February 4th, 2009

Oracle (Birds of Prey)
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Title: Closer
Beta:zephyr_tempest , Thanky!
Fandom/Pairing: CSI: Catherine/Sara
Rating: R, for sexual content
Disclaimer: I do not own these beautiful characters.
Summary: Change isn't always bad thing.
A/N: I never thought I would ever write anything like this, but it just wouldn't leave me alone so here it is. Enjoy!

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Olivia and Casey
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Second episode of my Casey/Olivia fic

Title: Collide
Working Title: How Casey and Olivia became Casey and Olivia
Sub title: Season five Episode 7 “Choice”
Series Summary: A series based on what could have happened before, during, or afer an episode. My version of how Casey and Olivia could have realistically come to be.
Episode summary: A case about a mother's alcoholism hits a little too close to home for Olivia
Length: 1878 words
Rating: Just to be safe, over all this series should be considered R, but this particular episode will be TV 14. Because even though they don't swear in the show, we all do in real life.
Disclamier: I do not own the show Law and Order, SVU or the charcters or the scripted episodes, I only have fun with them ;)
Thanks: I would like to thank whatever DVD stuido produced season five b/c if it wasn't for them, closed captioning and the pause button I would never be able to get parts from the episodes right.
I also wanna thank whatever fan fic author (I'm so sorry I have no idea her name) who wrote several Olivia/Alex episode sentric fics that gave me this idea.
Notes: I don't know if you ever notice but based on the dates in the episodes, there's several cases going on at once, I do not have the time to work that in so for this story let's just assume the episodes come right after another, time-wise.
Second note: I like to play with this in my other Casey/Olivia fictions but in this one Olivia and Alex NEVER had a sexual/romantic relationships.
Last note: I've read this through, and did my best on typos and grammer but I'm not a very good editer so if you feel the need to let me know about it, go right ahead, I won't take offence. As always, I love feed back, I live for it, please let me know how I'm doing!!! Thanks!

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Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

Call Me 14

Well I have decided to post the next chapter.  I know this is going to be terrible, so I will try not to make you all wait too long.   Just remember how much  you all like me lol.   : D

Title: Call me…

Pairing: JJ/Emily,

Rating: Pg-13, there is violence

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am not making any money.

Summary:  Emily and JJ, an alternate first meeting. 


calliopes_muse  Author’s Note:  This is just me playing with their back story.  Harmless fun.  :]

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