March 10th, 2009

Xena fic - Anything for You - Gabrielle/Ephiny

Title: Anything for You

Fandom: Xena

Pairing: Gabrielle/Ephiny

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine. I sure wouldn’t mind borrowing them for a weekend though! ;)

A/N: For Sofia. I'm pretending Ephiny never died and was there for Gabrielle after FIN. I hate the ending, but that’s what happens when I write at 2AM.


“Don’t say anything. Please. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to think. I just,” she leaned back to look into the smoldering hazel eyes of her friend, “I need to forget. Help me forget, just for a few minutes.”


Trying To Fight Gravity (Otalia)

Title: Trying To Fight Gravity
Author: DJ Shiva
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes
Archive: P&P if you want it

Ok, so all the fanfic here (especially DiNovia's Otalia stories) has been inspiring me tons. This is my first attempt at anything more than a drabble, and my first Otalia fic. Please be gentle. My muse is rather fragile. smile.gif

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Charlie's Angels reviews

Hello there. My first post here (I think) and it's a's not completely traditional. However, bear with me, or simply delete post if inappropriate.

Because of the lovely Manifesto-page on Passion & Perfection I have fallen into watching Charlie's Angels, and when I watch I can't help reviewing subtext. It's what I do. So if anyone's interested in reading further about the subtext between Sabrina/Kelly in Charlie's Angels, follow the following fake-cuts to my journal and have at it.

(Charlie's Angels the Pilot)
(Charlie's Angels - 1x04 'Angels in Chains')

I'm not doing it completely linear, and I'm not doing every episode. But there will definitely be more of them. A lot more, cause the subtext is incredibly thick and luscious.
Otalia Look At Me

Fic: Hide Beside Me (Chapter 2), GL, Olivia/Natalia

Title: Hide Beside Me (Chapter 2)
Author: DiNovia
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating:  Chapter=PG-13/Overall=NC-17
Archival:  P&P, Kimly, and AUSXIP of course.  Everyone else, please ask.
Spoilers:  None
Summary:  Phillip Spaulding has returned to Springfield with a vengeance.  Olivia Spencer, afraid that Phillip will take their daughter Emma from her again, flees Springfield with the help of her assistant, Natalia Rivera.  Can they stay one step ahead of Phillip?  Will they ever be safe again?
Content Disclaimer:  This is an AU story--based on a drabble I posted in February--that splits off from the "I can trust you with my life!" scene on 2/16/09.  All canon after that does not exist in this story.  Also, the Phillip Spaulding that returns in this story is still bat-shit crazy and evil. Graphic depictions of love between two consenting adult women are contained within, obviously, but not for a while.  
Source Disclaimer:  I do not own Guiding Light or the characters therein depicted.  I do not seek to profit from this story. 
A/N:  I tried to remain as close to character as humanly possible but as I have only seen YouTube clips of Otalia and no full episodes, I cannot guarantee the results. 
Thank You:  To mightbefound and bldy_destini for beta-ing this story. 

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International Day of Femslash website update

Today marks the launch of the new-look International Day of Femslash website and the start of the big push towards making this year's IDF even bigger than before. Due to technical and potential!evil!spammer! reasons the site is no longer being run as a wiki but all additions can be e-mailed directly to the site maintainers for inclusion (just click on the Contact button at the bottom of each page).

Links to femslash friendly sites, communities, groups and forums are being assembled, but more are always very welcome. We also have a number of icons and other graphics ready for use, but would gladly welcome many, many more.

The events diary is currently bare, so if you or someone you know is planning an event for the day, let us know and we'll add all the relevant details.



Big, big thanks to grumpybear for taking over the job of maintaining the site.