February 17th, 2009


She's Gone...part 4 (Pay the Devil to Replace Her)

Story Title: She's Gone part 4...(Pay the Devil to Replace Her) 
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing:  JJ/Emily, JJ/Will
Summary:  I found after writing She’s Gone that this could work as a short series. I’ve got 5 chapters planned. We are back to Emily's POV - as she copes (not very well) with JJ's pregnancy and the fact that she is no longer in her life.
Rating: R
Word count:  2,516
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Criminal Minds.  I only wish I were talented enough to write for them. 
Spoilers:   Slight spoilers for Mayhem (4x01), Minimal Loss (4x03), The Instincts (4x06), and Memoriam (4x07)
AN:  A big thank you to my beta gilligankane
AN2:  I love Emily & JJ and prefer to think of them together.  This just came out and I had to run with it. You will be happy to hear that there is barely a mention of Will in this chapter.  

She's Gone....part 4 (Pay the Devil to Replace Her) )

Filling in the Blanks - Chapter Three

Title: Filling in the Blanks
Pairing: Nikki, Helen with guest appearances from Trisha and Monica and, I forgot to mention, Claire.
Confession:I am brave enough to accept feedback!  Thank-you to my erstwhile commenters. (Should that be commentators?  Hmm, makes it sound like a football match!)
Warning: H and N misunderstanding alert!
Notes:This is the third chapter of sixteen.  Once again, if you do spot any typos, grammar or punctuation errors, please let me know.
Disclaimer:  Most of the characters contained herein are the property of Shed Productions as are the original storylines.  They have indisputable copyright over them.  I am tagging along simply for literary diversion, hopeful entertainment but certainly not profit.

Chapter Three

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Fic: A Patchwork Sonnet

Title: A Patchwork Sonnet
Author:  Constantine
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG-13
A/N: This was inspired by the
lizadizzle  fic, "Music and Lyrics." It was supposed to be ten drabbles inspired by random songs on my iPod, but I kinda started writing and never got to the music part and I sorta wrote more than ten. Together, the drabbles make up a complete story.
Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy is not mine. If it were, I'd make it suck less.
Feedback: Yes, please! It's magically delicious.

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