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Sordid Affairs 29/?

Title: Sordid Affairs
Author: outuendo_11
Rating: PG-13
Show: Guiding Light
Pairing: Spolfe, Mactalia 
Spoilers: um...no.
Summary: Olivia and Natalia struggle to make their relationship work with Rafe at home and Olivia finds a confidant in Doris Wolfe.
A/N: If you're behind you can go here> http://outuendo-11.livejournal.com/8164.html and I've posted links to all the other chapters. :)
A/N: Sorry this is later than I planned on posting...anyway thanks for the awesome feedback and reviews! Your thoughts and ideas are inspiring and if you keep throwing out your opinions I might just have to keep this going forever! NO...I don't want to...so hopefully it will be concluded in another 11 chapters or so...lol...anyway...some fun stuff happening today on Chris' version of Guiding Light...lol...and don't be mad, but I feel super behind on writing, so you might not get an update until Monday...sorry...I mean unless I get 31 and part of 32 written sometime today then...yeah...so....anyway...no one cares....read, enjoy, comment. It's a very simple process! :) Oh and btw...I'm not following the current storyline at all in regards to the other characters...i.e. Jeffery's death...because he comes up in today's chapter...fyi. lol. I need him for later. Oh and I blame gaga for one part of this chapter so I must give some credit to her. Thanks girl!...lol.

Chapter 29

“You’ll never guess who I had as a patient today.” Mackenzie grinned around her bite of sushi, picking up an Eel roll to feed to Natalia.

Natalia’s eyes widened as Mackenzie fed her, a smile appearing on her face because Mackenzie had just rendered her unable to respond. “Who?” She finally asked around her sushi.

“Emma Spencer.”

Natalia nearly spat out the rest of her roll. “No.”

“Yes. And Olivia was there too.”

“No,” Natalia gasped, wiping at her mouth with a napkin.


“Did she recognize you?”

“I’m not sure. She knew I was at Frank’s funeral.”

“What did you say?”

“I said I went with a friend.” Mackenzie smiled.

Natalia shook her head, reaching out to wipe soy sauce off Mackenzie’s lip. “I’m sure she’ll find out soon enough.”

“Especially if Paige and Emma become best friends.”


“Well Emma asked about Paige and I was telling her that they were the same age…and Paige, bless her heart, hasn’t made a single friend since she’s gotten here. Jake has all these boys from the neighborhood and she has no one. I thought it’d be nice if Emma came over. After she gets better, of course. The poor thing probably has strep.”

Natalia’s eyes widened but she quickly shrugged. “I think that sounds like a good idea.”

“Are you sure?”

“Emma’s a wonderful little girl. Paige would like her.”

“She seems very sweet.” Mackenzie nodded.


Reva was sitting in Company with her son Colin resting on her shoulder, seemingly sleeping peacefully. She was enjoying a cup of coffee, waiting for Jeffrey to join her. Jeffrey had had business to attend to at the courthouse that morning and he’d promised to meet up with her for breakfast. However, it was becoming apparent that his ‘quick’ work engagement was not as quick as he had made it out to be.

Reva had been sitting for over twenty minutes waiting for him. Buzz had taken good care of her; she had conversed with him about how sorry she was for his loss while he had poured her a cup of steaming black coffee. He had graciously nodded and told her he was doing better.

Now he was off serving others and Reva was left to entertain herself.

She heard the door open and close behind her and looked up to see the elusive Mayor Doris Wolfe walk in. She was skimming the paper, her red glasses slipping down her nose as she adjusted her purse on her shoulder and then glanced up from her paper, seeming to look for someone.

Reva watched as Ashlee, who was helping to serve at Company, walked up to her mom and the two exchanged a quick peck on the cheek. She watched them talk. She hadn’t seen their relationship this strong in years. Perhaps Olivia Spencer was doing some good for their little family.

Ashlee moved to go help some other customers and Doris’ eyes quickly scanned the masses, seeming to decipher who she should and should not talk to and where or where not she should sit.

Reva threw caution to the wind and flagged the mayor down.

Doris raised her eyebrow, but quickly moved towards Reva, taking off her glasses as she walked, tucking her newspaper under her arm. “Hello Reva.”

“Have a seat. I’m waiting for Jeffrey. His case is running long, but I suppose you know how that goes.”

Doris nodded, suddenly becoming distracted by the sleeping Colin on her shoulder. “I do.” She gently stroked the sleeping babies fuzzy head. “He’s absolutely adorable, Reva.”

Reva had never pinned Doris for an overly caring mother, nor one who wanted more children, but as she watched Doris eyeing her son, she could see it in her eyes. “Thank you. Do you want to hold him?” Reva was certain Colin was putting her shoulder to sleep.

“Me?...um…but he’s asleep.”

“Oh, he won’t mind. I move him around all the time while he’s asleep.” Reva waved her off.

Doris shrugged and eagerly sat her belongings down so she could gently take Colin from his mother. He stirred ever so slightly and then snuggled up against Doris’ breast. “He’s beautiful.” Doris smiled, taking the seat across from Reva.

Doris wanted another child. Reva could see it in Doris’ interaction with her son. “He is.” Reva leaned forward, glad to have his weight off her shoulder. She sipped her coffee and studied Doris. She looked happy, relaxed. “How is Olivia?”

“She’s home watching Emma. Emma got sick last weekend, but she’s doing better now.”

“Well good, I wouldn’t want Colin catching anything.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t hold him if I thought I was contagious. I’ve been washing my hands as if I were OCD.” Doris laughed, adjusting Colin in her arms.

“You look good, Doris.”

Doris looked up at Reva, surprised at her words.

“That is not a come on, but…you do. You look really happy.”

Doris smiled. “Well thank you. So do you.”

“I am.” Reva leaned her cheek against her hand.




“Hi, it’s Olivia.”

“Oh, hello!”

“Emma is feeling a whole lot better and she’s been talking about seeing Paige nonstop for the past three days.”

Mackenzie laughed, “well would she like to come over?”

“I think she’d enjoy that.”


It was nearly inevitable that a one Emma Spencer and a one Paige York would become instant friends upon meeting.

It was as if they had known one another for years and over the course of one evening and a night spent together they had sealed a pact to remain friends for life. They made friendship bracelets and had their own handshake. They would become inseparable.


With Ashlee gone on a date and Emma over at the York’s, Olivia set into motion a plan she’d been plotting all week.

It went into action the second Doris walked in the door that Friday evening.

The mayor was work weary and beat from another hard day at the town hall. She was passing several small ordinances that she was certain would earn her some negative feedback. It was stressful having to be the law maker for Springfield, but someone had to do it.

She sighed and set her bag down, removing her blazer. She had hoped that Olivia would be making dinner, or perhaps she’d ordered in, either way it would have been nice to come home and see her and kiss her. Then the worries from the day would all but melt away. However, her partner was nowhere to be seen and in her place were a note and a package.

Doris frowned and picked up the note, flipping over the pink stationary to read the message beneath.

I thought you might want to slip into something a bit more…revealing…


Interest piqued, Doris slipped a manicured fingernail between the paper that was wrapping the box before her. In no time she’d unwrapped some rather ‘revealing’ undergarments and it was clear what Olivia had in mind for the evening.

A card slipped out from between the lacy material.

Check the bedroom.

A smile played on Doris’ lips as she made her way towards the bedroom.

“Very funny, Olivia.” She laughed as she found another box lying on the bed.

The card on top was black and read;

And while we’re at it…I was thinking we might try something new…

Doris picked up the package, feeling a bit of trepidation at what might be inside. Her fingers were quick to tear away the white paper. She audibly exhaled. “Oh Liv.”

She was almost afraid to touch the object, having never thought she’d have to come in to contact with one again, but then again…it did look rather intriguing…and Olivia had bought it for her…for them. To use. Together.

A red card was lingering at the bottom of the box.

But maybe we should have dinner first? The pool looks quite nice from here, but you’d look better in it…wet.

Doris laughed and laying her presents on the bed, she went to the bedroom’s double doors that led to a deck directly above the pool.

From her spot on the deck she could see Olivia watching her, waiting for her. She was dressed only in a skimpy little suit, sipping a martini. Smoldering green eyes were undressing the mayor from her spot by the pool and Doris felt exposed.

And as Doris’ eyes wondered further, she realized her gifts were not finished.

A playful smile glimmered on Olivia’s lips as she realized where Doris’ eyes had traveled to.

“Well come and get it.” She called, lips meeting with her martini glass.

Doris shook her head and moved down the stairs and on to the pool deck. She made her way towards Olivia, who reached for her, grabbing her by her belt, pulling her in for a kiss. Doris’ hand trailed down from Olivia’s cheek, over her bikini clad breast, across a soft abdomen, and down to where her last present was situated.

“You’re too much.”Doris laughed, pressing another quick kiss to her lover’s lips as she sat down beside her, unwrapping the little yellow box. “What is this?”

“Just something I thought you might like.” Olivia grinned, watching as Doris opened the box.

“Olivia…” Doris had no words as she fingered the silver band. The diamonds that set within the shimmering white gold surface were radiant and glittered in the setting sun.

“Well put it on.” Olivia laughed. “I had a pretty good idea of what your ring size was, but I must admit I had to guess…so…I hope…” Olivia was focusing on putting the ring on Doris’ finger, “I hope it goes…on.” Olivia got the band to slip perfectly on to Doris’ finger and sat back, smiling. “Now you’re mine forever.” She pulled her towards her, kissing her.

“You’re just full of surprises, Spencer.” Doris sighed, willing herself not to cry tears of happiness because Doris did not cry over silly romantic gestures. But when she looked up into Olivia’s watery eyes she couldn’t help but cry. “Oh, Olivia. I love you.”

Tears fell between their kisses. It was real, this was real. “I love you, too.” Olivia smiled.

After both got a hold of themselves, and fits of laughter sparked between them, Doris turned in her seat. “What is this that you’ve prepared for dinner?”

“This…is…ordered in sushi with a milk shake from Company and some chocolate dipped strawberries.”

“You really are too much.” Doris reached out for a strawberry.

“Dessert first?” Olivia watched as Doris bit into the chocolate coated fruit and then placed it against Liv’s lips.

“Yes, I think we could do dessert first…” Doris grinned, watching as Olivia sucked on her strawberry and chocolate flavored fingers. “Which oddly reminds me…about this gift…”

“Which one?” Olivia evilly grinned.

“The treat I got in the bedroom…”

“Ah,” Olivia watched as Doris picked up a tray of Eel rolls. “How do you feel about that? I was thinking…we could give it a try…”

Doris fed a roll dripping with soy sauce to her lover. “I think…” she dabbed at Olivia’s chin, “that for you, I’d do anything.”

Olivia grinned. “Good, because I suffered through a hovering Blake to get that.”

Doris broke into a fit of laughter.  


The water lapped against their naked bodies as Olivia’s fingers thrust upwards, Doris backed tightly against the edge of the pool.

Doris’ expensive work clothes were scattered on the pool deck, mindlessly tossed all over in their haste to get wet.


“Hurry up in there!” Olivia called from her sated spot on the bed.

“I don’t…” Doris’ voice was rather small and perplexed. “I’m not sure…it’s just…”

“Honey, it’s going to be just fine.” Olivia called back, her fingers playing at her own breasts.

There was no reply, and instead Doris exited the bathroom looking rather bashful.

Olivia’s smile widened. “Come here.”

Doris came, kneeling above her lover, her partner, her equal. She could see that Olivia was quite turned on by the object that was now between them. She momentarily wondered if this was what Olivia really wanted, but her eyes were quickly distracted by the glittering silver band on her ring finger. Olivia wanted her…she just wanted to add variety to their already various bed practices.

“Are you comfortable?” Olivia asked, leaning up to press her lips to Doris’, feeling the object hovering between her thighs.

Doris nodded, her eyes betraying her concerns. Those were quickly washed away, however, when she entered Olivia. She watched as Olivia’s body responded, her eyes lighting up, if it were at all possible for them to brighten. Her body easily relaxed and her legs wrapped tightly around Doris. And it was then that Doris realized she quite enjoyed this. It allowed her to take in all of Olivia while she made love to her. She was free to kiss and lick and support herself as her lower half pressed in and out in a varying rhythm which changed according to Olivia’s moans.

The orgasm that ensued was well worth Doris’ initial embarrassment at having this device attached to her and she quickly realized this might be her new favorite toy ever. 


They were cuddled together beneath a blanket on the back porch, Olivia in just a t-shirt and Doris in underwear and a tank top that was slipping off her shoulder. Olivia’s fingers trailed lazily against Doris’ arm, their lips meeting for lazy kisses.

At first, when they heard shouting, they thought it was in their imagination, but soon Doris’ motherly instinct kicked in and she registered the familiar cry.

It took her only a moment to jump from Olivia’s embrace. Her martini glass shattered on the ground as she raced towards the kitchen where she could hear her daughter in distress and as she stepped through the doors she gasped at the sight before her.


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  • Fic: Diary

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