April 7th, 2009

searching for a beta


I'm searching for a beta reader fort a BSG story. The story is already betaed but I think a second pair of eyes would be good because of the length of the story. It contains 26500 words. I will not give away too much information here but the story is centered on Gina Invenere. If some one is willing to take on the task and have a look at the story for grammar, spelling and canon, please contact me.

Thank you

Weak in the Knees; chapter forty

Title: Weak in the Knees

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Please see previous posts for disclaimer/summary/notes. Undying thanks to Celievamp for the beta. And a special thanks to bara_brith  and yellowsmurf6 – you know why. :)


Chapter Forty 

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OT need help finding a sam/brooke story

Howdy my fellow femslashers ......

One of my first OTPs was Sam and Brooke from Popular. Now i remember reading a story where Jane had beaten Sam with a hair brush and i believe it scarred sam's back and brooke threatened Jane saying that she'd never hurt sam again. Can you fellow femslashers help me out?

H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13

Figment [PG]

Title - Figment
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Natalia/Olivia
Warnings or Spoilers (if necessary) - Spoilers if you haven't seen the 4/6/09 episode. And if you haven't... what are you waiting for?
Summary - Just a little ramble in Natalia's mind. One-shot.
Rating - PG

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Site Update - Epic Proportions

Bad Girls

Sticks and Stones by Tibbies.

Bionic Woman

Fall From Grace – Part One by Geekgrrl.


Shouting Whispers a music video series by CrimsonCat.

Criminal Minds

The Beauty of the Rain by Ann.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Ice Skates by Wordsmith.

The Facts of Life

Getting the Girl by quiethearted.

Grey's Anatomy

The Bigger Picture: First Exposure by Kate Monteiro and Sharon Bowers.

The Hollows

Return to the Hollows by Jaina.


The Danmun Alliance by H.W.

Tainted: The Mutant Strain by trancer.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Serenity Point by A.P. Stacey.


Assignment in Love by Tibbies.

Stargate SG-1

Pulling the String by sHaYcH.


Living in the Past by Mapsnika.

Women's Murder Club

Freedom Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by Demeter & qbeck.


Redemption: Echoes of the Past by Celievamp.


Dark Night by daphne dangerlove.

On Hallowed Ground by Calliope.

The Competition by titianna.

Retribution by Del Robertson.

[Hollows Fic] Return to the Hollows - Rachel/Ivy (1/11)

Title: Return to the Hollows
Author(s): Jaina
Fandom: The Hollows aka Rachel Morgan aka that series by Kim Harrison
Characters: Rachel Morgan, Ivy Tamwood,
Genre: Drama, angst, romance
Rachel is always making mistakes. One day things go too far. Some mistakes can't be fixed or gone past. Some mistakes are lasting, and some have consequences that can change lives.
Disclaimer: All characters, and the universe that they go with belong to Kim Harrison. I'm just playing in the sandbox. No infringement is intended.
Spoilers: Goes through White Witch, Black Curse, although I don't think they're particularly glaring or massive.
My thanks to my beta for this one, infinitlight.  She was awesome enough to look over this massive fic for me, and I really appreciate the time, effort and level of detail that she put into looking over this. Also the number of times that she had to uncapitalize were and warehouse. Sorry, dude. My bad. 

Part One


(no subject)

 Title: Custodian 2: Black Guns on a Moonless Night (1/??)
Author: Alsike
Rating: M (But, sadly, not for eroticism)
Pairing: Still difficult, but in this volume I am working with elements of Heather/Lindsay, JJ/Emily, Claire(Alex)/Lorelai, Jill/Emily, Will/JJ... and anything else that may be read into it.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and yet, if they were, i would be just as unkind.
Warning: This, particularly the first chapter, may be difficult to understand if you have not read Custodian.  But I'm not going to force you or anything.

Summary: Jill, Emily, and Claire are sent to DC to find out what's wrong with the Cabot weapons smuggling operation.  But the wrongness may stretch from the heights of Ambassadorial Elegance to the heart of the family itself.


Otalia made me do it.

Hello fellow femslash fans,

This is my first foray into social networking, and it is all because of Otalia that I am here today. I've written fanfic in the past (mainly J/7 Voyager fic) and I've read tons of femslash, and I actually swore I would never get into another fanda.

Otalia, however, has me hooked.

Line & Sinker.

The last clip I saw (the bridal shop mirror scene) was so incendiary, I'm surprised my monitor didn't burst into flames ! And so, after many years, I'm considering writing fanfic again.

I only wish I was adept at video making, because Julie Covington's version of The Beatles "If I fell"  see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_5TXsNB5Js&feature=related would be my first stop in Otalia audio/visual entertainment.


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