August 3rd, 2009

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SG-1, X-Files, CSI Miami (14 ficlets)

Here are some links to some ficlets I've written in response to 'one line' prompts.

I do not own any of these shows or characters (except for Jess Morgan, she's all mine). No copyright infringement intended or money being made.

7 SG-1 Sam/Janet ficlets (rated G-R)

3 X-Files Scully/Morgan ficlets + 1 X-Files/CSI Miami Scully/Calleigh ficlet (rated G-PG13)

2 X-Files Scully/Reyes ficlets (rated PG13-NC17)

and finally,

Feed or Go Mad... SG-1/X-Files Sam/Janet & Dana/Jess (rated PG-13) This one was for a prompt by geonncannon... so blame him! *lol*

Sordid Affairs 33/?

Title: Sordid Affairs
Author: outuendo_11
Rating: PG-13
Show: Guiding Light
Pairing: Spolfe, Mactalia 
Summary: Olivia and Natalia struggle to make their relationship work with Rafe at home and Olivia finds a confidant in Doris Wolfe.
A/N: If you're behind you can go here> and I've posted links to all the other chapters. :)
A/N: Mkay so a lot of fun stuff ahead. Keep those comments coming, we still have a long road ahead, but hopefully we'll wrap up soon. :) I heart you all! 

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Otalia - That Girl

Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Artist: Plain White T's
Song: That Girl
POV: Olivia
A/N: I've decided to stop making angsty video's (for a while at least) so here's a happier, lighter Otalia video :) I mixed the clips up slightly so that they fit the lyrics better.

Calzona Arm Grab

Stories of Fluffy Otalia Fanfiction Vol. 1

Overall Idea: Stories of Fluffy Otalia Fanfiction Good-ness (5 Stories in a Vol; Hoping to Have Several Volumes Up & Archived)
Ratings: Vary from G to PG-13
Spoilers: Everything that has aired is up for use. And because there aren't any real spoilers for Nat's return, it's pretty safe for now.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no profits are being made. All rights belong to Proctor & Gamble/CBS. NOT ME. :) mmk?

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<3 peace. love. & otalia.

FIC: The French Connection (2/2)

Title: The French Connection (2/2)
Author: Fab_fan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Bianca/Reese, Bianca/Maggie, Bianca/Frankie
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Hmm, let's just say everything concerning Bianca. That should cover the bases pretty well.
Summary: Oh, the people you meet on a train.
Author's Note: This is my first foray into writing All My Children fic. Hopefully it turned out ok. 
 Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine

Part 2
Penguin Face

Guiding Light Fic: The Housekeeping Cupboard (Blake / Doris)

Title: The Housekeeping Cupboard (2/2)
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Blis
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: Guiding Light does not belong to me
Summary: This is the fourth part in a five-story series entitled Five Places Doris Risked her Reputation by Having Sex with Blake or How the Whole Town Found Out.
A/N: The second half of this chapter, as promised. And let's interpret half liberally, as this is a fair bit longer than yesterday's update. First half of this installment is here, if you missed it.  And here's Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3 of the whole series... A little confusing, no?!

“Do you think she heard us?” Ashlee mused, already knowing the answer.


Title: Epiphany
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG (language only. You know Olivia isn't G rated)
Summary: Natalia's gone, but who is this Olivia she left behind?
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of GL, P&G, CBS/Telenext. If I owned them, there would actually be some happiness, not to mention sex. I make no profit from borrowing the characters.



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Natalia's Prayer Cycle (Part 2)

Title: Natalia’s Prayer Cycle

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: R for bad language

Archival: Just let me know

Spoilers: Natalia on retreat. Oh, also, it's really dark and stuff. With, like, unholy references. Enjoy, sunshines!

Disclaimer: This story is the result of my rereading The Screwtape Letters recently. I have no excuse for it other than that, and the fact that I had been on Cold&Flu meds all weekend, and I didn’t have the voice that I needed for Easy Life. Let me know if you like it or hate it or what, kay?

Part 2:
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Still taking prompts

I closed my first prompt request posting from yesterday, but am still taking prompts here!

I want to thank everyone who has supplied a prompt, taking the time to read and to comment on my prompt fics. You guys rock!

Fic: The Looking Glass (14/?) (Twilight, Alice/Bella)

Title: The Looking Glass (14/?)
Author: Beth
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Bella
Word Count: ~ 2,000
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Summary: What if Alice had been the first Cullen to meet Bella Swan?
Spoilers: Through Twilight
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Stephenie Meyer, just borrowing her toys for a while. The title of the fic is based on a Lewis Carroll piece. No copyright infringement intended.

| Previous Chapters Here |

Part Fourteen
Mrod - Mrod

FIC: "Like the Moon" [Fast and the Furious; Letty/Mia]

Title: Like the Moon
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Pairing: Letty/Letty
Rating: Mature - for sex between consenting adult women
Word Count: 1638
Summary: Letty‘s leaving. Mia‘s staying. And something‘s about to change between them.
A/N: Takes place before the first Fast and the Furious movie.

"Letty thinks about how differently things would have been if there’d never been a Dominic Toretto."
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Drabbles! First Fanfic Post!

Title: No real title, just some song-drabbles
Author: Ann a.k.a. Ann911 a.k.a. N3wY0rkGiirl
Pairing: Pepa/Silvia, JJ/Silvia, Emily/JJ
Rating: R
Fandom: Los Hombres De Paco, Criminal Minds, CM/LHDP
Beta: jessi_08
Summary: I know this might be new to you, but just consider it, maybe you will actually like it!
AN: Silvia is NOT dead!!!
AN2: I know they're really short, sorry! Hope you'll like them anyways! This is my first post, so please be nice! ;)

What I wrote in 3 minutes...

Random AU Illustration...Cameron and Pig

Okay, this is what happens when I get writers block after only two hours of sleep on a holiday Monday...I'm blaming this one on [info]demoka  for the suggestion that if Cam got a pet it should be [info]inspectorboxer  's adventure pig from her Firefly/SCC crossover "No Rest for the Wicked...

I had to wonder what Cam's reaction would be to that....

Hope it's okay that I borrowed your pig 'Boxer!