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Revolving Door [PG]

Title - Revolving Door
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings/Spoilers - No spoilers. This is an AU fic. One-shot.
Summary - Two people meet.
Rating - PG

Notes - Thank you shaych_03 for the chat earlier today. I need to clear my head and writing stuff that has nothing to do with Redemption is a great idea.

On a train, tearing through the canyons of the southwest, Olivia Spencer sleeps.

And she dreams of all she is leaving behind, a desolate job and two grown children and several bankrupt relationships - all of it colored too brightly or shadowed too darkly in her mind's eye.

Before she fell into slumber, she watched the other people in this opulent car.
The lady reading. The man eating. The kids whispering. The stiff white of a waiter's cuff and the cup of coffee to follow.

She wonders, as her eyelids flutter shut, if all things will finally be better in a new town.
With a new job. With new sights and sounds.

Or will it all just be the same?

- - -

At a cafe table, in the middle of the day and in the sun, Natalia Rivera daydreams.

And she muses on the path they led her here, somewhere in the desert, with nothing but mistakes and broken hearts left behind - everything seems so loud and so fierce in her memories.

Before she drifted off, she thought about that son she never hears from.
Those friends she forgot to call. Those parents who passed away. The winding road she followed so diligently and the places left to be seen.

She wonders, as the world slips away, if anything will ever change in this old town.
With this old job. With the same old sights and sounds.

Or will something new just come along?

- - -

She is on her way out just as she is on the way in.

And brown eyes meet green as the revolving door spins them in opposite directions.

I think you are the kind of person..., Olivia thinks as she slows down just a little in the lobby of this hotel.
...I'd like to see all the time, Natalia realizes as she pauses just for a second on the sidewalk outside.

- - -

"I fell in love with you that day, you know..."
"I know. I was there, remember?"

And ten years later, they kiss as if it were the first time.

Tags: guiding light

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