February 28th, 2009

Help!!! Nikki & Nara Images

Ok not sure if I allowed to do post this on here and Ralst you may spank me later if I'm not. 

I'm kinda  feeling a little creative and want to try my hand at making some Nikki & Nora icons.I also may have offered to make one for a cool writer. However my prob is I cant find the images I want and I know that other users on this site have found some, so I wanted to ask if any of you that have Nikki & Nora images if I could borrow them or if you could tell me where you got your orginal images from.


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FIC: A Thousand Glimpses - Twenty (All My Children)

TITLE: A Thousand Glimpses
SERIES: All My Children
AUTHOR: dreiser
EMAIL: dreiser7@yahoo.com
YAHOO ID: dreiser7
MY WEBSITE: http://www.dreiser.org/
CONTENT: F/F romance. Bianca/Reese. Breeze.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my potential hermit lifestyle.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: The start of the angst. I provide an accompanying mp3.

Bouncing Off Clouds by Tori Amos

One - Fifteen : Sixteen : Seventeen : Eighteen : Nineteen : Twenty
WMC Thomas

The Lois Lane Kind Of Trouble 7a/?

Title: The Lois Lane Kind of Trouble 7a/?
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Rating: PG
Word Length: 

Disclaimer: Of course it doesn't belong to me otherwise we would still be watching it on TV
A/N: I know this is taking forever
 for me to update so this is the first part of Chapter 7. You can thank[info]yellowsmurf6 for the nudge. thanks again to[info]angelfire_08 for beta'ing

Chapter 6


Collapse )
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Bones Fic.

Hi all. I was thinking of writing a Bones fic (when I get the time) and was wondering what pairing you would most like to read.

1. Bren/Ange
2. Bren/Cam
3. Cam/Ange
4. Cam/Bren/Ange

Let me know :)

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More 'Bad Girls The Musical' stuff

So, I went and found my 'Bad Girls The Musical' booklets from the West Yorkshire Playhouse where I saw the performance in Leeds (June 2006). Pictures and articles from the magazine & show booklet. The night I was originally going to go ended up being a cancelled performance on 'opening night', because there had been a problem with the lighting (a couple of the lights had exploded, and they wanted it fixed so it didn't happen when the cast were on stage. So I ended up being able to go on my back from Edinburgh to London on the train - by way of Leeds to see the Musical. :)

Here are the two articles in from the Inside Guide to What's On At West Yorkshire Playhouse: Playhouse Quarterly:
  • Bar Maids: Your Guide to Who's Behind the Heavy Doors of HMP Larkhall in Bad Girls - The Musical
  • Team Players - Creators Maureen Chadwick & Ann McManus tell Hazel Davis about real life baddies & more.

  • Some photos:
    Prison Officer & Shell
    Prison Officer & Shell
    Shell & Nikki
    The Julies & Dominic
    Yvonne, Julie & Crystal
    Program Booklet Page

    I liked this song so much, I did a vid for the show using it - for Nikki, of course: One Moment. (Downloaded version available at P&P.
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