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fewthistle in passion_perfect

New Otalia Fanfic Community

Hello from DiNovia (Seftiri) and Fewthistle!

We come, a little like the Greeks, bearing gifts: gifts designed, as that mighty horse was, to bring down the towering spires of Ilium. Or in this case, the crumbling towers of Guiding Light; specifically, the utter tripe that has become the Otalia storyline. We intend, with a new community called Burning City, burn_ingcity   to bring some much needed sanity, order and beauty back to what has been one of the most extraordinary love stories on television, bar none.

Given the spoilers and discussion that began several weeks ago about the path that the writers of Guiding Light would take to write in Jessica Leccia’s maternity leave, DiNovia and I began to be concerned that there was the potential for the entire fandom to implode around the whole supposition about the pregnancy storyline and all the repercussions. Those fears seem to have been more than realized in the past week, with the writers choosing the most trite, cliché and hackneyed of plots in order to explain Natalia’s absence. It is, as DiNovia commented, as if they simply got out the “Guide to Crappy Writing and Cheap Plotlines” hat and starting pulling out random slips of paper: thus the uninspired, overused, insulting drivel with which we are now faced in canon.

So, in order to set right that which we perceive to have been made horribly wrong, DiNovia and I are starting this community, an Otalia 2.0 so to speak. It will be a site devoted to Otalia in all its glory, with one major exception:

All storylines must either predate the debacle (for example: pre-WoD fics) and then carry on in their own timeline, or they must stop with canon at June 22, 2009, the gazebo scene where Natalia and Olivia decide they are through waiting.  No canon after that point (with the exception of other character storylines,( i.e., Phillip’s illness or even Olivia’s telling of Phillip) may be used.

To be perfectly blunt, there will be no mention of a stupid pregnancy storyline to explain Natalia's absence (should you even choose to make her absent), NO Frankenbaby, no trite, worn-out clichés of a plot. Life begins, and ends, as it were, on June 22, if that makes sense.

We would like to invite you to join us in this undertaking. We know the love and affection in which Otalia are held and we are determined that this pairing and this storyline continue on long after September has come and gone. We need writers, readers, and artists of all varieties to make this a success. Both of us are extremely excited about starting this community (which will include an archived website with all stories that the authors wish to have included, separate from Live Journal. Should you not wish to participate in LJ but still want your stories included in the archive, that would be wonderful as well.)

We hope you'll all come over and take a peek. We should be up and running to officially post as of tomorrow, July 4th, in honor of Olivia and Natalia's desire for a real Independence Day!!
Thanks to the mighty Queen of Femslash,  Ralst for letting us pimp!!



DiNovia and Fewthistle


Great Idea!

I'm quite distraught at the moment...I've been dropping things, been distracted just kind of dazed since the episode aired this afternoon.

My trust in the writer's handling of the situation has been shattered. They were doing so well...then BAM!
Distracted? Dazed? Dropping things, you say? If I've learned anything from Guiding Light it's that... OMG, I think you're pregnant! ;)
ROFL... well if I am (I'm not) I've got me some Doctors and a medical device manufacturer to sue!!

I'm more likely to have a brain tumor than be pregnant! :)


A capital idea! This pregnancy hogwash is unworthy. I look forward to reading much more credible and enjoyable storylines in the new community. Cheers! (Long-time fan of you both, btw.)
I don't like the pregnancy storyline; again, it seems overused and insulting on many levels, especially given the viewers' devotion to the story and our willing suspension of disbelief about Jessica Leccia's real-life pregnancy. And also the fact that it will just mean another EXCUSE to delay or deny Otalia physical closeness.

Having said that, what burns me the most about the whole thing is the writing on today's how, 7/3, where Natalia leaves the way she does. I can squint and make myself understand her shock and fear about what all this means, and how she is afraid about how both Frank and Olivia will take the news, but I can't accept that Blake or even Father Ray wouldn't have tried to stop her from leaving without telling anyone. And shouldn't a priest, who does marriage counseling, know that marrying someone you don't love, even because of a pregnancy, is ill-advised.

Blake at least said she talke to them, but she really didn't try to convince her, considering Natalia's state of shock. And Blake's vague, but upsetting message to Olivia? That was worse than just telling her the truth about what's going on. Thanks, GL writers.

Also, Guiding Light has gotten incredibly sexist in this storyline, in my opinion. First the judge says Natalia must have a male presence in her son's life and now her pregnancy seems to signal to her the need to reconsider marriage to a man she doesn't love. No one on this show has ever said the one thing that really truly needed to be said, from the engagement to near-wedding to now ... you don't marry someone you don't love. Period.

And the pregnancy as a sign from God that she made the wrong choice? How about it's just a reminder from mother nature about what happens when you don't use birth control.

So, I guess what I'm saying is this is a great idea. I have long hoped that Otalia fanfic would live past September, and now we can also have it as a blissful alternative to the show itself. I don't think I'm strong enough to totally stop watching, because I am still too invested and involved. But maybe this will serve as a happy alternative to the angst.

P.S. I am totally spoiler-free and wish to remain that way. If anyone chooses to reply specifically to my post, please don't address spoilers for upcoming episodes. The only way I think I can get through this is by not knowing what's coming and not worrying about it.
Yes yes YES!

I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but the show has reached the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' point for me. Nothing they can do from here on out can make up for the tom-fuckery, character assassination they pulled this week.

I've been fervently hoping that some (most? ALL?!) fanfic writers would be of the type who are NOT slaves to canon. It's heartening to know there are others who feel the same way.

Bring on the denial, I say!

(And yeah, I know that's not an actual cap from the episode, but I'm to lazy to go capping at YouTube right now. Plus which, I am in love with that pic. *sigh*)

Edited at 2009-07-03 23:44 (UTC)
Okay, I ADORE that pic!! Please post it tomorrow when we open the comm to posts! I know everyone will love it, too!

Cheers!! ;)
Yayyyy. Thanks so much, guys, for thinking of this.

I actually don't even mind the plot that much; I'm just going to expect the worst and hope for an awesome payoff. BUT, anything that brings more gorgeous fanfic (because there's been SUCH a dearth of Otalia stories lately... >_>) is fine with me. :)

Also, props to the J7 queens for administering this bad boy. :P
Thanks so much! And we would LOVE graphics, icons, art, videos, anything Otalia related, within the frameworks of the "no crappy storyline" context will be welcomed with open arms!!

Come play with us!! ;)
thank you...
Well, I'd love to join if you'll have me :)

I feel like I've been shafted due to this ridiculous storyline and one of my favorite characters on daytime (the lovely Natalia Rivera) has been truly decimated.

So, fanfiction is now the reality. Yay! :D
We'd love to have you! I feel the same way. Character assassination of the worst kind!!

Please, come on over and play with us. After all, as Natalia once said, "Perception is reality". Perceive us as real ;)
This sounds awesome!

The current storyline has me in a really bad mood and yet I'm still invested enough to watch the show. However, having fic that does justice to the wonderful love story that was and could be will great.

Thank you so much!
What a great idea! A prefect way to celebrate the beauty of Otalia without mentioning the crap we are currently dealing with right now.

I can't wait to see what comes up.
How about just saying AU after the gazebo. Because I don't
watch the shown it's sad that Philliph is the one person that I connect with on the show now.
Thank you for creating this community, I love living in denial
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