February 11th, 2009

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Challenge: Stolen from lostnfoundcause

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them. (I only have five)

Pairing: Faith/Buffy

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Guiding Light - Olivia/Natalia Vid

I'm on the wagon. The Olivia/Natalia bandwagon that is.;)

Nothing fancy, mostly just straight cuts, but hopefully it highlights their relationship and works as a bit of a recruiter vid.

Song/Artist: What about now? by Daughtry
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
File size/type: 31mb xvid avi
Located: HERE (Right click/Save as)

Notes: I have to give a big thank you to Otaliafan and GuidingLightCBS for posting the clips. You guys are awesome and your hard work is very much appreciated.

Finally (Part 1)

Author: Fanchiction
Title: Finally (Part 1)
Fandom: DWP
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: NC-17
Diwsclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary:  Finally, Andy gets to say what she wants to say after Paris. 

A/N: This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy!




Collapse )'God hates me,’ Andy thought to herself. She had finally gotten to sleep after pulling an all-nighter to meet her deadline, when her phone rang. She reluctantly opened her eyes and glanced at her alarm clock. 7AM. As a familiar name flashed on the screen of her cell phone, she decided to answer.

“Hey Lil.”

“Are you ready for the best night of your life?” came the giddy reply.

Andy rolled her eyes in response. “Tell me that you didn’t call me at 7 on a Saturday morning to ask me that…” she warned.

A muffled chuckle sounded over the other end. “Rough night?” Lily asked. Before Andy could answer, she continued. “Doug’s not coming because that hot guy from work asked him out. So what do you want to do? I was thinking we could do a fancy dinner, rent some movies, stuff our faces--“

“Wait. What’s tonight supposed to be?”

Lily paused before she answered. “Andy… It’s Valentine’s Day. We made a pact to have some serious single-lady fun tonight.”

Andy groaned and rubbed her temples at the sound of Lily’s obvious frustration. “Oh my God…. I am so sorry. I have this party to go to tonight—my editor is making me go network. I totally forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, Lily.”

“That’s fine,” came Lily’s deflated reply.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s fine, Andy. I have to go, okay?”

Andy felt horrible. “Okay. I’m really sorry. Bye Lil…”

She’d been working so hard lately that she didn’t even know that it was February—let alone Valentine’s Day. She stared up at the ceiling trying to go back to sleep, but all she could think about was whether she felt more guilty about letting her best friend down, or about the fact that Lily was used to it by now.


Even though Andy had arrived to the party fashionably late, there really weren’t many people there and she’d spent most of the time sipping her drink, instead of networking. She headed towards the bar to get a martini refill when her eyes shifted to the entrance and saw her.

“Miranda…” she whispered to herself.

She watched her ex-boss glide inside, her surrounding entourage dispersing themselves throughout the room. Miranda scanned the room until her eyes locked with Andy’s. Wordlessly, the two women walked towards each other and met in the middle.

“Nice to see you Andrea,” Miranda spat with complete disinterest.

Andy exhaled and realized that she’d been holding her breath. “I should’ve known that the only other person who would be doing business stuff on Valentine’s Day would be you.”

Miranda’s gaze suddenly went cold. “Don’t be presumptuous, Andrea. You don’t know me.”

Andy swore she’d sensed a bit of hurt from the older woman. “I do know you—we’re the same. You said so yourself, Miranda.”

“Obviously I was mistaken.”

There was a slight hesitation before Andy spoke. “Miranda, I… You never returned my calls when you got back. I tried to… You know, check up on you.”

Miranda rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly, Andrea. You’re the one who left me stranded in Paris.

“You were hardly stranded, Miranda. Besides, I had no choice,” Andy insisted.

Miranda snapped. “Of course you had a choice, Andrea. We all do. Either you do your work or you give up like a coward.” Her voice was controlled, but her words stung.

Andy had imagined this conversation a thousand times, but now that it was actually happening, she had no idea what to say. “You’re right. I gave up.” She bowed her head slightly ashamed—perhaps for letting Miranda win so quickly… Maybe even for the denial that she’d been in since it happened. “I apologize,” she added.

Miranda eyed her suspiciously before dropping some of her guard. “Anyway, it’s a thing of the past. This is hardly the time or the place to discuss it.”

Andy swore she’d heard some warmth in Miranda’s tone and decided to use it while she could. “Then let’s have lunch and make a time and a place for it.”

At that, Miranda’s lips almost hinted at a smile. Almost. “Oh Andrea, obviously, I don’t do ‘lunch’. We’ll do dinner next Friday at the townhouse.”

“Um… Okay.” Andy grabbed one of her cards from her clutch. “Have Emily call Ethan.” She noticed Miranda’s eyes shoot up as she snatched the card.

“Who?” Her tone was accusatory.

“My assistant, Ethan,” Andy repeated with a bat of her brilliant eyelashes.

Miranda seemed to appreciate her former assistant’s newfound spunk. With the hint of a secret smile, Miranda nodded her head and migrated to another group of people, all the while gripping onto Andy’s card.

It was finally Friday, and Andy hadn’t stopped thinking about her encounter with Miranda all week. This morning, when she’d woken up, Miranda had called her herself to confirm. Then she’d tortured herself about which dress to wear, what shoes to match, which purse to take—the possibilities were endless. And now she stood in front of Miranda’s house looking radiant in a black Zac Posen cocktail dress—simple, yet chic.

She knocked and heard some movement from inside. Miranda opened the door and let out an audible gasp at the sight of Andy, who blushed at the attention. Andy’s eyes scanned Miranda’s form. She was also stunning in a flowy blouse and sailor trousers. “Wow Miranda,” she sighed.

Miranda’s pale cheeks flushed at the younger woman’s gaze. “Come in,” she offered.

Once they were inside, Miranda ushered Andy into the dining room. “I hope you like Pesto… I wasn’t sure what to cook.”

“You cooked? Seriously?” choked out Andy.

“Don’t sound so surprised, Andrea. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” warned Miranda.

Without anything else to say, they ate and sipped their wine in a comfortable silence. It was as if a truce had been drawn.

“That was amazing, Miranda,” said Andy after thoroughly cleaning her plate… twice.

Andy decided that she’d had a little too much wine, because she felt Miranda’s eyes scanning over her body and that couldn’t actually be happening… right?

“You know, for someone who eats carbs, “Miranda started, “They certainly seem to distribute themselves in the right places on your body.”

Andy gulped. This was it. That was her signal to say what had been on her mind. Backed by some liquid courage, Andy spoke slowly. “Miranda, I need to tell you something. I… There’s not a day that goes by, where I don’t think of what my life would’ve been like if I’d stayed at Runway. At first, I didn’t know why—I mean I wasn’t particularly attached to my job there. But I’ve come to realize that I am attached to you.”

She paused and waited for some kind of confirmation to continue. Instead, she found fear in Miranda’s eyes. “Don't, Andrea—“

“Don’t what, Miranda? I’m not going to pretend like I don’t have feelings for you anymore. Life is too short. And I’ve seen the way you look at me. Even before we went to Paris!”

“Stop it Andrea,” demanded Miranda. Her tone softened a bit before she continued. “Even if I agreed that there was some kind of misguided admiration between us… What would you expect, you silly girl? Nothing can come of it.”

Andy didn’t know what to say. She was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions—anger, hurt, rejection… lust, admiration, fear… Miranda made her feel so many things. She blinked into unfallen tears until they finally broke free onto her cheeks.

Miranda got up and kneeled in front of Andy before she gently took her face into her hands. She carefully caressed her lips and cheekbones with her thumbs. When Andy’s breathing hitched, Miranda finally pulled her in for gentle kiss. It was soft and tentative at first, their lips barely touching, but it gradually became passionate.

“So beautiful,” was all Miranda could say when they broke for air. Andy was still crying as her hands played over Miranda’s. “Sh…” Miranda soothed. “Don’t cry, Andrea. Please don’t cry?”

This was a side of Miranda that Andy had never seen—Nevertheless, it was putting her at ease. “I will not walk away,” she finally spoke. “Not again. Not when you tell me that you have feelings for me too, Miranda. “

Miranda smiled herself into an uncharacteristic giggle. “Alright, we'll try...” Her laughter settled as she wiped a tear from Andy’s left eye before kissing her again, this time with more fire and confidence. She nibbled on Andy’s bottom lip before pulling away. “Let’s try to make this work,” she repeated.

Andy smiled and nodded her head. “Um… I think I should go. I need to try to… process all of… this.” She grabbed her purse as Miranda stood up from the floor in front of her. “Call me tomorrow?” she added.

“I will try—“ Andrea cut her off with a glare. “What? I have meetings all day, but I will try to call you.”

Andy sighed. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ she wondered. “Fair enough. Good night, Miranda.”

“Good night, Andrea.”

Miranda walked her to the door and stared at the girl as she fumbled with the locks. When she finally opened the door she twirled, kissed her former boss goodnight, and left.

Lily and Andy walked to a table nearby after getting their coffees. It was the morning after Miranda, and as much as she wanted to confide in Lily, she wasn’t quite ready to tell her best friend that she’d just confessed her love to her evil former employer who happened to be 25 years older and—oh yeah—a woman. That was a conversation that would have to wait. Although, Lily had been surprisingly accepting when Andy had dated before she met Nate in college…

After a thorough update on her own life, Lily sat and waited for Andy to take her turn. “So..?” she pushed.

Before Andy could respond, her cell phone beeped on the table. ‘Thank God.’ It was a text from Miranda saying ‘I miss you already. What are you up to?’ Andy beamed.

When she looked up, she noticed the confusion on Lily’s face. “I have to make a call. Work stuff.” Andy excused herself and stepped outside.

Andy found Miranda’s name and dialed as fast as she could.

“This is Miranda,” came the editor’s voice on the line.

“Not alone?” Andy mused.

“Not at the moment. No…”

“Okay, so why’d you text me?” Andy asked, a little frustrated.

“An emergency? Of course. I’ll just have Emily clear the rest of my day. Will that do?”

Andy grinned at Miranda’s discreet coding. “I’ll be at the house at three, you dork,” she giggled.

After hanging up, Andy walked back into Starbucks and smiled at an obviously annoyed Lily.

“Let me guess; you have to go?”

“I’m sorry. I love you, Lil.”

“This job is eating you alive, Andy. I swear, it’s worse than that bitch at Runway.” Andy winced at Lily’s crude reference to Miranda.

The two girls hugged and said their goodbyes before parting ways.

Andy and Miranda were making out on the couch in Miranda’s study. It was all relatively innocent until the shirts came off… and finally Andy’s knee found it’s way in between Miranda’s legs. The groans that resulted surprised them both, and Miranda instinctively bucked her hips before pulling away.

“Wait —this is wonderful, but it’s too fast. I’ve never… with a woman before.” She sat up and re-buttoned her blouse as she caught her breath.

Andy’s skin turned a bight red as she realized that Miranda was staring at her. With a sudden surge of self-consciousness, Andy grabbed her shirt from the floor and pulled back over her head.

“Are you hungry?” asked Miranda.

Andy blushed even further, as she assumed that the question had been a jab at her weight. She shook her head and huddled on her side of the couch.

Sensing she’d done something wrong, Miranda leaned over and gave Andy a gentle kiss on the forehead. “You are so fucking sexy. It’s making it very hard for me to control myself… but I need you to wait for me.” Andy let out a relieved sigh as shifted so that her head was cradled in Miranda’s lap and they snuggled together. Miranda stroked her hair as she spoke. “Are we… girlfriends, Andrea?” she asked.

Andy sat up and smiled at her. “Why, Miranda Priestly! Are you asking me to go steady?” she teased, surprised that the woman had put herself out there so quickly.

Miranda winced as she noted how silly she must’ve sounded. Before she could mentally kick herself, Andy realized that she’d pushed a button this time. “Hey, I’m just teasing,” she said as she grabbed Miranda by the shoulders. “You are the only one that I want.”

Miranda smiled at the declaration. “The girls will be back from their father’s next week. Have dinner with us?

Andy beamed. “Of course.”

Surprisingly, Caroline and Cassidy had eagerly accepted the growing friendship between Andy and their mother. While Caroline was relieved to see her mother happy, Cassidy was stoked to have someone fun around the house for a change. But tonight they were having a sleepover at their friend’s house and Andy would be lying if she said she wasn’t happy about their absence because she knew that the minute that she got to the house, Miranda would finally be ready—and she was right.

Miranda greeted Andy at the door, dressed in a simple wrap dress. Without speaking, she grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom. Andy pulled her into a kiss and backed her up until bumped into the edge of the bed. She straddled Miranda, laying her down. Their kisses were desperate and feverish, their hands ripped at clothing and explored one another. Miranda bent her knee into Andy, which earned her a frustrated grunt. After what seemed like an eternity, they managed to rid themselves of their clothes. Andy stared down at Miranda, whose eyes were as equally fixed on her body.

“Please,” she whispered.

Without the need for any further encouragement, Andy kissed her way down Miranda’s toned body and landed at her navel. She licked the sensitive area, while her hands massaged and teased at Miranda’s breasts. “Oh my…” Miranda drawled out of pleasure.

Finally, Andy descended down to where she knew Miranda needed her the most. She hovered as she inhaled the scent of Miranda’s arousal. “Is it okay, Miranda?”

Miranda moaned her assurance and waited for her love to touch her. “Please…” she begged.

“You’re so wet, Miranda.” Andy dipped her tongue into Miranda’s center and relished in her sweet taste. As much as she wanted to go slow, her self-control suddenly left her as she licked and lapped her way into her wet heat.

“Andreaaa… Slow down…”

Andy’s head instantly snapped up. “Why? Did I hurt you? Shit…” She was panicking.

“No- you’re amazing! It’s just that… I’m already…” she tried to articulate her feelings as Andrea seemed completely oblivious. “I’m just worried that this is going to be embarrassingly short.” Her skin flushed red in the dark room.

Andy finally understood. She ran her fingers over Miranda’s swollen clit and felt her body twitch at the contact. “Don’t ever feel like you have to hold back,” she assured as she slipped a finger into Miranda. She added another and brought her lips back to her clit.

“Oh… Andrea! I’m...!” she gasped. She rocked into Andy as the waves of her climax overcame her.

Andy moaned as she felt Miranda’s walls clench, and felt her own body tremble at the sight of a freer, more open Miranda. She waited until her lover stilled before withdrawing and crawling back up to Miranda’s face. Their kiss tasted of both Miranda and Andy—and it was lazy, but heartfelt .

“That was… incredible!” Miranda’s throaty laugh echoed in the quiet.

Andy rested her head on Miranda’s chest, feeling the rise and fall of her chuckle. It was a moment of total contentment.

They both turned onto their sides to face each other, their eyes hungry for one another. Miranda’s hand suddenly found its way between Andy’s legs and thrust into her dripping heat.

Andy hissed in surprise. “Well, I see you don’t need much encouragement,” Miranda teased.

“Watching you was enough,” Andy confessed.

Miranda found a rhythm with Andy’s bucking hips and used her thumb to play with her clit. It didn’t take but a few thrusts before Andy was moaning Miranda’s name into her climax.

After they came down from their high, they snuggled into each other and fell asleep for the night. 

Silvia & Pepa - Love Tap
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Liv Titanic

Fic (rp): Alex/Olivia (SVU) Beautiful Disaster chapter 10/31

Authors: </a></b></a>smartyshortie  (Alex) and</a></b></a>trixter21 (Olivia)
Fandom: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: We do not own them no matter how much we wish we did XD
Spoilers: Are we really gonna have to give you guys disclaimers for this? Can you seriously not remember the Titanic? Alright, alright...here, I'll give you a hint! *Glub glub glub* XD 
Summary: "Maybe you're supposed to be here, on this ship, Alex. Maybe life was supposed to be this way. For all intents and purposes--God's good timing, fate, the grand scheme of things." AU A/O Titanic RP awesomeness.
A/N: See this post for everything you need to know about this fic. It is highly recommended that you read it to better understand everything that is going on.
A/N 2: You do not need to join the comm to read the fic or to know when we update. All updates will be posted to a/o lovers, P&P and our own private journals

We traveled to the stars, you and I.

A/N...3 =P: My bad it's so late. Life's been, well...horrid, lately. Sorry! 


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