July 11th, 2009

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[Guiding Light, Otalia] Fic: In the Sun (1-2/7?)

Title: In the Sun (1-2/7?)
Pairing: Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera.
Rating: Hard PG-13/soft R? I'm really not good at ratings.
Summary: Natalia finds that she massively miscalculated the effect of her departure, and has to deal with the consequences.
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine; I would be taking waaaaaay better care of them, I assure you.
Spoilers: Only if you missed last week's episodes.
Author's Note: Title is from Joseph Arthur's In the Sun (which is, for my money, THE Otalia song)--lyrics here.
Definitely not the fic for those who want to see a speedy reconciliation. Or a not-angry!Olivia. Because if Olivia does not absolutely go off on Natalia...I don't even know what I will do.
Many thanks to seftiri for the beta!

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FIC: A Light in the Darkness, GL/Star Wars, 3/?

Title: A Light in the Darkness

Pairing: Olivia/ Natalia

Fandom: Guiding Light/Star Wars

Rating: PG-13, for now. R in future chapters.

Author's Note #1: notoaster does a horrible Yoda impression, "Odd AU crossover it is. Read you will." 

Author's Note #2: Yay Angst!

: Unfortunately, I don't own Guiding Light or Star Wars.

Summary:  Darth Maleficent must be punished for her transgressions against the Jedi and the Republic. Her unconventional punishment will lead her down a very unexpected path.

Chapter 1-Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Core


GL Drabble - Waiting - 400 words

Title:  GL Drabble – Waiting – 400 words
Author:  wICKEDjOY
Characters:  Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera, assorted Springfield residents
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  No.

Standard Disclaimer:  All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


A/N:  I actually wrote a ‘Natalia is pregnant’ drabble a while ago.  It was part of my TWISTED PURPLE DREAMS Series, and you can find it here: The Elephant In The Room.  At the time it was a meta-type comment, so it’s angst-free, I promise (and personally, I prefer it to the Canon version).

Meanwhile, here’s a silly piece to pass the time.

Waiting - 400 words )

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GL Fic: Salvation: Olivia & Natalia: Chapter 10 & 11

Title: Salvation
Author: Carly Carter
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia and Natalia
Rating: PG for now
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything
Summary: 'Help me, save me.' You silently plead. You hear her voice inside your head, weary, exasperated. 'Save yourself, Olivia.'
AN: We don’t get GL in Australia so I apologise for any inconsistencies in characters or storyline etc. I’ve altered some things to suit my plot. May be a little dark for some people’s tastes but I hope you enjoy. Set sometime after Frank and Natalia’s engagement, but before the wedding. A big thank you to everyone who has read and left comments, it means the world.  And a big thank you to the amazing people who have posted Otalia clips on you tube which have fuelled my crazy Otalia obsession and inspired this story. Hope you enjoy…. 

AN2: As is painfully obvious I'm sure, my beta reader has fallen off the face of the planet, and as such I apologise for any irritating errors that occur and are entirely my fault. Feel free to let me know any mistakes I'll do my best to fix them, or if any strange person out there has the time and inclination to  to read through the rest of the chaps please let me know and i'd be forever grateful :) xox



Chapter 1 & 2 http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/10231.html 
Chapter 3 & 4  http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/11952.html
Chapter 5   http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/12063.html
Chapter 6 http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/12386.html
Chapter 7 http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/12595.html
Chapter 8 http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/12944.html

Chapter 9 http://carlyisnot.livejournal.com/13066.html

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Otalia: "Choosing to Trust" 1/1

Title: "Choosing to Trust"
Author: itsalovestory aka Chrissie
Pairing: Otalia from Guiding Light
Rating: R/NC-17
Spoilers: Not really
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination.
Summary: Olivia and Natalia choose to trust again.
A/N: How I'd like to see things play out when Natalia comes back to town. Set a few weeks after she returns.

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Fic: From Weak to Strong - Part 2/3

Title: From Weak to Strong
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters of Law & Order: SVU  do not belong to me.  No infringement intended and no profit will be made from their use.
Spoilers: For episodes: Weak, Loss, Guilt, Taken
Summary: A continuation of the Season 6 episode "Weak"
Author's Note: After watching the episode "Weak", I thought there had to be more to Olivia and Rebecca's history than what was shown on-screen.  This is my take on their story.  It begins with the final scene of that episode...

Part 1

Part 2...

Katheryn Winnick - Charles Swan

Searching for specific Criminal Minds fics

It's no secret I'm a A.J. Cook fan and I'm wondering if there are any Criminal Minds fics where JJ gets to kick some butt? The only story I read so far where that happened was Steppenwolf's Barbie Murders and well it kicked butt. As much as I love seeing A.J. a lesbian, I would also like to see some stories of her being the hero too. Also if there are non Criminal Minds stories that features A.J. in them that you know about (I found a Final Destination one on here) let me know.

Fic Girl Here: Searching for a beta!

Heh.  Okay, so I wrote a Gossip Girl fic, featuring Jenny and Vanessa and I'm looking for someone to beta it.  I'm a little bit sketchy on the show's canon so it would really help if you were familiar with the show.  It is kind of AU but in my opinion the best way to go AU is to know the canon intimately enough to know exactly how you're changing it so that everyone is still in character. 

So, yes, any help would be very, very much appreciated!
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Fic: You Are My Past, She is My Present, We Are The Future (GL, Otalia, 6/?)

Title: You Are My Past, She is My Present, We Are The Future
Author: Whisper_2Me (AKA AlexRiley/ MidKnight elsewhere)
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia et OC/female that is yet to be mentioned
Rating: PG-13 (minor swearing)
Spoilers: None. Completely none. Mentions Olivia's trip to San Francisco, but other than that none in mentioned... so far... I hope.
Disclaimer: Well, no, Olivia and Natalia and anyone who originates from Springfield Township belong to Telenext Media, Proctor and Gamble, and CBS; I'm just borrowing them. However, I do own the character Krista and only Krista.
Author's Note: Thanks to gidgegirl for the beta and for bugging me to update. I'm alive! See... I'm really here...

1. Something In Her Past
2. Who Is She And Why Do You All Know Her?
3. It'll Be Okay
4. Her Family
5. Let's Play Some Basketball

6. Healthy Combinations Be Damned!

Otalia - There You'll Be

Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Artist: Faith Hill
Song: There You'll Be
POV: Olivia
A/N: Just thought I'd say how much I appreciate those of you who watch and comment on my videos since I don't usually have time to reply to comments (Time difference...BUT I'm attempting to get past that lol) so yeah Thank you all so much :)
A/N 2: Include clips from the week beginning 7/6/09 which some people may be avoiding. Just a warning.

H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13

Redemption - 23/? [PG currently]

Title - Redemption
Fandom - Guiding Light
Paring - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. This is an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so some stuff will be very different than what is on the show. Reference to drugs. Cursing. BIG TIME ANGST. And a certain horrible act is now in the forefront, so be aware.
Summary - Olivia Spencer is falling apart and takes an undercover case in order to ignore her pain. But along with drugs and crooked cops and an unexpected ally, she finds a reason to finally heal and live again. Multi-chapter thing.
Rating - PG currently, hard-R in later chapters

Notes - Took me a while. Headaches slow everything down. Bah.

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Fic: North to the Future (Jill/Claire, Resident Evil 3/3)

Title: North to the Future
Author: Janine
Fandom: Resident Evil (movies)
Pairing: Jill Valentine/Claire Redfield
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in the story.
Summary: When Alice left, Jill headed north in search of her. She found people that needed her and decided to stay. Claire follows Alice's advice and heads north. She finds Jill Valentine.

Part I
Part II

Part III )
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Can I help as a BETA READER?

If I understand correctly, a beta reader is essentially like an editor or proof reader.   It took me a while to identify the meaning of this (beta) term.  I would like to offer my services as a beta reader for any Stargate fan-fiction and ESPECIALLY for Sam & Janet. 

I have watched EVERY Stargate SG-1 episode more times than I can count (even the 'hateful' Heroes 2 !) and all of the Stargate Atlantis episodes at least once, as well the Stargate related movies.  I have read any and all Sam/Janet fanfiction that I can get my hands on! (Many, many more than listed in my posts. More to come with proper LJ links.)

While I have not fully explored my own creative writing talents, I have been told by many that I am a skilled non-fiction writer. As a result, I do a considerable amount of writing or proof reading for speeches, essays, research papers, reference letters and the like.

I would like to be able to offer support to the many talented authors and perhaps contribute in some way to the Sam/Janet or SG-1 communities.


The Sam and Janet Ficathon  sam_janet_fthon  Kiss  is fast approaching (Sept. 1) hosted by dhamphir 

Don't forget!  July 18 idof_feedback     hosted by trancer21 

ps: thanks to geonncannon  and ml_spikie for tutoring me in the ways of LJ (I think I have gone from a "neophyte to padawan".)
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One Week to IDF!

With only a week 'til IDF, I thought I'd give the IDF Iconathon one last pimp. The rules are simple:

-Join the community.
-Claim a femslash ship/subject.
-Make 25 (or more, more is good) icons for your claim.
-Post them on IDF!

Seven days. 25 icons. That's only 3.58 icons a day! That's easy!

As of now, the claims are:

Battlestar Galactica

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Guiding Light


The L Word

Mädchen in Uniform
General Movie




Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Janeway/Torres (claimed 2 times)

Women's Murder Club

Xena/Gabrielle (claimed 3 times)

Don't see your favorite? It's not too late to sign up!


A Cold Wind Blows (11/13)

 Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Author:  goldrun15 aka (TNCwchips on IF board)

Rating: PG to slightly south of R (for same sex kissing and some mild nudity and language)

Disclaimers:  the characters of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera and other Springfield-ites are owned by P&G and broadcast by CBS/Telenext.  No profit is made from the posting/writing of this fanfiction and no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers:  Just up to the engagement party

Special Thanks:  To lbecka  :   I had no idea how important a beta was—until I found a great one!  Thanks for all the effort and time you put into whipping this puppy into shape!!  Truly!

Going Home )

Give It Back (1/?)

Title: Give It Back
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: K
Summary: In this semi-altered Springfield, Natalia left for her holly jolly Jesus retreat to think things over sans pregnancy scare. She never got sick, she never took a test, she never went to the hospital—no maybe baby was ever in the picture. There would be no hypothetical mix-up or random disease, and there would most definitely NOT be a Frankenfetus. Or alien insemination, for that matter. Nope. Instead, she just up and left. No phone call, no note, nothing. She had a big purple panic attack, if you will. Why? I don’t really know. The character on the show has seemed somewhat really off to me lately, and as much as I hate it I thought I’d go with it. Just without putting a bun in her oven. Until she sleeps with Frank again, that is. Then there’ll be a Frankenfetus. Just kidding. Maybe.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, they belong to someone else, I’m not profiting, just for fun, etc.
Spoilers: Takes off a month-ish after the BBQ of Doom, but not totally cannon.
A/N: Title is taken from a song by Juanes, Hoy Me Voy (Today I’m Leaving). The [not entirely accurate] Spanish-English translation can be read here.

And I was ready a month ago. And so were you. But then you left.