August 9th, 2009

Cabenson? Really?

Fic: Where Are We Now? (Law and Order:SVU AU) Chapter 2/?

Where Are We Now?
by Erin Griffin
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU (AU)
Pairing: Olivia/Casey, Melinda/OMC, possibly others
Summery: Childhood actresses Olivia Kinsman and Casey Novak used to be best friends on the set of their popular TV show, 'The Kids of Finly Street'. When, fifteen years later, the cast reunites for a reunion special, Olivia comes face to face with the one person she ever loved, and the one woman who hurt her the most.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Law and Order, they belong to Dick Wolf.
Note: This is an experimental type story for me, meaning I might drop it like its hot. But the ideas I have are strong, so I might be able to actually finish this AU piece. Most of the characters will still be here, but some of them will be... rearranged.

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Fake Empire


 Title: Fake Empire Side Story:  Emily's Notebooks pt 4: Pain
Author: Alsike
Rating: R
Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds
Pairing: Other Emma Frost/Other Emily Prentiss
Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or Criminal Minds. I owe 
[info]wizened_cynic for the concept of quantum babies.  She does it much better than me.  Title stolen from the song by The National.
Apologies:  And now for something a little bit different.

Summary: In a different world, Erik Magnus overthrew the US government when Emily Prentiss was only twelve years old.  On that day the course of her life changed irrevocably.  This is her story.

Fake Empire 1 (Queen Emma)
Fake Empire 2 (JJ's Part)
Fake Empire 3 (Emily's Part)
Fake Empire 4 (The Mansion)
Fake Empire 5 (Kyougen) 
Fake Empire Side Stories:
Emily's Notebooks 1 (The Christmas Revolution)
Emily's Notebooks 2 (Whore) 



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Cover for Secrets

Fic: Until The Break Of Dawn Parts 44-50. Finished!

Title: Until The Break Of Dawn
Author: Demeter
Fandom: Women's Murder Club/Dollhouse
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy because I fail to see. Anything. Else. On purpose.
Summary: The Dollhouse is Cindy's biggest story ever. It might cost her everything.
A/N: It's done!!! You read that correctly, Part 50 is where it all ends. Thanks to everyone who's been along for the wild ride that was supposed to be a short one-shot at some point. Now that I've got that out of my system, it's back to VS.

Part 44: Night Falls
Part 45: Gravity
Part 46: Shades Of Grey
Part 47: Persephone's Dream
Part 48: Evolution
Part 49: The Olive Branch
Part 50: Sunrise Over The Desert

You'll find all parts 1-50 in nice order @ my fic journal.
Cover for Secrets

Vid: Tougher Than The Rest

Title: Tougher Than The Rest
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Vidder: Demeter
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy. Cindy's POV
Summary: The road is dark and it's a thin thin line
But I want you to know I'll walk it for you anytime

Note: I recently re-uploaded my older vids to youtube, so I re-post them too mainly in order to pimp wmc_visuals, the Women's Murder Club fanvid community. Come and post your vids old and new so we can have them all in one place. Don't you sometimes feel like spending a few hours watching vids and get annoyed with all the searching?

This was the first WMC vid I made, at a time when the idea that the show would not come back for a second season was nothing but ridiculous.

Choices 6D/?, CSI Miami, Calleigh/Natalia, NC-17

Title: Choices 6D/?
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I spend a lot of time with them. This is gonna get really dark folks, so consider yourselves forewarned. Archiving: P & P, DuVista, women_in_kevlar, all others please ask. Next in my series. Many thanks to Soul_Caged aka Complete_Machine for being my new writing partner. This is not beta’d so all mistakes are ours.


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[Guding Light Fic] The End of Her World (5/7) Otalia

Title: The End of Her World
Fandom: Guiding Light
Characters: Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera
Category: Angst, but the good kind. Romance, Drama.
Rating: PG...for now.
Word count:
Summary: What if Natalia had talked to Olivia before she left the farmhouse?
Spoilers: For the 7/01/09 episode.
Author's Note: I took the s/l of doom and not only embraced it, but made out with it. Then we had little fic babies. Which is probably not the best metaphor given everything, but there you have it. Please to be not killing me for this fic. Also many thanks to lbecka and q_wordy13 both for the beta. I very much appreciate both of their words and insight. They are the bests kinds of betas that offered detailed criticism on both the writing and how it is written.
Disclaimer: All characters (Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Emma Spencer & Fetus Rivera) and situations belong to Guiding Light, Telenext, Proctor & Gamble, etc. I'm not them.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four

Onwards to Part Five...
Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

10: CH 15

New chapter

Title: 10

Pairing: JJ/Emily,

Rating: PG-13 for now.  :]

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am not making any money.

Summary:  Emily and JJ, an alternate time line for their meeting. 

Beta: Just me for now.    :]

Author’s Note:  This is just me playing with their back story.  Harmless fun.  The second time they meet.  I’m hopeful it will be just as good as the first.  Sequel to Call me…

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H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13

Redemption - 25/? [PG 15-ish]

Title - Redemption
Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings/Spoilers - No spoilers. This is an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so expect things to not be as on the show. At least not completely. Reference to drugs and sex. LOTS of cursing. A certain serious topic is now in the forefront, so be aware! And angst. Lots of it. Shifting POV's in last section.
Summary - Olivia Spencer is falling apart and takes an undercover case in order to ignore her pain. But along with drugs and crooked cops and an unexpected ally, she finds a reason to finally heal and live again. Multi-chapter thing.
Rating - PG currently, hard-R in later chapters

Notes - Goodness knows when the next chapter will be

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