January 24th, 2009

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Site Update

Only a small update today, but things should be back to normal from here on out.

Birds of Prey

How Does it Feel parts 6-18 (Complete) by jaguarin.

My Kind of Wonderful, Alternate Lives, Past Lives, Forgotten Lives, Out of the Dark, Dark Huntress and New Beginnings by Jinx.

The Devil Wears Prada

Five Things Andy Buys For Christmas and Louche by Susan L. Carr.

The Facts of Life

A Merry Little Christmas, Why They Fight, Word Play, Timing, Her Hero, Seven-Year Itch and Stuck by Della Street.

Friday Night Lights

A Thousand Enemies by Harper.


Xena sketch by ArtbySlash.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Wrong by carpesomediem.

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Graphic by grumpybear

Fic: 72 Days and Counting [The Devil Wears Prada; Miranda/Andy]

Title: 72 Days and Counting

Author: The Last Good Name

Summary: She was having the worst day of her life...over, and over.... (The Devil Wears Prada; Miranda/Andy)

Notes: for pinguissexy for the Devil Wears Prada Secret Santa Exchange. Thank you to Telanu and Chilly for all their help. I have also indulged in the complete theft of a plot from someone else's movie, but I think by now the idea is in the public domain. Warning: character death.

References: Finnerman, W. (Producer) and Frankel, D. (Director) (2006) The Devil Wears Prada United States: Fox 2000 Pictures.

72 Days and Counting
john, homestuck, karkat, john/karkat

The L Word drabbles

Fandom: The L Word
Author: androbard1364
Disclaimer: I do not own The L Word or it's characters. They belong to Showtime and Ilene Chaiken. No profit is being made from this fic.
Warnings: Angst, slight Carmen bashing.

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Title: Beautiful Disaster (9/31)
Authors: </a></b></a>smartyshortie  (Alex) and</a></b></a>trixter21 (Olivia)
Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We do not own them no matter how much we wish we did XD
Spoilers: Well...y'know what? If you don't know what happens...I suggest you open a book. Read a news article. What the amazing movie, even, for Pete's sake. Why? Because everyone knows what happened on the Titanic. >.> If you don't...then I feel really, really sorry for your neglected, poorly-informed self. XD 
Summary: "Maybe you're supposed to be here, on this ship, Alex. Maybe life was supposed to be this way. For all intents and purposes--God's good timing, fate, the grand scheme of things." AU A/O Titanic RP awesomeness.
A/N: See this post for everything you need to know about this fic. It is highly recommended that you read it to better understand everything that is going on.
A/N 2: You do not need to join the comm to read the fic or to know when we update. All updates will be posted to a/o lovers, P&P and our own private journals

But some people...most people...the money just goes straight to their heads and there's this stick shoved up their ass so far that you don't even know how they can breathe.

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Breathe - Rachel/Luce [Imagine Me and You]

Fandom: Imagine Me and You
Pairing; Rachel/Luce
Production sign song: Stolen

Production sign artist: Dashboard Confessional

Song: Breathe

Artist: Taylor Swift


The song kind of explains what's happening, but the general story is that Rachel feels terribly guilty after kissing Luce, and so she tells Luce that they can't be together. The video follows the emotions that they feel about each other, and how much they miss each other, but at the end, Rachel is brave enough to admit that she is in love with Luce.

This is my first time using a gradient over the video, and it represents everything being damaged and unclear when Rachel and Luce aren't together, but at the end, when they see each other it vanishes because they are together and certain about their life together.

(Oh, and if you look really carefully at about 4.08, it looks like Luce is singing the song :) in my opinion anyway!)


The first verse and chorus is Rachel's point of view, the second verse and chorus is Luce's, and the rest is both.


Faded colour - present

Black and white - memories

Bright colour - thoughts 

Oh, and comments make me extremely happy so if you watch and enjoy, please let me know! And any (constructive) criticism is also welcome :)

Video also at my livejournal and at my YouTube.


Fic: The Looking Glass (4/?) (Twilight, Alice/Bella)

Title: The Looking Glass (4/?)
Author: Beth
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Bella
Word Count: ~ 2,300
Rating: PG (for this chapter)
Summary: What if Alice had been the first Cullen to meet Bella Swan?
Spoilers: Through Twilight
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Stephanie Meyer, just borrowing her toys for a while. The title of the fic is based on a Lewis Carroll piece. No copyright infringement intended.
A/N: Again, sorry for the wait - got a new A/B fic on the way though.

Prologue l Part One l Part Two l Part Three l

Part Four

Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

Call Me Ch 11

Wow it has been a while.  Sorry about that.  But anywho, here it is.  hope you all like it.  Thanks again to the beta made of awesome. 
Title: Call me…

Pairing: JJ/Emily,

Rating: PG-13, some language but not a lot

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am not making any money.

Summary: Emily and JJ, an alternate first meeting. 


 Author’s Note: This is just me playing with their back story. Harmless fun. :] 


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