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International Day of Femslash - Pod-fics!

The International Day of Femslash needs You!

Or, rather, your voice... Yes, that's right, we're going vocal, God help us all.

On the 18th July we will be launching the first IDF podcast, where a group of reprobates will jabber away endlessly about suggestive swaggers and the merits of a well worn pair of jeans, but that's not all. As part of the podcast package - and later as part of P&P - we'll be adding a section for femslash pod-fics.

For those who don't know, a femslash pod-fic is just another name for an audio recording of a femslash story. You take a tale of two fictional ladies falling in love and in lust, and you record someone reading it, hopefully without air-raid sirens or wandering minstrels in the background. A piece of cake.

Obviously, for this to work, we need volunteers to read, as well as stories for them to read. Most people seem to prefer to read their own work, but I know that in the past we've had some people volunteer to read for those who would rather not do it themselves. So, if that describes you, please comment to this post and we'll try and match you up with someone.

Short or middle length stories would probably be easiest for this type of thing, but if you want to turn your epic into an audio-book, go for it. There are plenty of free recording programs around - a quick google search should provide you with links - but if you're having difficulty finding one, just let me know and I'll gather together some links.

So, if you fancy having a go, let me know... All finished pod-fics should be sent to the usual P&P site e-mail address by the 16th July. I know it's less than two weeks, but if I gave you more time, you'd probably do what I did the first time around and chicken out.

(please pimp this out to any community or individual you think would be interested)
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