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Not Her Detective (Ch 5)

Title: Not Her Detective
Fandom: SVU & FOL
Pairing: Jo/Alex
Rating: be on the safe side
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em….

Summary: Jo meets Alex in a bar--and picks her up.

A/N: This story has started to take a different turn than I had previous expected (or had hoped for). In my head, the direction it's taking is actually more compelling than a crossover fic between FOL and SVU.

"She did what?" the bulky detective nearly shouted as his partner was busy slamming drawers on her desk.

"I said she kissed me. She fucking kissed me. Just grabbed me and BAM! Laid one on me," Olivia answered, purple with frustration.

She glowered at him as she locked her gun in her desk. "That's just disgusting. Wipe the drool off your chin, El!"

She sank into her desk chair, finding it more uncomfortable than usual, and tried to busy herself with DD5s and case files that had been piling up on her desk. She was finding it particularly difficult to hold a pen in her hand, having obviously and painfully burst a blood vessel in a finger when she slapped Alex.

Occasionally, her attention would drift to one of the photos on her desk. She and Alex had taken an impromptu mini-vacation last fall and had found themselves in Vermont. The mountains behind them in the photo were a sea of reds, oranges and yellows. Alex was pouting and looking at Liv as she snapped the photo of them.

Nothing would ever be the same now. Every moment they had spent together in friendship as kindred spirits was being questioned in Liv's mind. Had every seemingly thoughtful gesture made by Alex over the years been a ploy to seduce her? How had she missed what had surely been obvious signs? There had to have been obvious signs, right? She growled and picked the photo up, tossing it in the trash can beside her desk.

Having listened to her grunts and heavy sighs long enough, Elliot decided to take matters into his hands. His chair screeched backwards over the old-tile floor as he moved away from his desk. Liv looked up only long enough to realize he was about to grab her by the arm and jerked it out of the way.

He bent down next to her ear and whispered forcefully, "Crib. Now," before he stomped up the stairs. Once he reached the landing and she still hadn't moved, he shouted down to her, "LIV!!"

She stood up so quickly that her chair tumbled backwards. She didn't bother to pick it up as she followed her partner's barked command. He had already stepped inside the crib when she reached it and unceremoniously slammed the door. The sound of glass rattling echoed throughout the room below.

She stood defiantly and petulantly near the door as her partner rolled up he sleeves and paced wordlessly for a few minutes.

"You know, I'm gonna say some stuff you probably won't like so you may wanna get comfortable," he boomed as he puffed out his chest and rocked on the balls of his feet.

"If this is about Alex, don't bother." She had already turned the knob on the door before he spoke again, but immediately froze when he did.

"I thought you were gay."

Olivia closed her eyes and took few breaths, relinquishing her hold on the door before slowly turning around. She glared at Elliot sideways, unable to face him directly.

"You what?" The anger and indignation in her voice were palpable.

"We all did--well, I dunno if the Cap'n did. But yeah, even Kathy. And then, when you and Alex-----"

"When me and Alex what?" She paused, but didn't let him answer before she continued. "So you all sat around and decided what--that since you never see me with men that I'm...that I'm gay? The fact that I outrun your asses in a chase have anything to with it?"

"Liv, it wasn't..." Elliot tried to explain.

She threw her hands up and paced past him to the window that overlooked the rain-soaked street below, her fingers tangled in the wire mesh that covered it--serving no purpose other than to keep her from hurling herself out of it at that particular moment.

Quietly she asked, "Why did you think we were a couple?"

She turned around, leaning back against the window and wrapping her arms around herself. "That's what you were implying, right? That all of you thought....that we were...that Alex and I....were a couple."

He could read her body language. She was beyond uncomfortable with the topic and mortified that people--her friends--had been speculating about her sexuality behind her back.

Elliot, in an attempt to appear less threatening, sat down on one of the bunks and weighed his words carefully. He kept his blue eyes on her brown ones as he spoke.

"Ya changed after Alex joined the team." He noticed her head pop up and stopped her, "and I mean that in a good way. You worked harder. You pushed a perp harder if you knew she was watching the interrogation. She did the same with witnesses on the stand if you were in the courtroom. It was like some weird mating dance."

He sat there with a sly smile on his face.

"Don't do that. Don't sit there and talk about us with that look on your face. I know that look. You're picturing us doing stuff. So. Stop. It."

"Sorry. We were all pretty sold on a relationship after the Cheryl Avery case. And then there were the dinners, the little trips. You'd always volunteer to take over case files or the way she'd drop in for no reason at all. And she always remembered how you liked your coffee. That was always her excuse for not bringing any for the rest of us. And let's not even talk about the looks between the two of you."

"There was and never will be anything like that between us. First of all, I'm not gay. Alex is convinced she is, but I still don't..."

His tone, before softer and understanding, now grew loud and angry. "You know, the last person I'd ever have expected to be so judgmental is you, Liv. She's your friend. And you're willing to lose that because of...small-mindedness? If that's the case, then thinking you were gay wasn't the only thing I was wrong about."

She stepped closer to him than she had been all afternoon with eyes blackened by anger and what he believed to be betrayal.

" and the rest of your buddies need to leave my personal life out of your water-cooler gossip. I'm not gay. I couldn't be any less gay."

He held his hands up in a placating gesture. "Alright, Liv. I believe you if you say so. But ask yourself this. That kiss that Alex laid on you--how long did it take you to push her away? And when you saw another woman--another female detective--with her, was it disgust or jealousy you felt?"

For the second time that day, Olivia resulted to physical confrontation. His head didn't even turn when the flat of her palm connected with his cheek. Truth be told, he had expected it from the moment he told her he thought she was gay.

"Fuck you, El. Fuck you!"

Long after he heard her feet leave the stairs and after another door had slammed, he sat there. His face was burning, but he wouldn't even give her the satisfaction of reaching up to massage the ache away. After a few moments, he stood up and said to himself, "That went well."


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