March 25th, 2009

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FIC: A Thousand Glimpses - Twenty Two (All My Children)

TITLE: A Thousand Glimpses
SERIES: All My Children
AUTHOR: dreiser
YAHOO ID: dreiser7
CONTENT: F/F romance. F/F sex. Bianca/Reese. Breeze.
SUMMARY: Reese Williams had experienced a thousand glimpses of the life she always wanted but until she met Bianca Montgomery she never thought she could have it for herself.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my birthday. Can you even own that? Whatever.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Work and my preparation for a return to university for another degree slows my writing. Thanks for the patience.

One - Fifteen : Sixteen : Seventeen : Eighteen : Nineteen : Twenty : Twenty One : Twenty Two
Merlin - Gwen/Morgana - One Solution
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A Stitch in Time (2/?) (Gwen/Morgana, Mina/Ruby)

Title: A Stitch in Time (2/?)
Genre: Romance
Characters & Pairings: Morgana/Gwen, Mina/Ruby
Rating: PG
Spoilers: nope
Disclaimer: I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.
Summary: When Ruby reads aloud from an old book her and Mina find themselves somewhere neither could imagine in their wildest dreams... Camelot.
Notes: This is part 2 in my rather experimental series, I hope you like it! As always comment are greatly appreciated, they make me want to write more.

Part 1

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JJ's Nightmare CH 10

Hey all, I am officially brain dead.  Just yeah dead.  But I have the next chapter already to go.  I hope you all like it.  :]

PS, I will try to update it as soon as I can, but it might be a while.  Please don't hurt me.  :]  But onto the chapter.

Title: JJ's Nightmare
Author: </a>lostnfoundcause</span> 
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Disclaimer:  I own nothing, I am making no money from this, it is just for my own fun.  And if anyone else enjoys it too please do not sue me or them.  Thank you a lot love me.
Warning: Some spoilers, but if you don't know them by now I am shocked.  Really.  But I did change a few things, like i always do.   And it is a self Beta so all mistakes are mine, I hope I didn't kill you with them.  :]
Authors Note:  This is my attempt at a JJ-centered fic.  I made the icon just for this story, so as you can tell it is not my usual happy ever after story.  I am warning you all now.  There is character injury, but not death.  I leave it up in the air, but it is really hard for me to hurt these lovely characters, but if I must I really do try not to kill them.  Several other characters from Criminal Minds come in and out of the story. 
Summary:  JJ, as we all see her as being in love with Emily, lives out her worst nightmare.

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