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A matter of time - Chapter 3 | Agent Cody Banks - Ronica Miles / Natalie Connors

Title: A matter of time - Chapter 3
Fandom: Agent Cody Banks
Pairing: Ronica Miles / Natalie Connors
Rating: PG-13, for a bit of mild swear words.
Disclaimer: MGM own them. I own nothing, honestly. If I had than the second movie would not have been made, or rather, would have been very different.
Authors Note: I actually forgot that this story existed, but then ilovemeryl popped up and asked about it, and I remembered that I had a chapter and a half I forgot to post. It took a while to find, and it's short, but I'm writing again, so thank you ilovemeryl!
A/N 2: This is unbeta'ed, so there are probably mistakes.

Fake cut... fake cut!
Tags: agent cody banks, fic

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