August 1st, 2009

Katie McGrath

The Mentalist, Hallelujah, Teresa/Grace

Title: Hallelujah
Fandom: The Mentalist
Pairing: Teresa Lisbon/Grace Van Pelt
Rating: Umm... PG-13.
Disclaimer: Don't own. Just borrowing for fun, so don't sue me. Kthnx.
A/N: I was inspired by Kate Voegele's rendition of the song Hallelujah. I used some lyrics from that song, kind of changed 'em up for the sake of my fic though.

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[ST-V] -- KJ-CoffeeQuote

Bad Girls Fic: Judgement (Karen/Yvonne)

Title: Judgement
Author: fairytaleaddict
Fandom: Bad Girls
Pairing: Yvonne/Karen (Implied Yvonne/Colin, Karen/Jim)
Word Count: 4350
Rating: PG (cursing, alcohol, mentions of violence)
Spoilers: Set during season 5, with spoilers
Summary: An alternative take on Yvonne and Karen's fate, and Jim's devil luck.
Disclaimer: Characters and setting obviously don't belong to me if they did you'd never get them back but to Shed-productions

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GL Drabble - The Chicago Trip - 230 words

Title:  GL Drabbles – The Chicago Trip – 230 words
Author:  wICKEDjOY
Characters:  Olivia Spencer, refers to other characters
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  Set during the 22nd July 2009 episode – aka the episode you could skip and it wouldn’t make a difference, in fact, it may just save you some pain.

Summary:  What the hell happened to Olivia?  Any explanation is better than none.

Standard Disclaimer:  All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

A/N:  This show is no longer inspiring me the way that it was.  I’m hoping to get my groove back.  In the meantime...

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Sordid Affairs 32/?

Title: Sordid Affairs
Author: outuendo_11
Rating: PG-13
Show: Guiding Light
Pairing: Spolfe, Mactalia 
Summary: Olivia and Natalia struggle to make their relationship work with Rafe at home and Olivia finds a confidant in Doris Wolfe.
A/N: If you're behind you can go here> and I've posted links to all the other chapters. :)
A/N: SORRY I did not post yesterday. I've fallen behind in writing. So...I'm taking the rest of the weekend to catch up and I'll post again Monday. I expect lots of fun reviews from you people who are bored on a rainy Saturday morning such as this. it's maybe only rainy here...but still!!! Mkay read and comment. I love you all! :)


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Kingsman: Roxy Morton

Love Fool & Ruthless

Author: Regency

Title: Love Fool

Fandom: Guiding Light

Rating: G

Word count: 150 (drabble x 1.5)

Pairing:  Olivia/Natalia, Doris/Olivia friendship-ish.

Spoilers: Vague ones for early July.

Summary: Doris doesn’t have much sympathy for fools who fall in love. 

Author’s Notes: Written for [info]passion_perfect ’s August challenge. I’ve never written Guiding Light before, so take that with due caution.

Disclaimer: Don’t own any recognizable characters of Guiding Light.



She wishes Olivia had resisted the urge to scratch... )


Author: Regency

Title: Ruthless

Fandom: Guiding Light

Rating: G

Word count: 100

Pairing: implied Olivia/Natalia, Doris/Olivia

Summary:  Love is like politics: ruthless with a smile.

Author’s Note: Written for [info]passion_perfect ’s August challenge.

Disclaimer: Don’t own any recognizable characters of Guiding Light.



The bed's sweltering, her body's cool... )

GL - A FEW DAYS AWAY - Chapter 27

TITLE: A Few Days Away
FANDOM: Guiding Light
SUMMARY: Set mid-friendship, this is a hurt/comfort piece as I'm a hurt/comfort junkie. Olivia, Natalia and Emma decide to have a few days away...hopefully more interesting than the summary suggests. Please request before archiving.
RATING: PG for mild violence
Author's note: This is my first ever attempt at fanfic so I'm having to gather a lot of nerve to post it. With very deep thanks to my Canadian Buddy, Critic2000, who beta'd and prodded for this story to see a conclusion and provided insightful and useful comments throughout. I know most of Europe loves her for providing us with Otalia clips as soon as possible but to me, she's my very dear friend. (Course, the clips help ;o))

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Apologies if this isn't everyone's cup of tea but huge thanks again for those that are sticking with it, even if it's not going in the direction most probably hope or want it to go... but I have stated it's a hurt/comfort piece and it will remain in that vein throughout - you have been warned ;o)

Thank you for your continued interest, I know there is a lot of very good fic out there so I'm touched when you stop by to read mine. You've all been very kind - huge thanks

DISCLAIMERS: I do not own Guiding Light or any of the characters.

Chapter 1 ) ( Chapter 3 ) ( Chapters 4 & 5 ) ( Chapter 6 ) ( Chapter 7 ) ( Chapter 8 ) ( Chapter 9 ) ( Chapter 10 ) ( Chapter 11 ) ( Chapter 12 ) ( Chapter 13 ) ( Chapter 14 ) ( Chapter 15 ) ( Chapter 16 ) ( Chapter 17 ) ( Chapter 18 ) ( Chapter 19 ) ( Chapter 20 ) ( Chapter 21 ) ( Chapter 22 ) ( Chapter 23 ) ( Chapter 24 ) ( Chapter 25 ) ( Chapter 26 )

I was tempted to say they're not out of the woods yet but...


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Everyday Heroes (3/?) (WMC/CSI crossover)

Tittle: Everyday Heroes
Author: storm_8
Fandom: Women's Murder Club and CSI Crossover, slightly AU
Pairings: We'll see, but there is Lindsay/Cindy and Sofia/OC
Raiting: PG for now
Spoilers: After the end of the WMC series, only Tom isn't in the picture and Sofia Curtis is Lindsay's partner
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
Author's Note #1: Thanks to
[info]sofiemae for the impressive quick beta. The post delay is to be blamed on me.
Author's Note #2: If you still think it's worth it, I'll keep posting and continue on with the story.
Author's Note #3: Also, I should mention, in case someone's confused, that this is slightly AU. e.g. Cindy works for the Chronicle - sounded better to me...

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
natalia butterflies

FIC: Crossroads Part 26/??; Guiding Light

TITLE: Crossroads
FANDOM: Guiding Light
RATING: PG for this part
SUMMARY: Natalia needs to make a choice between her past and her future.
TIMELINE: Begins immediately after the episode on the 12th of May and goes off into its own little world at that point.
DEDICATION: This is dedicated to the memory of badtyler, a great writer and an even better friend.
A/N - This isn't the chapter I'd planned to write, but this is what came out. Damn thing seems to want to write itself.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25]

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Cover for Secrets

Vid: Precious Pain

Mostly with the purpose to pimp wmc_visuals, the new Women's Murder Club community for fanvids. Come and post yours - it doesn't matter if you've already posted them elsewhere, and all pairings are welcome. It's meant to be a place with no distractions - just WMC vids.

Title: Precious Pain
Artist: Melissa Etheridge
Vidder: Demeter
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Jill/Cindy
A/N: Okay, so most of the Megaupload links are gone, and so I decided to re-upload my older vids to youtube again. Here's one ot3.
Summary: They all have to overcome some issues before they can finally have this relationship.

Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

Sabotage Ch 19

Well a new chapter is completed,  and I can say now don't hate me, it is my nature.  Some of you will know what I mean.  :]


Title: Sabotaged

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Author’s note:  Well since you all seem to have Birthdays around the same days, you’re all going to kill me, ;]

 Rating: pg-15, Violence 

Summary:  Emily finds someone she hasn’t seen in 11 years.  A different world from  Criminal Minds as we know it, besides Emily/JJ being together I have changed a bit to fit the story but it is all in good fun so please don’t hate or sue me for it I own none of the characters, show, etc.

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the song and characters belong to someone else.  But you all can thank carlyisnot  for the inspiration

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