February 21st, 2009

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Fic: Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings (Oh, the Lazy Days We Have)

Title: Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings (Oh, the Lazy Days We Have)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing(s): Emily/JJ

Summary: Emily and JJ get an unexpected phone call at an inconvenient time of night.

Rating: PG

Note(s): Beware of fluff, and crack, and more fluff and crack, and a guest appearance by someone super special.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the craziness of this fic.

( Sometimes, Emily just wants to die. Really.)

Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

10: Ch 3

Hey all.  Sorry I'm a little later than I planned, but I do have it for you.  There is just a few things that need to be listened too before reading.
The song is this.   (just listen to this link and imagine a few octaves lower for Emily, since in this world Emily can sing also.  :]


And yes, its that song. I am a big fan of the movie.  Anyway, it is a famous song written by McCoy.  Preformed by many singers.

Title: 10

Pairing: JJ/Emily,

Rating: PG-13 for now.  :]

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am not making any money.

Summary:  Emily and JJ, an alternate time line for their meeting. 



Author’s Note:  This is just me playing with their back story.  Harmless fun.  The second time they meet.  I’m hopeful it will be just as good as the first.  Sequel to Call me…

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She's Gone...part 6/6 (Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance)

Story Title: She's Gone part 6...(Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance) 
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing:  Emily/JJ, Emily/OC, JJ/Will
Summary:  I found after writing She’s Gone that this could work as a short series. 
      Emily's POV - This is the final chaper.  It's make it or break it time.
Rating: NC-17
Word count:  2,743
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Criminal Minds.  I only wish I were talented enough to write for them. 
Spoilers:  No Spoilers - since, unfortunately, this isn't canon, there can be no spoilers.  This chapter is all them.
AN:  A big thank you to my terrific beta gilligankane
AN2:  I love Emily & JJ and prefer to think of them together.  This just came out and I had to run with it.  Emily needed to start turning her life around so I gave her a new girlfriend. I think this resolves the issue of Will that will satisfy everyone (short of killing him - sorry!) 
AN3:  Thank you to val_20 for the new icon.  It works well!


She's Gone....part 6 (Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance) )


Bad Girls Fic: Fractured Faith

Title: Fractured Faith
Author: Carly Carter and Kassandra Luem (aka the2julies)
Fandom: Bad Girls
Pairing: Mostly Nikki/Helen.
Rating: M
Summary: A horrific event shatters Yvonne's world, and leaves Nikki and Helen at a make or break point in their relationship.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Dedication:To Kirsty, our third Julie, without whom this stoy would never have existed. We value your great contribtions, even though you were forced to participate in the storytelling as you were trapped in a car with us on a long car journey. You rock. We miss you.

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Title: New Assignments
Fandom: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Pairing: Julie/Jade (If you have no idea who they are, you are probably normal XD...they are played by Stephanie March and Jennifer Morrison which is, of course, why I had to ship them XD)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own them or they would have been in this movie a hell of a lot more.
A/N: So yeah, these are two really minor characters...I don't even know that they say their names at all in the movie. But Smarch is Julie and JMO is Jade. But it is kinda a snippet of the movie told from their POVs with femslash thrown in for good measure. Julie is the first speaker just to let you know.