January 20th, 2009

CM/WMC Crossover - The Unexpected, 10/?

Happy Inauguration Day!  A little reading pleasure for this historic day.

Title: The Unexpected, 10/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: PG-13, maybe higher due to some pretty descriptive violence.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: I don’t know how long this is going to end up. I’m honestly surprised it’s been this long. Having this kind of dedication is kind of shocking for me.

“Cindy, when was the last time you saw Agent Prentiss?”

Previous chapters:
Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Chapter 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 5
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1

mt hood

Original fic

Hello all, been watching this site for a while but haven't posted anything until now.  Here's an original piece I just finished.  It’s been a long while since I've written anything so constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Title:  Silent Embrace

Pairing: Original Femslash Characters

Rating: R

Word Count: 1886

Archiving: RALST be my guest, anyone else only with author’s permission

Warning: graphic descriptions of sex and love between women, beta free so any mistakes you happen across are mine

Summary: Where do you go when all the words have been spoken?


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For a New day...

SO I thought since it was a new President, I thought I would update my story.  Yup new day, time for some celebration smut.  Love it. 
Anyway, here is to a new day...

Girls and the Water

Pairing: Emily/ JJ, with Morgan and Garcia.


Disclaimer: I own nothing, it came from my mind, and sadly it is all fiction, until we find the video tape. ;]

Beta: None other than the awesome Callie

Summary: Dedicated to a lovely friend of mine, Ann911, for the semi-prompt. lol. Anyway, it is a wacky Garcia scheme, to get Emily/JJ out in the open, so to speak. With help from the awesome Morgan and his many houses.

Side Note:  JJ isn’t pregnant, thus there is no Will. OMG shocker, but I do mention his existance. ;] And Emily and JJ are in denial, serious denial, so somewhat angst-y, but not really.

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30 Rock : Executive is not Liz

FIC: The Buddy Cop Formula (LHDP, Pepa/Silvia) 1/1

The Buddy Cop Formula
By Misty Flores

FANDOM: Los Hombres De Paco
PAIRING: Montoya, Pepa/Silvia
SUMMARY: "All those buddy-cop movies Pepa watches, there's the crazy one and the one who follows the rules. That's what makes them work together so well. That's what keeps them alive."

SPOILERS: For Episode 81, and speculation beyond that.

NOTES: I was in the mood for some Montoya/Pepa buddy bonding fic, with some Pepa/Silvia romance on the side – because you know they're totally BFF now on the show. And he completely won my heart with how sweet he was when he realized Silvia and Pepa were more than just sister-in-laws. He needs some platonic love.

Montoya had come to understand why Silvia had never been able to love him. It had nothing to do with Lucas, and everything to do with arrogant and gruff, rude and unfocused, angry and impulsive Pepa Miranda.