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New Otalia Fanfic Community

Hello from DiNovia (Seftiri) and Fewthistle!

We come, a little like the Greeks, bearing gifts: gifts designed, as that mighty horse was, to bring down the towering spires of Ilium. Or in this case, the crumbling towers of Guiding Light; specifically, the utter tripe that has become the Otalia storyline. We intend, with a new community called Burning City, burn_ingcity   to bring some much needed sanity, order and beauty back to what has been one of the most extraordinary love stories on television, bar none.

Given the spoilers and discussion that began several weeks ago about the path that the writers of Guiding Light would take to write in Jessica Leccia’s maternity leave, DiNovia and I began to be concerned that there was the potential for the entire fandom to implode around the whole supposition about the pregnancy storyline and all the repercussions. Those fears seem to have been more than realized in the past week, with the writers choosing the most trite, cliché and hackneyed of plots in order to explain Natalia’s absence. It is, as DiNovia commented, as if they simply got out the “Guide to Crappy Writing and Cheap Plotlines” hat and starting pulling out random slips of paper: thus the uninspired, overused, insulting drivel with which we are now faced in canon.

So, in order to set right that which we perceive to have been made horribly wrong, DiNovia and I are starting this community, an Otalia 2.0 so to speak. It will be a site devoted to Otalia in all its glory, with one major exception:

All storylines must either predate the debacle (for example: pre-WoD fics) and then carry on in their own timeline, or they must stop with canon at June 22, 2009, the gazebo scene where Natalia and Olivia decide they are through waiting.  No canon after that point (with the exception of other character storylines,( i.e., Phillip’s illness or even Olivia’s telling of Phillip) may be used.

To be perfectly blunt, there will be no mention of a stupid pregnancy storyline to explain Natalia's absence (should you even choose to make her absent), NO Frankenbaby, no trite, worn-out clichés of a plot. Life begins, and ends, as it were, on June 22, if that makes sense.

We would like to invite you to join us in this undertaking. We know the love and affection in which Otalia are held and we are determined that this pairing and this storyline continue on long after September has come and gone. We need writers, readers, and artists of all varieties to make this a success. Both of us are extremely excited about starting this community (which will include an archived website with all stories that the authors wish to have included, separate from Live Journal. Should you not wish to participate in LJ but still want your stories included in the archive, that would be wonderful as well.)

We hope you'll all come over and take a peek. We should be up and running to officially post as of tomorrow, July 4th, in honor of Olivia and Natalia's desire for a real Independence Day!!
Thanks to the mighty Queen of Femslash,  Ralst for letting us pimp!!



DiNovia and Fewthistle

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