May 10th, 2009

Otalia Ficlet: One Step Forward

Title: One Step Forward
Author: Lady Victory aka Vita Wong
Fandom/Pairing: Guiding Light, Otalia
Rating: PG-13ish
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: Olivia is frustrated with Natalia's glacial pace... so is Natalia. (Takes place after the events of last weeks episodes).
Disclaimer: Not mine!
AN: Has this been done before? Yeah. Hopefully this one isn't bad. Really, it's practice for something longer and more involved. I have no beta, all mistakes are mine. Comments be love.

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Victory and Honor Chapter 11 Part 2

Well here is part 2.  I am glad you all liked it as much as you did, I was hoping for that.  And thank you all so much for the comments of love and sunshine.  I write for all of you and I am glad that I am not crazy in thinking that I only write for me.  I love hearing from everyone.  And to those of you who are new to reading my stuff or saying anything, hello!!  I am glad to see you all.  Well I guess you all don't want to hear (see) me ramble on so here we go

Title: Victory and Honor

Pairing: Nikki/Nora

Author’s note:  Written for the one and only nikkiandnora for her birthday.  One of her favorite pairings.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! 

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the idea belongs to nikkiandnora but the written finally is all mine.  I hope you all enjoy.  :]

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New fic...

Title: Questions and Answers
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU (with a guest appearance by a character from the original Law & Order)
Pairing: A/O
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters from the Law & Order Universe do not belong to me.  No infringement intended and no profit will be made from their use.
Spoilers: None - set some time during Season 3 (because that's the ulitmate Olivia!)
Summary: An unusual case prompts detectives to ask some interesting questions...
Author's Note: I'm not a lawyer.  I did some research on NY law, but I may have taken some creative liberties for the sake of the story.

Link to fic...
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Reminder: May 13th is Women's Murder Club Day

Just so you don't forget ;) Get your fic, art, vids, discussion posts, polls and comments ready for the day. Remember, every contribution (any pairing, any thought) is important. On this day, one year after the official end of the show on TV, let's stand up and be counted.

Last year, May 13th was a sad day. This year, let's show a little WMC pride! :)

PS: Let's get some traffic to communities that haven't seen any in a while, too.
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FIC: Turn To Me part 25/27; Guiding Light

TITLE: Turn To Me
FANDOM: Guiding Light
RATING: PG-13 for this part.
SUMMARY: Natalia is forced to come to terms with her feelings alone when Olivia is injured.
TIMELINE: Begins immediately after the episode on 17th of April and diverges from the canon storyline at that point.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24]

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Pointing Out the Obvious: Geocities and archiving

As has already been mentioned, with the end of the geocities hosting service, a lot of fan-fiction sites will be lost. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hosting services out there, and a quick Google search should be able to point you in the right direction (I'd recommend asking friends who have websites if they have any recommendations, too, as it's always good to get an unbiased opinion). So, if you're the web-mistress/master of one of those soon to be defunct sites, it should be relatively easy to switch over and continue as usual, as long as you've got an up-to-date backup copy, or can create one while you still have access to geocities (the wayback machine is also very helpful if your site's already gone bye-bye).

Unfortunately, not all web-mistresses/masters are going to want to rebuild/move their sites, and this means that a lot of fan-fiction, including femslash, could be lost forever. Now that, as I'm sure you're aware, is a crime against nature, and should be prevented if at all possible. So I wanted to take a minute and speak to those writers/creators whose work might be in danger of disappearing and offer a few basic suggestions (nothing earth shatteringly new but sometimes seeing it written down can prompt action - at least for procrastinators like me).

Firstly, and most obviously, you have to decide if you want your work to remain available to the general public. There are many reasons why someone might decide to withdraw their work from the internet, and I'm not in any way trying to guilt people into allowing theirs to remain, if they'd rather it be deleted. So, if you're happy to see your work disappear along with geocities, you can probably skip the rest of this ramble.

If the only place your work is available on-line is on a site hosted by geocities, I'd advise contacting the site maintainer to ask if they plan to move the site to another web hosting service. If they are, you're covered, and again you can probably skip the rest of this ramble. If they have no plans to move, then it's time to consider your options and, most importantly, make sure you have up-to-date copies of all your work (it's a great opportunity to reread and correct your work, too, as time and distance are wonders for helping you spot the odd spelling mistake or botched bit of grammar).

Now, having decided that you want your stories etc. on the web, you're faced with two choices: create your own website or submit/post your work to an established archive (Personally, I don't consider lj or forums as archives, but that's just me).

Creating a website is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. If all you want is somewhere clean and simple to house your work, you can probably learn all you need to know in under an hour, or simply use one of a plethora of programs to do it for you (I've never used any myself, but I've heard that they're quite easy to use). Again, using myself as an example, I'm not at all computer savvy, but I managed to find my way around html code, so I'm sure you could too.

(I'm sure we could rustle up some helpful links etc. to building websites if anyone is interested)

Posting/submitting to existing archives is even easier, but I would strongly advise you to take the time to carefully read the site's guidelines and take a wander through its existing works, to make sure it's the right place for you. Single fandom or pairing sites are often excellent, and offer a myriad or resources for writers as well as readers, but they do tend to have a shorter life-span than larger multi-fandom sites. Big, multi-fandom archives, although they have the potential to be around longer, can lack the sense of community and being a part of something that you get with smaller or fandom based sites. So, you weigh your options and take your choice, or just say to hell with choosing, and post/submit your work to both types of archive (I'd strongly recommend this approach). It's that simple.

If you know of someone whose work is about to disappear, but who might not be aware of the fact, as they're no longer involved in on-line fandom, then I'm sure they wouldn't mind a friendly heads-up. Badgering someone, however, will just piss people off, and have the opposite result, so please refrain. Also, if work seems abandoned, with contact details that are out of date, this doesn't mean that you can simply take the work and host it yourself (even if you do cite the correct author name). It's bad form and will soon result in you being blackballed by the femslash mafia... and, believe me, it's almost impossible to get horses' blood out of silk sheets.

All very obvious, I know, but as the clock is ticking, it's really something you should be thinking about and acting on now, rather than later.
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Fic: Hide Beside Me (Chapter 19), GL, Olivia/Natalia

Title: Hide Beside Me (Chapter 19)
Author: DiNovia
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating:  Chapter=G/Overall=NC-17
Archival:  P&P, Kimly, and AUSXIP of course.  Everyone else, please ask.
Spoilers:  None
Summary:  Phillip Spaulding has returned to Springfield with a vengeance.  Olivia Spencer, afraid that Phillip will take their daughter Emma from her again, flees Springfield with the help of her assistant, Natalia Rivera.  Can they stay one step ahead of Phillip?  Will they ever be safe again?
Content Disclaimer:  This is an AU story--based on a drabble I posted in February--that splits off from the "I can trust you with my life!" scene on 2/16/09.  All canon after that does not exist in this story.  Also, the Phillip Spaulding that returns in this story is still bat-shit crazy and evil. Graphic depictions of love between two consenting adult women are contained within, obviously, but not for a while.  
Source Disclaimer:  I do not own Guiding Light or the characters therein depicted.  I do not seek to profit from this story. 
A/N:  I tried to remain as close to character as humanly possible but as I have only seen YouTube clips of Otalia and no full episodes, I cannot guarantee the results.
Style Note:  As some of you have noticed, I am switching POVs for every chapter.  Natalia, Olivia and Emma will tell their stories in their own words, first-person present tense.  Any other exposition needed will happen in third-person past-tense.  This will cover the urgency I need and will also allow for omniscience for exposition with multiple characters.  I am very interested in knowing whether this style works how I have intended it, so let me know.
Thank You:  To mightbefound and bldy_destini for beta-ing this story.  Thank you also to Tiff for helping me to figure out the major plot problems I'd been having and for being on call when I forget them and need to review.  ;)  Thank you to djshiva for your comments and general enthusiasm for this story.  And thank you to Kate P., for your help with the Maswik Lodge area (she drew me a map of the cafeteria!), the logistics of this scene, and your friendship. 

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Comments are love!

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Title: (*sigh* not now.. maybe later.. got something in mind tho)
Pairing: Emily/JJ, JJ/Will
Rating: PG-ish
Disclaimer: I borrow it, okay?!
Archiving: Take it.
Author's note: Thank you thank you thank you for being so patient with me and my slow plot. And thank you all for commenting. My special thanks for Zoni and Falc for being so encouraging. And for abbyr1030 for the title suggestion. You are all the best!
Oh, and one more thing.. I don't know how to make a cut for my previous chapters (they say my post is too long yada yada yada), so please tell me, anyone, how to make the cut. Thanks. :D


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The Race (Sequel to A New Routine)

Title: The Race (The Continuation of A New Routine)
Author: Kerisempai
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: M
Archiving: I'll say yes, just ask.
Disclaimer: I don't own Guiding Light, but I hear it's for sale.  Anyone want to chip in?
Summary: And they're off... it's a race to the bedroom, and Nat's in the lead.
A/N: I thought I could just leave it at implied naughtiness, but apparently my muse was feeling smutty.  Hope you all enjoy!  Beta by the beautiful and understanding sauciloo.

A New Routine (In case you missed it the first time.)

On your mark...


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FIC: Turn To Me part 26/27; Guiding Light

TITLE: Turn To Me
FANDOM: Guiding Light
RATING: R this time, I think.
SUMMARY: Natalia is forced to come to terms with her feelings alone when Olivia is injured.
TIMELINE: Begins immediately after the episode on 17th of April and diverges from the canon storyline at that point.
A/N - I was supposed to be marking essays this afternoon. Do you think my students will give me a pass if I tell them I was writing smut instead? Can one of you write me a note?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25]

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