February 26th, 2009

Katheryn Winnick - Charles Swan

Criminal Minds request

Hi all. I've been lurking through Livejournal for a while now. Not much of a writer, but been reading quite a lot of fics around here. There's a pairing I would like to make a request for. There's a little known Canadian actor who has been growing on me for a while now. Her name is Katheryn Winnick and she made a guest appearance on Criminal Minds back in season 1 in an episode called "Somebody's Watching". This was before Will or even Emily. The episode was about an actress in Hollywood who was getting letters from a serial killer. It was a Reid centered storyline and sadly JJ was only in it for about 10 seconds. Katheryn played the actress's lesbian best friend named Maggie Lowe who turned out to be the killer. The pairing I would like to make a request for is you guessed it, JJ and Maggie Lowe. You could either alter the storyline enough that JJ ends up meeting Maggie, or you can completely rewrite it that Reid is no longer the central character. I prefer the latter. I know this could be a pretty tricky story to write, but I guess that's the fun of it. For anyone trying to remember Katheryn, here's a visual aid.


Some might remember Katheryn better as the rape victim Eve from season 3 of House. I guess you could do a Criminal Minds/House crossover instead if you prefer that. Just make A.J. Cook/Katheryn Winnick happen. Any takers?

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JJ's Nightmare: CH 3

Well since you all asked so nicely, and I am hopefully going to keep this story updated as  much as possible, I thought I would wait at least a day for the next installment.  TaDa,

Title: JJ's Nightmare
Author: </a>lostnfoundcause</span> 
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Disclaimer:  I own nothing, I am making no money from this, it is just for my own fun.  And if anyone else enjoys it too please do not sue me or them.  Thank you a lot love me.
Warning: Some spoilers, but if you don't know them by now I am shocked.  Really.  But I did change a few things, like i always do.   And it is a self Beta so all mistakes are mine, I hope I didn't kill you with them.  :]
Authors Note:  This is my attempt at a JJ-centered fic.  I made the icon just for this story, so as you can tell it is not my usual happy ever after story.  I am warning you all now.  There is character injury, but not death.  I leave it up in the air, but it is really hard for me to hurt these lovely characters, but if I must I really do try not to kill them.  Several other characters from Criminal Minds come in and out of the story. 
Summary:  JJ, as we all see her as being in love with Emily, lives out her worst nightmare.

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Filling in the Blanks - Chapter Ten

Title: Filling in the Blanks
Appearances: Nikki, Helen, Trisha
Confession:I am brave enough to accept feedback!  Thank-you so much for reading and for those who go the extra mile and comment too. Both praise and brickbats accepted with equanimity ... honest!
Warning: A gentle chapter.
Notes:The tenth of sixteen, if you do spot any typos, grammar or punctuation errors, please let me know.
Disclaimer:  Most of the characters contained herein are the property of Shed Productions as are the original storylines.  They have indisputable copyright over them.  I am tagging along simply for literary diversion, hopeful entertainment but certainly not profit.

Chapter Ten
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CM Fic: Blurry Shadows on a Wall of Glass

Title: Blurry Shadows on a Wall of Glass
Author: Kassandra Luem
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: EmilyJJ
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Still don't own anything.

Summary: “You content yourself with simply lying next to her, watching her breathe. Because you want to pretend to yourself just a little while longer that she’s really there, all of her: Mind, body, heart and soul. Not just this shell and the void she needs you to fill.”
Spoiler: Set early Season3-ish with the whole Henkle-thing as background. I altered the storyline, sorry.

Dedication: To my Ju, without you this fic wouldn’t exist. Thanks for your prompt, thanks for my words. I’m lacking the words to thank you for everything else. Just… thank you.


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Gravity of Love - Barek/Eames [Criminal Intent]

Title: Gravity of Love
Author: onlyjustwhisper  
Fandom: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Pairing: Alex Eames/Carolyn Barek
Rating: PG-13 - R
Spoilers: Very tiny one for 'Diamond Dogs'.
For a prompt challenge at ci_fans_unite 
Word Count: 2678

Here: gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love

I hope you like it, and comments and (constructive) criticism are extremely welcome :)

Officer Haught

Christmas Wish-List story for charrua33

Title: Under the mistletoe
Author: 4kennedy
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Cameron/Sarah
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As Christmas is coming closer even the Connor household gets into the seasonal spirit.
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don’t own them; they belong to FOX television and Warner Brothers.
Notes: Written for charrua33. The wish on the Christmas wish list at passion_perfect was 'Getting caught under the mistletoe'. Thanks to my wonderful beta reader gsr_rocks!

(Under the mistletoe - Part IV)

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Fic: Variations on a Theme: Catharsis (House MD- 13/Cam)

Title: Variations on a Theme: Catharsis
Author: babydykecate
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Thirteen/Cameron
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: "Catharsis" for house_femfest's Femfest 09
Disclaimer: I do not own House MD or its characters. No profit made, no infringement intended.
Spoilers: The Greater Good (S5E14), Let Them Eat Cake (S5E10)
Summary: Cathartic moments between Thirteen and Cameron.
Thanks to my lovely betas supergossipgirl, lil_dark_prncss and slayergirlkal.
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Bad Girls: Helen / Karen Drabbles

Titles: 'Simplicity' and 'Inconvenience'
Fandom: Bad Girls
Pairing: Helen / Karen
Rating: PG
Summary: Two Helen / Karen drabbles which I wrote ages ago in a dull moment at work, and found scribbled at the back of my notebook today!
Disclaimer: All things Bad Girls belong to Shed
A/N: Just for clarification... I've posted these two together for convenience. But they don't relate to each other. In fact they're kind of contradictory!

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