March 20th, 2009

BatForLashes Scream


Title: Canvas
Author: ardvari
Rating: PG
Pairing: Original (f/f)
Author's notes: I have a slight obsession with paper cranes as of late. Also, I'd like to place a semicolon in its correct place in a sentence just once in my life. That would allow me to die happily. Thanks to princessklutz04, who betaed and helped me put the semicolons where they belong.

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Graphics: Femslash Enquirer

Someone's persistent stick poking *cough*ralst*cough* reminded me that there hasn't been an issue of the illustrious Femslash Enquirer in forty friggin' forevers. It's not my fault. I *swear*!! Who knew a weekend retreat to the Isle of Sappho would turn into a 6 month bacchanal of booze, women and wanton promiscuity!?! It was like Gilligan's Island.. but with lesbians! I'd say there were pictures but who knows what happened to the camera!

What's that you say? A fake cut that leads to the larger version? No WAY!!

Otalia fic - Facing the Truth, 1/?

Title: Facing the Truth, (1/?)

Fandom: Otalia

Rating: PG (if I continue, something higher later)

Spoilers: Yep, for recent and upcoming episodes.

A/N: I do write serious fics sometimes. This is one of them. If you all like it, I’ll be glad to continue it. Since I read some spoilers for this coming week, I’ve been dying to write this.

Summary: Natalia runs away from her feelings, but Olivia can’t deny how she feels. Will she stop Natalia from making a mistake with Frank?

Springfield wasn’t a place where secrets lived for long without coming out, and everyone was well aware of the fallout Olivia and Natalia had had in recent months.