July 9th, 2009

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Guiding Light Fic: Ladies Night (1/2) - Olivia / Doris

Title: Ladies Night (1/2)
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia / Doris (Otalia implied)
Rating: PG-13 for this part; NC-17 overall
Disclaimer: I don’t own Guiding Light or any of the characters
Timeline: Takes place during episode of March 11th 2009
Summary: An encounter with Doris Wolfe at Ladies Night enables Olivia to work out her confusion about her feelings for Natalia

As if Otalia and Blis weren’t distracting enough, I was re-watching some Doris / Olivia clips to make the Doris vid I posted a couple of days ago, and now Dorlivia (or whatever they’re called) are clamouring for my headspace too!  Determined to go to bed at a sensible hour for once, so part 2 should be up sometime tomorrow.

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Snapshots: Part 4

Title: Snapshots: A Brief History of a Life Less Ordinary

Author: Dhamphir

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: OFC/OFC

Rating: PG for this part

Disclaimer: X-Files, Mulder, Scully and such don’t belong to me. No copyright infringement intended, no profit being made.

Summary: The title basically says it all - a brief history of Special Agent Jessica Morgan leading up to Weak in the Knees.

A/N: A special thank you to [info]yellowsmurf6 for the beta.

Part 4

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Harry Potter Femslash-y Goodness!

Note: All written for FemSlash Advent Calendar: Dog Days of Summer 2009.
Title: I Want All My Memories To Be Of You
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ginny/Pansy
Rating: M
Word Count: 1,109
Title: My Heart Was A Bruised Object
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gabrielle/Tonks
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,212
Title: Domestic(ated) Tranquility
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Fleur/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,130

Elektra's Treasure (1/?)

Title: Elektra’s Treasure

Author: Bella Taggart

Fandom: Elektra (movie-verse)

Summary: 10 Years after she saved Abby’s life, Elektra shows up by Mark Miller’s graveside. Time has turned Abby into a hardened young woman and Elektra has grown tired of running. In order to find her treasure, Elektra will have to do the most difficult thing of all; put her heart on the line. 

Pairing: Elektra/Abby eventually...

Rating: NC-17 eventually…

Archiving: Only with the permission of the author.

Note: Thank you so much to callicafan4eva for the great beta work.

Feedback: Please :) You can reach me at bellataggart@gmail.com

A/N 1: I watched Elektra recently and thought that there was a real potential for an Elektra/Abby future fic. After a small search on the internet, after seeing the lack of stories for the said couple,  I'm starting to think that I might be the only one who thinks so. I'm curious, am I really alone in this?

A/N 2: For the ones waiting for an update on AATT,  this kind of got in the way of that but now that the first chap. of this one is posted I'm going right back to that one. 

1st part bellataggart.livejournal.com/5706.html

A Cold Wind Blows (10/13)

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Author:  goldrun15 aka (TNCwchips on IF board)

Rating: PG to slightly south of R (for same sex kissing and some mild nudity and language)

Disclaimers:  the characters of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera and other Springfield-ites are owned by P&G and broadcast by CBS/Telenext.  No profit is made from the posting/writing of this fanfiction and no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers:  Just up to the engagement party

Special Thanks:  To lbecka :   I had no idea how important a beta was—until I found a great one!  Thanks for all the effort and time you put into whipping this puppy into shape!!  Truly!

a/n:  tomorrow's update may be either really late...or not at all sadly.  perhaps the 2 yesterday make up for 0 tomorrow?  

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Guiding Light
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Life and Breath Part 11

Title: Life and Breath
Author: Pink Rabbit Productions
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Part: 11
Date: 9 July, 2009
Rating: Personally, I'd call it an R, but some might consider it NC-17 at some point.
Disclaimer: The characters and situations belong to other folks far wealthier, more important (or at least with better lawyers), and hopefully more charitable and kinder than I. They include, but are not necessarily limited to CBS, Proctor and Gamble, and Telenext. The actual arrangement of words, however, remains my own as do any original characters. Meanwhile, there is likely to be all female romantic and sexual activity ahead, so if this is likely to get you, me, or anybody else arrested should you take a gander, please move along. Also, if you find that sort of thing offensive, you really probably shouldn't hang around anyplace I'm posting. Just sayin'....
Archiving: The Pink Rabbit Consortium
Spoilers: Some early scenes definitely, plus anything through the spa trip is fair game.
Timeline: Unlike some folks, I don't have an exact scene where this one takes off. However, it's definitely set after the spa trip, but before Rafe's release from the halfway house. Oh, and it's after Natalia admits she's in love with Olivia to Father Ray.
Earlier Parts: | Part 1 (Prologue) | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |
Author's Note: Sorry this is running a bit later than planned. Weather, work, and my inability to get this scene quite right conspired against me.

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Fic: From Weak to Strong - Part 1/3

Title: From Weak to Strong
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters of Law & Order: SVU  do not belong to me.  No infringement intended and no profit will be made from their use.
Spoilers: For episodes: Weak, Loss, Guilt, Taken
Summary: A continuation of the Season 6 episode "Weak"
Author's Note: After watching the episode "Weak", I thought there had to be more to Olivia and Rebecca's history than what was shown on-screen.  This is my take on their story.  It begins with the final scene of that episode...

Part 1...
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FIC: Crossroads Part 22/??; Guiding Light

TITLE: Crossroads
FANDOM: Guiding Light
RATING: PG for this part
SUMMARY: Natalia needs to make a choice between her past and her future.
TIMELINE: Begins immediately after the episode on the 12th of May and goes off into its own little world at that point.
DEDICATION: This is dedicated to the memory of badtyler, a great writer and an even better friend.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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'Saving Grace' Fanvid

Track: 'There She Goes' by The Las
Compiled by: readthesubtext
Pairing: Grace/Rhetta from 'Saving Grace'
Spoilers: All seasons.
Summary: Because BFF don't have this much (sizzling) chemistry without harbouring the secret desire to get it on. I think I may have found my contemporary Xena and Gabrielle. This vid's from Rhetta's POV and chronicles some epic moments between the friends who re-define the notion of being 'joined at the hip' ;)

Please tell me there's someone out there who's as enamoured with them as I am?

You can find the video HERE @ my journal! :)

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Guiding Light Fic: Ladies Night (2/2) - Olivia / Doris

Title: Ladies Night (2/2)
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia / Doris
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Guiding Light or any of the characters
Timeline: Takes place during episode of March 11th 2009
Summary: An encounter with Doris Wolfe at Ladies Night enables Olivia to work out her confusion about her feelings for Natalia
A/N: Part 1 is here if you missed it yesterday

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Some more betas needed... for Women's Murder Club fiction

Hi there,

I've been going over my HD for the numbers challenge for the big IDF update. Just so not all the beta work rests on the same shoulders, I need a few more folks to help me out. Most of my fics are pretty short, around 1-2 pp, some exceptions, but none over 8 I think.

They're all Women's Murder Club, mostly Lindsay/Cindy, but you could catch the occasional other pairing. What I need is someone to look them over so the grammar won't suck to badly. I tend to get creative with commas.

Thank you!

[Guiding Light Fic] The End of Her World - Olivia/Natalia (1/?)

Title: The End of Her World
Fandom: Guiding Light
Characters: Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera
Category: Angst, but the good kind. Romance, Drama.
Rating: PG...for now.
Word count:
Summary: What if Natalia had talked to Olivia before she left the farmhouse?
Spoilers: For the 7/01/09 episode.
Author's Note: I took the s/l of doom and not only embraced it, but made out with it. Then we had little fic babies. Which is probably not the best metaphor given everything, but there you have it. Please to be not killing me for this fic. Also many thanks to lbecka and q_wordy13 both for the beta. I very much appreciate both of their words and insight. They are the bests kinds of betas that offered detailed criticism on both the writing and how it is written.
Disclaimer: All characters (Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera & Emma Spencer) and situations belong to Guiding Light, Telenext, Proctor & Gamble, etc. I'm not them.

"It will be okay, because she loves you so much, and you love her. It shows. I just know. I know this is gonna be a great day tomorrow. I can't wait."
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Always Be My Baby - Silvia/Pepa [Los Hombres de Paco]

New Silvia/Pepa video, and there's HUGE spoilers for the ep that aired last night!!
This will be my last music video for a month or so, because I'm going away this weekend and won't have the internet or anything, so I won't be around at all! I will, however, be setting up a summer contest, so watch out for that!! I'll be posting the info vid tomorrow!!

This video essentially follows the lyrics of the song, and has a super happy ending!! Like my 'Dare You To Move' video, the glowy parts are the present, and the rest is the past. The colour of the clips then depends on whether the memories are good or bad - i.e. colour is happy, black and white is sad.

I hope you like it!!

Song: Always Be My Baby
Artist: David Cook

I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

As per usual, video and lyrics are also at my LiveJournal, and video is also at my YouTube :)

Comments are made of serious <333!


Fic: The Looking Glass (13/?) (Twilight, Alice/Bella)

Title: The Looking Glass (13/?)
Author: Beth
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Bella
Word Count: ~ 2,000
Rating: PG (for this chapter)
Summary: What if Alice had been the first Cullen to meet Bella Swan?
Spoilers: Through Twilight
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Stephenie Meyer, just borrowing her toys for a while. The title of the fic is based on a Lewis Carroll piece. No copyright infringement intended.

| Previous Chapters Here |

Part Thirteen