July 30th, 2009


Give It Back (7/?)

Title: Give It Back
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: K
Summary: She made a note to increase the already hefty deposit she planned on making to the swear jar--somehow calling a priest a "godforsaken bigot" didn't seem like the most pious of choices.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they belong to someone else, I'm not profiting, just for fun, etc.
Spoilers: Takes off a month-ish after the BBQ of Doom, but not totally cannon. 
A/N: Drama whore? Me? Noooo.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6

I answer to God, not you.

gb-epic shit

FIC: "A Love Song" Guiding Light Olivia/Natalia

Title: A Love Song
Author: sHaYcH
Fandom: Guiding Light Olivia/Natalia
Disclaimer: Guiding Light, all characters, back-stories, histories, her-stories, their-stories etc. etc. ad nauseum belong to Proctor & Gamble, Telenext, and most unfortunately, CBS. This? This is me, playing in the deep end.
Archiving: Passion and Perfection
Rating: Um... R, I guess.
A/N: Holy Rolling Thunder, Batperson, thar be sexytimes ahead… Yeah, I wrote this. Shocked? I know I am.

This is for ariestess as forfeit in the "Gimme a sentence, and I'll write some more to go with it" meme...

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Penguin Face

Guiding Light Fic: What Ashlee Found (Blis)

Title: What Ashlee Found
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Blis
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own Guiding Light or any of the characters
Spoilers: None
Summary: Ashlee knows a lot more than she’s letting on
A/N: This is for a happy fun times fic for [info]wonkots42 . She knows why =)

Sometimes Ashlee Wolfe wondered just how stupid her mother thought she was.

GL - A FEW DAYS AWAY - Chapter 26

TITLE: A Few Days Away
FANDOM: Guiding Light
SUMMARY: Set mid-friendship, this is a hurt/comfort piece as I'm a hurt/comfort junkie. Olivia, Natalia and Emma decide to have a few days away...hopefully more interesting than the summary suggests. Please request before archiving.
RATING: PG for mild violence
Author's note: This is my first ever attempt at fanfic so I'm having to gather a lot of nerve to post it. With very deep thanks to my Canadian Buddy, Critic2000, who beta'd and prodded for this story to see a conclusion and provided insightful and useful comments throughout. I know most of Europe loves her for providing us with Otalia clips as soon as possible but to me, she's my very dear friend. (Course, the clips help ;o))

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Apologies if this isn't everyone's cup of tea but huge thanks again for those that are sticking with it, even if it's not going in the direction most probably hope or want it to go... but I have stated it's a hurt/comfort piece and it will remain in that vein throughout - you have been warned ;o)

Thank you for your continued interest, I know there is a lot of very good fic out there so I'm touched when you stop by to read mine. You've all been very kind - huge thanks

DISCLAIMERS: I do not own Guiding Light or any of the characters.

For those still interested...

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The Fragrance of Rain

Title: The Fragrance of Rain
Pairing: Otalia
Show: Guiding Light
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Spoilers: Takes place after Natalia leaves after the Fourth of July episode.
Summary: The nothingness and pain that Natalia feels at the retreat turns into clarity of mind.
A/N: This happened because of this dream I had last night...I blame my dream and I couldn't shake the idea.


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Road Trip - Chapter Fifteen

Title: Roadtrip

Author: addicted-mb
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Ratings: M
Disclaimers: Criminal Minds is not owned by me.
Authors Notes: Another higher rated Chapter (M) with a very satisfied JJ returning the favour to Emily! Special thanks to

malexfaith for reviewing and lovely words! :D If you want more of the same, please, please, please review! Make me a happy writer! :D

What's the story about: Emily gets injured on their last case and JJ decided to organise a girl's road trip home with her...what will happen

Read Chapter Fifteen

Guiding Light
  • altfic

Art: Guiding Light -- Passion

Well, I haven't been doing a lot of writing for the last few days. Some and hopefully to be posted by Saturday, but not as much as I had been doing. However, that doesn't mean the creative impulse dropped dead or anything. Thought I'd share the piece I'm currently working on. Not sure whether or not it's done. I may go back in and play with it some more. We shall see. But it's good enough to share. The link below leads to a web page on my site. Or you can go directly to the full size version at http://altfic.com/artgallery/otalia/otaliass0010g_fs.jpg

As usual, please no icons and no reposting. It's not sized to be a wall, but you're welcome to use it as such and crop as desired.

And since I've apparently been a bit too subtle in the past. Posting links is fine, as are making walls for your own use, but...


Abby surprise

Raging Fire (1/2)

Name:  Raging Fire (aka Angry!Sex)
Pairing:  Jaymes / Caylin, references Asher / Caylin
Fandom:  Um - original.  Or at least, the novel's not out yet, so my own atm.
Rating:  M, R, mature, whatever; overall, NC-17
Summary:  A missing / extra scene from the novel Alt Romance.  Jaymes is tired of being treated like a freak, Caylin's tired of Jaymes - and the tension between them is about to go up in flames.
AN:  Okay, after being re-written twice, we finally have angry!sex!  xDDD  It's pretty much a PWP.  Written for my Bar Family, especially Sivon and Gill.  *flomples*

This way for part one of angry!sex . . .

Fic: Love/Forty (1/?)

Title: Love/Forty (1/?)
Fandom/Pairing: Gossip Girl/SerenaBlair
Author: Constantine
Rating: R
Summary: Blair Waldorf is rising up the ranks of women's tennis, but an encounter with world number one Serena Van der Woodsen might jeopardize everything she's worked so hard to achieve.
Disclaimer: I do not own Gossip Girl. That is all.
A/N: While trying to finish "Blind Situation" this happened.
Feedback: Yes, please!

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