July 7th, 2009

Guiding Light - Olivia/Natalia kiss

vid: some hearts, guiding light, olivia/natalia

Fandom: Guiding Light
Title: Some Hearts
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Notes: Got the idea for this vid maaany weeks ago. Between my general procrastinating nature and RL things, it took me longer than planned. Thus, it's an incredibly peppy, happy Olivia POV vid at exactly the moment when she's decidedly less than happy. So let's just pretend, for the sake of the vid, that it's still June 22nd in Springfield, okay? Cool.

Also, apologies for it being a little small - if you go directly to the vid it should be bigger.


Short Guiding Light fic - No Doubt 1/2

Title - No Doubt
Fandom - Guiding Light, crossover
Pairing - Otalia, surprise crossover
Disclaimer - I own nothing, I'm just trying to fix, in my own mind, what the owner's have screwed up.

This has not had the touch of my wonderful beta, so all mistakes are mine, and I'm sure there are many since it's now nearly 3am.
Someone else has read it though and said it was good, so I'm posting... lol.. did I mention it's nearly 3am?  Be gentle. LOL



Short Guiding Light fic - No Doubt 2/2

Fandom - Guiding Light, Doubt
Pairings - Otalia, Sister Aloysius/Sister James
Disclaimer - I don't own nothin', didn't make any money from it... etc... except Oliver... I made him up.
Rating - PG I guess.
A/N - this has not been beta'd, Sorry Kam!, so all mistakes are my own.  If you see any glaring ones... let me know I'll try to fix 'em. :)


A Cold Wind Blows (7/13)

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Author:  goldrun15 aka (TNCwchips on IF board)

Rating: PG to slightly south of R (for same sex kissing and some mild nudity and language)

Disclaimers:  the characters of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera and other Springfield-ites are owned by P&G and broadcast by CBS/Telenext.  No profit is made from the posting/writing of this fanfiction and no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers:  Just up to the engagement party

Special Thanks:  To lbecka :   I had no idea how important a beta was—until I found a great one!  Thanks for all the effort and time you put into whipping this puppy into shape!!  Truly!

Again thanks for all the traffic through to the journal- I appreciate the reading, and the commenting!  Especially in these dark, dark days of Otalia.  <sigh>

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Otalia Drabbic

Unspoken Truths
Rating: G
Words: 792
Disclaimer: Not mine. Although, if I could ask for something, anything, it would be Olivia Spencer. In the meantime, they belong to those abysmally asinine people at CBS and Telenext.

A/N: Unbeta’d, so all errors mine. Natalia’s POV, set sometime in mid-March, before she allows Olivia to pressure her into accepting Frank’s proposal.

Cross-posted at new Otalia comm, burn_ingcity. Come join us!!

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A Study in Curiosity and Satisfaction 3/3

Title: A Study in Curiosity and Satisfaction
Author: Juri
Fandom/Pairing: Guiding Light, Blis
Rating: NC-17 (is that M? Frickin' A, there is sex and naughty language okay!?)
Spoilers: Uh, just... no, I don't think so... maybe if you don't actually watch the show?
Summary: Blake is curious and Doris is at the right place at the right time.
Disclaimer: Not mine, even though I offered my comic book collection as a trade...
AN: This diverges from the cannon before last week I think. None of that Franken*edited for spoilers* or BBQ shenanigans. This takes place in the "Hero Myth" Universe, so, while this is going on, so is that. Enjoy! Part 3 of 3.
AN2: Thanks and dedication goes out to wonkots42 for beta-ing this wackiness, and being an awesome friend. She is total fried gold. Love ya! Any remaining mistakes are mine. Also, comments are, indeed, love...

Part One / Part Two

Part Three
naked mh

Not Her Detective (Ch 5)

Title: Not Her Detective
Fandom: SVU & FOL
Pairing: Jo/Alex
Rating: M....to be on the safe side
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em….

Summary: Jo meets Alex in a bar--and picks her up.

A/N: This story has started to take a different turn than I had previous expected (or had hoped for). In my head, the direction it's taking is actually more compelling than a crossover fic between FOL and SVU.

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Otalia fic - No More Waiting, 2/3

Title: No More Waiting

Fandom: Otalia

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: For the 6/22 episode

Disclaimers: Otalia belongs to CBS, P&G, and Telenext. I’m just playing with them to relieve some angst.

Summary: The title says it all

A/N: For the Big Purple Army. After the last few days, I think we need and deserve this, don’t you? But no one deserves this more than Olivia and Natalia. *wg*

A/N2: My apologies for the far too long delay in updating.  How ironic considering the title!  This fic just ended up way longer than I expected, but by the time you get to the end, I doubt you'll complain. :D

"Take it off."

GL - A FEW DAYS AWAY - Chapter 17

TITLE: A Few Days Away
FANDOM: Guiding Light
SUMMARY: Set mid-friendship, this is a hurt/comfort piece as I'm a hurt/comfort junkie. Olivia, Natalia and Emma decide to have a few days away...hopefully more interesting than the summary suggests. Please request before archiving.
RATING: PG for mild violence
Author's note: This is my first ever attempt at fanfic so I'm having to gather a lot of nerve to post it. With very deep thanks to my Canadian Buddy, Critic2000, who beta'd and prodded for this story to see a conclusion and provided insightful and useful comments throughout. I know most of Europe loves her for providing us with Otalia clips as soon as possible but to me, she's my very dear friend. (Course, the clips help ;o))

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Apologies if this isn't everyone's cup of tea but huge thanks again for those that are sticking with it, even if it's not going in the direction most probably hope or want it to go... but I have stated it's a hurt/comfort piece and it will remain in that vein throughout - you have been warned ;o)

Thank you for your continued interest, I know there is a lot of very good fic out there so I'm touched when you stop by to read mine. You've all been very kind - huge thanks

DISCLAIMERS: I do not own Guiding Light or any of the characters.

Okay - thanks to all who fed back and for those who feel the story could end there, yeah me too. However...I've run this past my beta and she says it's okay to post so go blame her if it's not  wink.gif A small addition to begin with...


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