January 26th, 2009


FIC L'angelo con capelli rossi L&O SVU Casey/Original

My new Fic ... I hope everyone likes .... only 7 Chapters this one. the first if below ... the rest is being held hostage LOL

Title: L'angelo con capelli rossi
Author: Kirsty1181
E-mail: kirstydalziel@hotmail.com
Show: Law and order SVU
Rating: PG .. not much in the way of smut
Pairing : Casey/Original Character
Disclaimer: They only belong to me in my dreams and Unfortunately I don’t sleep well, the only thing that is mine is Angela, whom I created with great love.
Note:Big Thank you to my good friend Sarah who made it readable for everyone 99% of the full stops and other punctuation are hers, Also I never told her this but she influenced the plot a great deal from conception every word to the end of chapter 6 was taking the story in a tragic direction but your love for Angela saved her life … and … just a big thank you for helping me through a difficult time the last few months, you’re a Star and a very good friend. And that is why I give this story to you with great love!

Summery: Angela’s life isn’t going very well and just when she’s thinking it’s not worth going on… she’s raped… but maybe it’s the best thing that happened to her and maybe she’s finally on the road to getting her life on track and the woman of her dreams
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