epic, they're not soulmates, they're not great big steaming piles of angst and pain. They're fun, and silly, and a lot little bit sexy.

So, we're looking for fic, manips, screencaps, discussion, laughter, and anything Blis related. Hope to see you there!

Tags: guiding light

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