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GL: The Next Time You Say Forever (Drabble)

Title: The Next Time You Say Forever (Drabble)
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Natalia/Olivia
Spoilers: For the week of 7/6
Rating: PG
A/N: This a short, quick drabble that I wrote after watching the clips from Monday's show too many times. Unbeta-ed.

Phillip is perplexed. "You don't want me to take you to The Beacon? I thought you wanted to go home?" he asks, turning to look at Olivia as they pull up to a stoplight.

Olivia isn't looking at him, she hasn't looked at him since he got into the car. She's staring blankly out of the windshield, her elbow propped on the open window and her head resting in her palm. "No," she replies, "I want you to take me to the farmhouse."

Phillip pauses for a moment. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" he asks softly. "Maybe you should go to The Beacon. Take a little time? Go and see Emma?" He trails off as he notices Olivia's hand tremble slightly against her thigh. "Olivia," he says gently, "you already know that Natalia isn't at the farm---"

"Please..." Olivia interrupts, finally turning her watery gaze towards him. "Please, Phillip..."

The desperation and sadness in her eyes is breaking his heart. Nodding, he glances up to see that the light has turned green. "Okay," he says slowly as he turns back to the road, "Okay."


"Damn it!"

Now that she's actually here, Olivia regrets having Phillip drop her off at the farmhouse. She's sitting on the front step, her head resting against her knees. She doesn't know what to do. She can't think of anything that would cause Natalia to act this way.

Her mind starts going over and over all the things people have told her since Natalia had failed to show up at the Bauer Barbecue yesterday: Natalia didn't want to see her; Natalia didn't want her to know where she was; Natalia had gotten cold feet; the fact that Natalia confided in Blake and Father Ray but had left without a word to her.

'It doesn't make any sense!' she thinks to herself. She sees now that Natalia had seemed distracted. Had she herself been so wrapped up in them finally being together that she had missed something? What had happened? Olivia knew that she needed to find Natalia and talk to her so they could figure this out. Whatever it was. Together.

Looking at her trembling hands she realizes that she still won't be able to do any driving right now. After thinking for a minute, Olivia picks up her cell phone and dials. "Doris?" she says into the phone, "I need your help."
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